Sunday, May 19, 2013 Presents - The Jamaal Jacob Story: Legally Kidnapped

There is a new precedent in the US. Your children can be taken away with no hearing, no just cause. A judge can sign an order in secret, your kids are then removed. This is beyond tyranny. Your kids can now be sold to the highest bidder. White children with blue eyes might bring in the most money for the cabal of lawyers, judges, DCF, and other officials and their agents on the take. 

Written and produced by the Torrington (Connecticut) DCF & Police Department, this is yet another true story starting with the Torrington DCF dissembling a once happy American family then adding more torture by pressing trumped up criminal charges against both parents that could land them in prison for upwards of 10 years.

Please please people comment on this story, show your support against the DCF, contact us if you have a similar story. The DCF has gone on long enough trampling on our civil rights and it is time that we speak up! To view the story please visit:

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Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, "SATAN, the Judge":

Steven G. Erickson's videos [click here]


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