Saturday, August 03, 2013

Would VT US Senator Bernie Sanders be okay with $50,000 spent per citizen for domestic spying?

The below text was placed in Vermont US Senator [Bernie Sanders constituent web contact form]:

Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee in Dec 1996. It was televised. There was out of control spying and terrorizing of citizens by police and their operatives. Police were helping ex-husbands beat their estranged wives and then arresting the wife, wearing ski masks to abduct citizens and torture them at abandoned warehouses, eliminating citizens who are self-employed, and police are promoting prostitution, drug dealing, home break-ins, drive by shootings, beatings, murders, and other crimes. This is pre-9/11. 

Ritt was so terrorized by police that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum and ended up in the woods wrapped in a blanket almost freezing to death. The NSA type domestic spying has gotten out of hand. Does it cost $50,000 for each American to be spied on and store all the data. All Americans are being spied on. Does this expenditure make sense? 

A retired police officer who was part of Homeland Security told me that the reason all Americans are to be UN disarmed is to end private property ownership so citizens can be crowded into urban areas for the benefit of international bankers and corporate organized crime. Do you have any questions? Are you going to do anything about this? 

Text of this email to you posted 8/3/13 on where you can [view Ritt's 1996 video]. It is an eyeopener. I was told by the retired police officer that the Connecticut State Police allegedly have a "Garden of Evil" for synthesizing slow acting poisons to cause blindness, cancers, tumors, hair loss, lesions, hearing loss, confusion, dementia, psychological submission, implanting false memories, sexual dysfunction, eliminate sexual inhibitions, organ failure, diabetes, memory loss, and death. There is also allegedly testing of microwave, radiation, and experimental military weapons and biological agents on an unsuspecting public. If this is being done across America is that okay with you? [Why are trillions being spent on underground highways, railways, and cities for the military and elite, not on us above ground]?

stevengerickson AT

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Ritt Goldstein's video from that 1996 Judiciary Hearing. Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins talks about police officers kidnapping citizens while wearing ski masks to torture them down at abandoned warehouses. Police Officers drank beer in the mayor's driveway, threw their beer bottles up on his porch, and plastered police union bumper stickers on the mayor's car.

[More video]


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