Sunday, December 16, 2012

Has US Sovereignty been Signed Away?

Check out video below.

If you ask to be represented for you taxes, asking elected officials to listen to you as you redress grievances is just asking an excuse for the elected official to give your name to police, so at roll call, you photo, name, address, what you drive, and where you work for you to be put on the secret police arrest on site list.

If you word search Elena Sassower on and look for a black and white video about Hillary Clinton, and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Allegedly that video was the one the FBI considered looking into Spitzer's finances to find out that he hired $6000 per lay elite prostitutes causing him to resign as Governor.

My friend that I talk about who worked on the plans for the F-35 US super fighter [found here], his initials are CK.

A lot of links can be [found here]

Obama has allegedly been ordered to put out a sign statement Dec 27 or 31 to start to process all private gun held in American hands. A CIA Al Qaeda taxpayer program where hand held missiles to take aircraft will find their way from Syria to America. One will allegedly be used to take out an aircraft taking off from an airport to blow it up with a full tank of fuel. That way all Americans can be stopped at road blocks to be set up all over the US and be searched along with their cars. The TSA will then issue travel passes. This is what is being talked about by political activists.

Are rocket launchers given to CIA's Al Qaeda in Syria going to find their way to the US, so an event can be staged to shoot a US airplane taking off from an American airport for an excuse for the TSA, Military, and Police can block roads and sidewalks to search everyone and their vehicles? [more]


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