Monday, August 09, 2010

“The Youngest Terrorist”

Paul Jay interviews Carol Rosenberg (Video below) of McClatchy Newspapers The Miami Herald. The Pentagon has taken exception with Sergeant Joshua Claus being identified by name, instead of being referred to as, “Interrogator 1”.

Is the US in the business of torturing foreign children? Was a child threatened with homosexual prison gang rape while in custody at Gitmo? Was waterboarding used? Is using sleep deprivation, torture, and ignoring international law, the “New US”? Why should anyone be continuously interrogated a hundred times on the same subject? Anyone asked enough times, over and over, without rest is going to say anything that the interrogator/torture artist wants said. So, who is to believe anything that is rendered through such abuse and torture? If a child has suffered being shot, blown up with nearby 500 pound bombs, and after allegedly receiving electric shock treatments, does he really know what he did, or didn’t do? Never mind that this enemy combatant suspect is child, is this how the US can get away with treating Canadians?

Is this more proof that even more American officials are guilty of war crimes, not some child caught in their net?

What America exports for torture and abuse gets imported back into America when these psychopaths, paid US tax dollars to commit heinous acts, return home to America.

Juries in the US are often rigged using judges. Are the real terrorists working as US government contractors and officials afraid of having their crimes exposed by having trials? Why should crimes be created after the fact using secret detentions and military tribunals? Is the US becoming more of a police state citizen abuser than the USSR ever was?

Is anyone who resists illegal US occupation or fights back against US Troops in a war zone now guilty of "war crimes" in the eyes of the US Government to be prosecuted US kangaroo court style?

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Text with video:
TheRealNews | August 09, 2010

Carol Rosenberg: Kadr claims confession result of gang rape threat as trial begins in Guantanamo

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