Monday, July 30, 2007

My Letter to President Bush

Click image to make larger. My 9-15-01 letter to President Bush. I was attacked on my property, not even a week later, 10-11-01. [click here] for properties video. [click here] for my letter complaining to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff.

Governor Rell letter to Steven G. Erickson

My letter to Chief States Attorney of Connecticut days after I was attacked on my property, 10-11-01

My complaint against Judge Jonathan Kaplan never investigated.

Police report calling me the victim.

Hud response saying Bush read my letter.

Click docs to see full size.

[click here] for my letter to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland meant to arrive for his first day of Federal Prison for his role in the corruption scandal. Warning: I wasn't nice and didn't use flowery language.

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