Monday, August 29, 2011

US Reputation plummets as Global Corporate Banksters Promote Slavery in US?

When I was in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland, I became aware of their citizens coming here to the US, and in some cases being used as slaves. In particular, a Lithuanian farmer and his wife came to the US to work on a corporate farm. It was understood they would learn, and be paid. They weren't paid, and ended up living as slaves. This is shameful.

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Foreign students were given an opportunity to come to the US in a cultural exchange program to be able to get a real feel for the American way of life. They were promised that they would make enough money to be able to travel around the US, but instead were used as cheap labor for Hershey packing chocolate. Trisha Li, one of the students, tells us what it was like.

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Foreign students fight slave labor in the US

The face of Hersey, Pennsylvania, the website:

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