Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wasting your time dialing 911 in an emergency?

If there is a medical emergency, dial 911. But you might have to consider dialing 911 as being a bad experience or no experience. Cops don't come when called. Many are just too lazy and arrogant to do their jobs because their is no real civilian oversight of police and no accountability. Municipalities require police to be guards of the state and armed revenue collectors. Protecting and serving the public is just a sideline and easily eliminated. So, when America is disarmed there will be more rapes, murders, robberies, child abductions, and government abuse of the people. We the people are not getting what we pay for with our tax dollars. Silence signifies acceptance. Too few people act. Too many people blog and think that is the extent of their political activity to make change. Unless you park you ass on your couch as part of a sit down strike, or get out on the street, you are really doing nothing to make change.

Before 9/11, to be a police officer or paid informant, you had to find out who had legal guns so cops could set up the owner for arrests, fines, property and gun confiscation. Some people who did nothing wrong, except who were exercising Free Speech or had a legal gun, had their families broken up, lost their home, job, retirement, and even went to prison. It has only got worse since 9/11. [This is what I am talking about]

Elected officials serve bankers, corporation owners, and organized crime with money they have stolen from you. The stolen money fuels campaigns and bribes officials. Your money is used to abuse you. Armed drones and [military helicopters with machine guns hanging out of the doors] are out to murder Americans. You are silent, so you agree. 

Do you agree [with this type of policing]?

Chicago Police want a raise and no longer taking 911 calls

Text with video:

Days after the Chicago Police Department announced it will no longer respond to 911 calls for criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, the Fraternal Order of Police (Chicago police union) is demanding a 12 percent raise.In addition to the 12 percent increase over the next two years, the union is also seeking a $3,000 annual stipend for being required to live within the city, pay less for health insurance, and reach the top pay scale of $86,000 a year after 20 years rather than 25.

In light of cutting 911 responses, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said crime prevention “in the future” happens when officers are on patrol, not tied up taking reports at the scene of non-violent incidents. "I’m making a tough decision, but I’d rather have that officer on the street, doing something to prevent the next shooting than – honestly – making somebody feel better, because they’re responding rather than talking to them over the phone."

The city is already off to a bloodier start than last year's record 500-plus homicides, and the department on average only solves 34% of these crimes within 12 months.

US Abolishes Private Property

Text with video:

How far will the international bankers who run the US go? [The video source]

If you want to see how you are being spied on in the US and the World, this is a good video to watch.

It is the FBI and alphabet agencies who are the problem, not us."Lies the FBI told me" [post with video]

Do you want to know why the military is flying over the US in helicopters practicing shooting machine guns at the public? Your cell phone and any electronics can be confiscated from you within one hundred miles of any border. Is this for your protection is it tyrannical abuse.

"You're being watched now"

text with video:
You, not terrorists, are the target for American spooks; Obama's
Adventures in Murderland; and why the Police State makes a pedophile's
paradise.Seek truth from facts with editor Madison
Ruppert, Truthout lead investigative reporter Jason Leopold, Law
Professor Neil Richards, cyber security expert Rich Mogull, Kade
Crockford of the American Civil Liberties Union and web multimillionaire
Kim Dotcom.* * * *

This video uploader's blog [found here]

Pre-9/11 police tried to recruit me in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. They wanted to destroy the self-employed and small business owners who were not affiliated with police and organized crime. They wanted to identify legal gun owners to set up for arrest and gun confiscation. They wanted to break up targeted families, make parents lose their jobs, and railroad potential leaders and critics of the system to prison. Informants beat up, made up false reports, and are even paid tax dollars to murder citizens. I refused to help police break laws, illegally confiscate guns, homes, assets, and to cast a blind eye on their exploitation of children and young girls for sex.

Word search Steven G. Erickson. Police allegedly contacted my father to help them break up my relationship with my daughter and to harm me according to my lawyer who I hired to defend me against my being attacked on my property. Only I was charged in the incident where my life was threatened for weeks, I was stalked, and then attacked from behind in my dark driveway. I received a year in prison for "this offense". Real criminals who were on probation who kicked in doors and assaulted people and a man on probation who raped a 3 year old were not punished by the judge, Jonathan J. Kaplan who I had tried to remove for bad behavior before I was arrested for anything. "Justice" in the US is crap. The government is crap and run by international bankers. [my beef and contact information]

[A post with more embedded RT America videos]


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