Sunday, October 16, 2011

I just watched a documentary called, "The American Drug War: The Last White Hope"

If you have any doubts that the US Government, the offshore bankster corporate masters of the US Military, and their minions are drug traffickers, White Slavers, War Mongers, and evil pieces of crap out to enslave and harm us, watch the documentary. If you believe the US Government, those who run the US Military Industrial Complex, and bankers and corporate owners are the greatest things since sliced bread, watch the documentary.

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Please buy, or rent, a full quality copy of this great documentary and share with your friends.

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Liveleak videos, part 1 and 2 of the the documentary uploaded to embedded on this page below:

The American Drug War: The Last White Hope Part 1

The American Drug War: The Last White Hope Part 2

The History of the CIA and Cocaine

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Oct 17, 2011

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Should the CIA be involved in organized crime, murder, rape, robbery, White Sexual Slavery, murder-for-hire, rendition, police corruption, bribery, furthering offshore corporate bankster interests, and heroin and cocaine trafficking and smuggling. Should CIA and US Military transports be used to smuggle drugs? Should taxpayers have to fund these criminals. What does this have to do with the mindset that allowed the DEA "Fast and Furious" program. If Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder knew of these crimes and did nothing, or gave their okay, shouldn't they be arrested, handcuffed, processed, and prosecuted?

This is podcast # 204 of the James Corbett Report, transcripts and source of audio:

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Time Reference: 01:46
Link To:
The Corbett Report 2009 Video Archive DVD
Time Reference: 01:53
Link To:
Ptech and the 9/11 Software – Transcript
Time Reference: 02:24
Link To:
Episode 019 – The CIA Ships in the Drugs
Time Reference: 03:43
Link To:
Episode 117 – Requiem for the Suicided: Gary Webb
Time Reference: 03:50
Link To:
The EyeOpener- Morbid Addiction: CIA & the Drug Trade
Time Reference: 04:59
Link To:
Opium Throughout History
Time Reference: 05:39
Link To:
Kris Millegan talks about Skull and Bones on Fox News
Time Reference: 08:17
Link To: YouTube
Kris Millegan on The Opium Origins of Skull & Bones
Time Reference: 10:21
Link To: YouTube
The beginnings of international drug control
Time Reference: 22:05
Link To:
The Skulls (Trailer)
Time Reference: 24:37
Link To: YouTube
WWII Newsreel About Air Drops in Burma
Time Reference: 29:17
Link To:
The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
Time Reference: 30:13
Link To:
Secret War in Burma: The KMT (from The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia)
Time Reference: 30:53
Link To:
Documentary about CIA and drug trafficking in Laos
Time Reference: 34:53
Link To: YouTube
Alfred McCoy talks about his work uncovering the secret history of Laotian drug running
Time Reference: 35:46
Link To: Vimeo
Peter Dale Scott on the CIA and Afghan opium
Time Reference: 38:24
Link To:
Information on CIA-connected drug planes
Time Reference: 48:33
Link To:
Bill Conroy on intelligence agencies and Mexican drug gangs
Time Reference: 51:22
Link To:
Ron Paul on CIA Drug Trafficking
Time Reference: 35:46
Link To:


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