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Cops too Lazy and Arrogant to Answer 911 Calls?

The answer is not more cops. It is Civilian Oversight of Police. When police police themselves, there is no quality control. Police are often too busy taking all day personal breaks or revenue collecting to protect and serve. Many are hostile, rude, and threatening to those who call into them.

Text with below video:

Several Miami-Dade Officers Fired, Suspended For Dereliction Of Duty
SOURCE: http://miami.cbslocal.com/2013/02/04/several-miami-dade-officers-fired-suspended-for-dereliction-of-duty/

MIAMI (CBS4) – The Miami Dade Police Department has fired a sergeant
and two officers for dereliction of duty and suspended three others
without pay in what is considered one of the worst incidents of
delinquency in the department’s history.

The accusations vary against each officer, but they include: failing
to respond to emergency calls, pretending to be on calls when they
weren’t, and falsifying police records.

The officers – an entire squad assigned to patrol a large swath of
Kendall – were followed and caught on surveillance video by Internal
Affairs in 2010. Investigators even used tracking devices on the
officers’ cars to catalog their movements. But it wasn’t until September
2012 that they were ultimately disciplined.The officers comprised Platoon III, Squad A, and worked the 2 pm to
10 pm shift in the district that ran from Bird Road to SW 104th Street and included the Dadeland Mall.

One of the fired officers, Dario Socarras, reportedly ignored armed
robbery and residential burglary calls so he could meet his girlfriend
in the parking lot of the Dadeland Mall, He did this not just once, but
on two different occasions. Video shows the pair kissing and cuddling as
other officers were forced to respond to the emergency calls for help.
Socarras, along with Sgt. Jennifer Gonzalez and Officer Jose Huerta
were fired after an internal police panel reviewed their actions.

The IA investigation, first reported by CBS4 News in 2010, documented 134 violations of departmental rules and procedures.

Investigators claim Gonzalez went shopping when she should have been
working. Surveillance video catches her going to Lowes, Target and Kohl;
loading the items she bought into the trunk of her police cruiser. In
one case a store clerk actually helps her load her goods into the squad

Investigators also allege she would spend hours visiting her parents
in Cutler Ridge – well outside her district – when she should have been
on patrol or supervising the other officers in the squad.

Huerta was criticized for not immediately responding to a call where a
five-year-old child was locked inside a vehicle. On a variety of
occasions, investigators allege that Huerta would claim to be tied up on
a call, such as a traffic accident, when in fact he was free to respond
to calls the dispatcher had waiting.

And in addition to his romantic endeavors, Socarras allegedly misled a
crime victim into believing he was going to fill out a report about
items that were stolen from her, but instead told dispatchers no crime
had occurred. Investigators noted he even gave the victim a phony case

“We’re talking about falsification of official records, stealing time
that doesn’t belong to you, because they are supposed to be available
for service or duty and they are not,” former Miami Police Chief Ken
Harms told CBS4’s Jim DeFede.

The most egregious incident involved an emergency call in which a
five month old child was unconscious and in need of medical attention.
Both Socarras and paramedics are dispatched, with each being told to
proceed with lights and sirens.

Socarras tells the dispatcher he is “en route.” In reality, he was
sitting at an outdoor table at Casa Larios drinking coffee. He never
tried to go to the call. Paramedics would reach and care for the child.
And even though he didn’t go, Socarras wrote on his daily report that he
went to the scene.

What made the incident especially troublesome for investigators is
that sitting with Socarras at Casa Larios drinking coffee was his
supervisor, Sgt. Gonzalez, as well as Officer Huerta.
Police officials argue Gonzalez’s attitude infected the entire squad.

When someone called 911 from a Winn Dixie and abruptly hung up,
Officers Jeffrey Price and Fabian Owens, riding in a two man car, were
assigned the call. Internal Affairs watched as they cruised through the
parking lot – never getting out of their car or for that matter even

On another occasion, Price and Owens also rolled by a Chevron gas
station where there is a reported problem. On at least one occasion they
never even bothered driving to the scene of the call, IA charged.
Likewise investigators documented how Officer Ivan Tomas, hung out at
La Caretta and Pollo Tropical rather than taking a series of emergency
calls that were backing up.

Price, Owens and Tomas received suspensions ranging from five to twenty days for their actions.

CBS4 News requested interviews with the officers in the squad, but none were willing or able to speak.

An attorney for Sgt. Gonzalez Monday night said Gonzalez could not
comment because she was planning on appealing her firing. Socarras and
Huerta are also trying to get their jobs back.

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Why You Really Don't Own Anything

Text with video:

Do the international bankers and corporations run everything through NATO and the UN? Is the Federal Reserve System a scam? Have the Central Bankers looted all the gold supposedly held in the Federal Reserve and in Fort Knox? If they stole it, do all Americans owe the money to whose gold it really is? Do Americans have to be disarmed to pay back what the bankers stole? Is China going to occupy the collateral on the loans taken out by the Central Banks, by taking Obama's alleged offer to allow China to occupy all ports, drill for oil in the US, get the natural gas, coal and value in America? Will China and the UN occupy America to collect on loans that Americans did not agree to accept? Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook schoolyard shooting is a hoax. Connecticut State Police do nothing when parents and homeowners report drug dealers who carry illegal guns. Surveillance cameras and gunshot microphones were strung up in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, illegally before 9/11. Police were out to lie to take guns before 9/11. They were taking inventory of who had what. They were looking for hot girls and to make money selling heroin and cocaine. Connecticut State Police will give a crack cocaine addict help in getting a gun permit and a man's home if he sexually harasses a man's 14 year old daughter and terrorizes the man out of his home and out of the state. [Example]

[So Sandyhook is a Hoax]

The Connecticut State Police lie, commit perjury, and just make crap up. Word search "The 100 Club Connecticut State Police" not in quotes. Police celebrate 100 drunk driving arrests for each cop with a taxpayer paid gold outing. So, police celebrate parents losing their homes, jobs, and families through lies. Word search, "Connecticut State Police 168 page report" without quotes. Connecticut State Police were putting rat traps in each others mail boxes, threatening to kill each other, abusing each other, putting public safety in danger, filing bogus reports, manufacturing evidence, so their Internal Affairs was shut down and the Connecticut State Police were put on probation. The New York State Police were Connecticut's probation officer. So, do you believe the crap that the Connecticut State Police made up about Sandyhook?


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