Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Obama to Sign Executive Order Gun Ban?

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I just went to and found this.

Barack Obama, US Attorney General Eric Holder, and others are meeting now to discuss executive action and the possibility of signing an executive order.

Using an US Presidential Executive Order was predicted by those in the know before the end of 2012 to happen January 2013. One of Obama's original campaign promises would that he would not go after any of American's guns and supports the 2nd Amendment.

Obama signed the NDAA December 31, 2011, after saying he did not support it and would not sign it as written.

Do insider international bankers want a civil war in America?

I won't get a cat or dog, a house, and will not invest in having a gun in America as I saw the set up for the fall, pre-9/11, and was asked to join police black ops and declined. The reasons are stated in text recently sent to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy.

To abolish Free Speech on the internet, in print, in public, and electronically all over and to dissolve America's borders, the so called American right to bear arms has to be thrown out.

To have UN checkpoints set up to have Americans take off their pants and shirts to have their gang tattoos photographed, to be checked for guns and contraband, and to have TSA use the same gloves to explore all cavities of Americans being searched, there has to be a gun ban.

I was told what to look for by a former US Coast Guard Reserve Officer, retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective, and person privy to the ground floor planning of the Department of Homeland Security. That individual is now deceased, dying of a heart attack, just days after another researcher with which I was to work on a project exposing the US police state with, died of the flu. I was out of Connecticut and not using anything electronic at the time of their deaths.

Expect to spend time in 20 mile lines and hours sitting in traffic to go through DHS/TSA/UN checkpoints.

Corporations aren't people, they are foreign powers. Foreign powers pay for campaigns and run the main news media.

Doors being kicked in, the internet shut off switch being used, Americans being shot in large numbers for having guns, gold, and stored food. Armed drone bombing targets inside the US, with virtual Martial Law being declared in the US is just an Obama robo-signature away.

Are you okay with losing your First Amendment rights for good?

Are you okay with soldiers just showing up to search your home even though you have no guns, no gold, or no extra stored food?

Are you okay with being the North American Union, a section of UN world government rule?

Have two of the biggest proponents of the 2nd Amendment already been murdered? Facebook accounts are being deleted of those who post pro-gun or question the Connecticut State Police version of the Sandyhook Schoolyard Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. What if more pro-gun people just end up dead? Would you think there is some sort of CIA or NSA activity to murder politically active citizens? Are you okay with paying tax dollars for that sort of Black Op?

If you are to receive orders from your FEMA camp Fusion Center region commanders, locations are listed here. The Jesse Ventura, TruTv, Conspiracy theory episode exposing the TSA and DHS as a scam was not allowed to be shown and the series was taken off air.

More of what I have written on can be found here. My video uploads on are found here.


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