Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day from your Police State

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I have the State of Connecticut and police to thank for what might be permanent estrangement from my only daughter. [The story of abuse, domestic spying, and rigged courts].

The Police in the State of Connecticut and rigged courts are responsible, wholly, or in part for:

My no longer being registered to vote, and voting.

My no longer owning a home. I probably never will again.

Me not being a contractor and landlord, changing my occupation. I no longer paint or use power tools.

Me being married. I no longer believe in marriage if police can spy on you, tell you about your conversations, or whether you got laid, or not the night before, and then mock you in the driveway the morning after. I learned you have to have police permission to be married or to date.

My family unity being destroyed.

My losing the sum total of what I built over a lifetime. What I built, police spying meant they were out to destroy and wreck everything. I picture the shadow government and police like the creatures from the movie, "Gremlins".

Police in Connecticut told me I was not allowed to date in Connecticut. I broke no laws. A State Police Officer pulled a woman I was dating from the Avon/Canton area, sexually assaulted her twice, pulling her over twice, threatening her with her losing her home, beauty salons, and being imprisoned if she continued dating me. She broke it off out of fear. That is just one story.

I no longer have a pistol permit or firearms. Police had asked me to help them ruin gun owners, and identify gun owners, so police could target them before police targeted me for being self-employed.

I no longer have pets as mine were given away after I was railroaded to prison for being attacked on my own property. Police refused to protect and serve. They said the only thing they were willing to do for me was to arrest me if they had to show up for anything at all.

I no longer have a retirement.

I no longer buy new vehicles.

I no longer have credit.

I no longer make checks paying out $5000 to $6000 per month. I no longer even make out checks.

My own father thinks it is his job to data mine for the Police State. He would demand to know my girlfriend's name, what she drove, her phone, number, the same for friends, and where I worked. He would angrily hang up and then call the State Police and then give them the information. I told him that police know where I am 24/7 whenever I use a cellphone or am online and if police are doing a legitimate investigation of anything that they did not need his help. I told my father that police were harassing, threatening me, and want me to suffer and die and not to help them with their campaign. My father would not stop calling police and giving them information to harass me, so I have not talked to him in about 4 years, and may never again.

When I see police, I think of them as an LA Street Gang, armed thugs, not law enforcement.

I no longer believe in the American Dream.

If there is a gun ban and Free Speech is eliminated, why shouldn't I, or any other American consider going to live out their living under a less oppressive regime such as in China or former Soviet Union?

24/7 domestic spying is not freedom. Being forced to suffer to pay for the rise of the Police State and for endless wars is complete Bullshit! I wish to opt out of this circle fuck. 

Happy Father's Day.

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