Sunday, June 22, 2014

Do elected officials serve international criminals, or us?

Text with below video:

When elected officials don't ask questions, or lift a finger, when they are told that citizens are threatened with being beaten up, murdered, or spending the rest of their life in prison for voting, being married, dating after police spying and abuse causes a divorce, for having children, owning a home, owning guns, being outspoken, or even worse, being self-employed.

Prior to 9/11 police were listening to my phone calls, trolling my internet use, and bugged my house because I was self-employed, outspoken, and advocated paying less property taxes. Police told me I would be murdered if I exposed the installation of video cameras and surveillance microphones strung from telephone poles before 9/11. I refused and went to elected officials and news reporters about the illegal spying and police harassment of citizens using the illegal spying information. Police were out to control voting and eliminate self-employment of non-connected citizens. Police were looking at finding ways to suspend the driver's licenses of targets on their [secret police enemies list]. Police were, and are, lookouts for vandals, drug dealers, thieves breaking into houses, and protection for prostitutes and other criminals.

Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator, Anthony "Tony" Gugliemo knew all about this and doesn't care. [his website]. My fax to the him and the FBI, [Text and links].

I told Enfield, Connecticut, State Senator John A. Kissel, who is also a lawyer what was happening, before, during, after. [his website]. I wrote Kissel from prison telling him that my redressing grievances, and talking to him, may have been a contributing factor for my being railroaded to prison, losing my home, contracting business, daughter, and that police had told me I was kicked out of Connecticut after I got out of prison. Kissel's response was, "Life isn't fair," in a letter he wrote back to me while I was in prison for resisting being beaten up and stabbed by a police informant on my property. [Video of properties and story].

Former Connecticut Congressman Christopher Shays is the only one who asked questions, and to have a hearing on my case, and other cases, in a special hearing in Washington DC. Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, and/or his staff don't seem to care about the abuses above. [his website]

[The Connecticut Judiciary Committee and other elected officials have not responded to this fax].

Location of video is Winchester Massachusetts, not Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA.

Keywords: Connecticut State Police Brutality judicial misconduct Steven G. Erickson

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