Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cops False Arresting Citizens is Big Problem

Cop fired for allegedly falsifying dozens of DUI arrests

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Anyone who's ever been pulled over by a cop for something they didn't do will find reason for both fury and comfort in the story of Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Lisa Steed. Steed, a cop celebrated for her diligence, has now been fired amid allegations that she falsified dozens — perhaps hundreds — of DUI arrests. Steed routinely pulled over drivers she claimed were driving drunk or on drugs and arrested them, even if they were found to have no drugs or alcohol in their system, a lawsuit contends. "Her actions are so blatant," a plaintiff's lawyer says, "it is probable that she acted like this in an untold number of cases." [Source]

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The Connecticut State Police have a special club and rewards for filing false police reports, lying, and committing perjury. It is called "The 100 Club" [story]

Would the Connecticut State Police offer a crack cocaine smoking psychopath alcoholic wannabe child molester help in obtaining a gun permit to carry concealed pistols, and the target on the secret State Police Enemies list victim's property, for assaulting a man, sexually harassing his young daughter, and for terrorizing him out of state for his having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation to elected officials? [story]

How do you "get made" in the cop mafia? Well it involves lying, filing false police reports, and perjury. [story]

Is our Nation going to hell? Is the US losing, or has it already lost its sovereignty?:

Text with video:

I don't always have good internet in Brattleboro, Vermont, and my computer is jacked. Should Americans, and others, consider what is said by a radio host if he is getting millions of listeners?

I post about subjects of this LL YourSay [here] and [here] with links to more of what I am talking about. Alex Jones is a subject.

Are international toll roads going into America? Are these toll roads that were planned 50 years ago for America to no longer be America, but be part of the North American Union of Canada, the US, and Mexico, the NU? Will Chinese goods be shipped to Mexico and will Mexican truck drivers be hauling the goods up into the NU? Is Spain building one of those roads. Will Spain get NAFTA tolls from Americans for 50 years?

Will all Americans be disarmed to become part of the NU? Were all gun stores, shooting ranges, and Fish and Game centers visited by police to get keys and alarm codes before the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut schoolyard shooting?

Were OWS organizers targeted to be killed by the FBI before they organized Occupy Wall St. in New York City?

Due to the number or requests, I post a picture in video of me and my ex-wife from the time that Stafford Springs, Connecticut, cop "Fat Frank" who lived with his mother slammed me into my house telling me he deserved her, not me. She had no interest in him, and I met her while traveling in Europe. I am pictured also with former Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell. I asked her why Chris Kennedy was going to get 30 years in prison for checking the wrong box in a general court form after he had contacted Rell's legal staffer about public corruption. I also post random pictures from posts on my blogs.


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