Thursday, August 01, 2013

Whose side is Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy on?

I placed the below text in the constituent comment form on [Leahy's official government website] and am adding links to the below:

What is Patrick Leahy's position on NSA spying and Police State abuse of all citizens? 

I am posting this text with links on August 1, 2013. Pre-9/11 police were reading emails and listening to phone calls without warrants. Citizens who are self-employed, outspoken, gun owners, or who exposed police or judicial misconduct can be put on target lists. Citizens were put out of business and tracked because of their race. 

Police in the State of Connecticut were emailing each other racist emails. Chicken bones and watermelon rinds were dropped next to dead African Americans and racist captions (were placed next to photos). [Link to story]. The crime lab manufactured evidence. Police would refuse to protect and serve and then arrest citizens forced to defend themselves. 

Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs was shut down due to police abusing each other, lying, false reports, and serious organized criminal behavior. Police would spy on underage and of age girls for sexual predation. 

Police in Norwalk, Connecticut, were wearing black ski masks kidnapping citizens and torturing citizens in waterfront abandoned warehouses. Police terrorized the mayor, put police union stickers on the mayor's car and police drank in his driveway and through their empty beer bottles on mayor's porch. [Ritt Goldstein's testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee before he was so terrorized by police that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum]

Self-employed people were, and are, targeted using illegal spying to put them out of business, out of their families, out of their homes, to be falsely arrested, and held as political prisoners. Word search [Steven G. Erickson]. Should police or their operatives spy and harass US citizens at will? 

Does the US Constitution still apply in the US? Should police be able to threaten citizens with being beaten, murdered, or even indefinitely detained, as I was pre-9/11, for writing letters to the editor printed in newspapers and for proposing legislation that would curb Mafia behavior of lawyers, police, and operators of courts? 

Brattleboro, Vermont, police refused to help with heavily tattooed thugs were out to kill me after being hired by an alleged Mafioso. Vermont judges refused to sit on small claims cases that I brought forth. 2 Massachusetts State Police Officers, and a Palmer Mass officer on 3 separate occasions pulled me over after using license plate scanners, threatened me with indefinite detention and told me to immediately leave the state and go back to Vermont and not come back. 

I have broken no laws but am on the police and judge blacklist for abuse. Will you, or a staff member contact me about the above? If not, can I assume you are on the side of international corporate organized crime, the UN, and bankers? 

* * * *

Patrick Leahy got an Anthrax lace letter not too far after 9/11. Tomas Foral was caught with military grade Anthrax. US Attorney John A. Danaher III who later became Connecticut State Police Commissioner, then judge, seemed to cover up Foral's crimes, not punish them. [That story]

Was the letter sent to Leahy to tell him what side to be on?

* * * *

Spying Cop angry with Food for my Wife

Text with video:

If you are not doing anything wrong, why should you care if cops or their contractors listen to all of your cell phone calls, troll all of your emails, internet use, and dig through all your medical records, bank information, and inventory all of your cash, assets and property. If you are an attractive young girl or woman do you want some pervert looking at you through your cell phone camera, computer camera, or hidden surveillance camera? Your cell phone and computer might be recording audio and video even when off.

Cops or others can stalk you using your GPS.

Should a boyfriend or husband of a woman be scolded by a cop for giving his significant others macaroni and cheese? Should a man go to jail for this offense? Should a father who is making his hot daughter fat also be beaten, tortured, put in prison, or even murdered for this offense? In a police state, anything goes. You own nothing and you have no rights.

[This is what I am talking about].

I met my future wife traveling in Europe. She is a former lingerie model. Yes, I put pictures of her in the video, but not ones where she is wearing next to nothing, nothing, or wearing skimpy lingerie. I also put pictures of my daughter in the video. She has not talked to me since I went to prison. I may never see her or other family members again. I may never own a home again. I may never get a dog or cat of my own again. Mine were given away when I was in prison. Should being self-employed cause someone to be put on a [secret police arrest on sight list]?

Make this video about you. Share this video.

Do you want to be spied on for your safety? Does being spied on mean that those who are doing the spying own you and everything you own? Should the TSA randomly decide whether you are able to drive a car or travel? Should the DHS decide if you have a job or use of your bank accounts, credit, and debit cards?

Should international bankers and corporate organized crime profit from and decide everything that is your life? Should the elite run your life through the UN? Should you pay for your own abuse, rape, torture, confinement, sterilization, and/or murder?

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