Monday, June 07, 2010

My Comment on the US Economy

I posted the below as a comment after reading [this article]

If you pay attention how the elected officials paid for by banksters, energy companies with the ethics of Enron, war corporations, global based organized criminals, and the powerbrokers of US corporations rule in the legislatures with enacted laws, you’ll see their agenda. If the US government had checks and balances, honest investigations, and courts that aren’t rigged, we the people would have a better economy and representation for our taxation.

When I owned property in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, an alleged former Mossad bar owner married to an FBI agent, offered me property in Hartford that could be bought for a dollar, by paying him $5000 and agreeing to borrow money from his “lender” friends.

The State Police, Stafford Connecticut town cops, the health inspector, building inspector, and organized crime were out to go after pizza parlor owners who aren’t Caucasian, who were outsiders selling artwork in a downtown shop, or who, like me owned property without bribing the proper officials, and not having the backing of local organized crime.

I was current on 3 mortgages, when I wrote Bush this letter, eluding to the above. I then lost everything, am now estranged from my daughter and family, and was held in Connecticut as a political prisoner. So, the sleaze has to be fixed in the US and other countries before it is safe for anyone to actually conduct honest business.


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