Friday, August 19, 2011

Jail for Judges, a Good Start?

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Story #1: 'Kids for Cash' Judge Only Gets 28yr Jail Sentence
Related Video: Incarceration For Profit Happening Nationwide
Background Video: 'Conspiracy of Silence'

Story #2: From 'Flash Mob' to 'Flash Rob': 5 Things to Know About Crime Waves
Related Update: Debate Over Social Media Incitement as Flash Mobs Strike

Story #3: Obama: Biggest Terror Threat on 9/11 is 'Lone Wolf'
Related PDF: FBI/DHS Memo on 'Examining Lone Shooters and Small-Unit Tactics'

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Previous Episode: 9/11 Super-Pilots, Dear Netflix, Self-Checkout Stores

Kids for Cash, Flash Robs, Lone Wolf 9/11 - New World Next Week

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ATF selling Guns to Mexican Drug Gangs and Amerika's Crazy Police State

"We were only following orders"



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