Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Should lawyers run everything at your expense?

Lawyers making money hand over fist, and this is reality:

The Trouble With Lawyers: Part 1

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johnj2428 July 21, 2009John Stossel investigates America's legal troubles, and some of the perverse incentives created by the legal system.

John Stossel 1 of 5 Freedom and its Enemies .wmv

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acu59 December 01, 2008John Stossel Freedom and its Enemies. Part 1 of 3
American Conservative
Audio Podcast Show #239
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Show 239 John Stossel: Freedom and Its Enemies with Young Americas Foundation Best-selling author and anchor of ABC News' 20/20 explains to students at Canisius College how government agencies, trial lawyers, and the media stifle the free market. He emphasizes that free markets do more to protect the average American than all the bureaucrats in Washington. John Stossel is Young America's Foundation"s 2008 Milton Friedman Lecturer. Given on wednesday May 28, 2008 48 minutes 11MB

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This blogger's current beef with the lying lawyers consortium and the EPA:



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