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The lasting abuse of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan

[Police brutality and public corruption are one thing, judicial misconduct is another]. It takes rigged courts for police and officials to believe they have a get out of jail free card, and have open season on citizens to rape, rob, beat, torture, indefinitely detain, and even murder. Anyone can be put on a secret police enemies list or be blacklisted by judges and the courts. Judges know to not take cases, or to retaliate, if court personnel slip complaints against judges, lawyers, or police officers into a target's legal file. Newspaper clippings or other materials might also be slipped in. Without saying it, the judge is told to abuse the target. 

I placed the below as comment to a person [who commented on this video I posted] and who accused me of making up that I was a target of judges for abuse, blacklisted:

The judge in my case: 
Watch the official hearing and another's complaint. A man who was on probation raped a 3 year old and Judge Kaplan was okay with that man walking. Prisons were so crowded that criminals on probation were being violated 8 to 10 times to get prison. One of my tenants (Stafford Springs, Connecticut) was on probation and found his wife cheating on him, so he broke the guy's door down, entered the house illegally, beat the man, beat his wife, and wasn't violated on probation. An Ellington, Connecticut, bartender on probation tested 10 times dirty for cocaine and alcohol was caught drunk jumping on a man trying to kill him after breaking the guy's nose and jaw. For that assault, that man received no time, only 4 months for violating probation. I got a year in prison from Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for pepper spraying a felon who jumped me and tried to rob and stab me. I had no previous criminal record.

When I lived in Vermont, where I knew no one, judges, 3 of them refused to sit on my small claims case where I wanted to sue my former boss for not paying me. He also did not pay 2 other used car salesmen, but they were not blackballed by the judicial system.


The US Police State and Rigged Court System is about enriching lawyers, breaking up families, harming children, ruining the self-employed, arbitrarily imprisoning citizens, ripping off Americans, protecting international corporate organized crime, abolishing the US Constitution, and retaliating against anyone daring to complain. [My most recent post with links]

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Cop Tasers Woman for Not Showing Boobs on Demand

Text with video:

Published on Nov 8, 2013
A cop in Arkansas allegedly tasered a woman after she refused to show him her breasts.

Ashlea Bennett alleges that uniformed Officer Brandon Carter strutted into her place of work on Dec. 13, 2011, and ordered that she give him a sneak peak of her bosom.

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[Steven G. Erickson's video uploads]

Is the State of Connecticut, and other states, using tax dollars to break up families and give as many of us criminal records as is possible? [Check out the recent comment in this post]


I was attacked in the driveway shown on the left side 5 Church St. Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I was evicting a tenant from 3 Church St, the building behind. The tenant testified on the stand that she saw the altercation where the vehicle is parked. She would have to be able to see through a house in the dark for that to have happened. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan would not let me point that out on the diagram at the front of the courtroom. 3 or 4 armed, and in uniform, Connecticut State Police officers committed perjury and said I never requested to make a complaint against my attacker, Brian Caldwell. I can't shut up to save my life. Police are not out to solve crimes or protect you. They are to ruin the self-employed, illegally confiscate guns from legal gun owners and steal property from the legitimate owners. As taxpayers you paid police to terrorize me out of the below videoed houses to pay $100/day or so to house me in prison:

I lose my family, my home, my contracting business, and police and riggers of the courts are okay with a criminal who raped a 3 year old to not get prison. This is YOUR US Police State as you paid for it with your US tax dollars ...

Check out the links in this post:

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"It is too bad that citizens think they can come here when they don't like the verdicts in their case." - State of Connecticut Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers

Connecticut Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers doesn't care about fairness and justice.Check out text I physically handed to her (by clicking link below), sitting next to her at a "Steering the Media" public hearing. The hearing wasn't meant to be public. I chose a seat to sit right next to Chase T. Rogers at a long dining room type table in a conference room on the 6th floor (?) of an official building, I believe in Wethersfield, CT. Only 3 people "from the public" showed up and found out we were quite unwelcome. Newspaper editors, top reporters, television media, and others who are supposed to be investigating and reporting on officials in the Judiciary are hanging out to talk about skewing any "news" that gets out to the public.



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