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Sleazy Connecticut Officials

Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland is in the news again. As Governor he took bribes from organized crime. What most people don't know is that one of the schemes was to take away as many children as possible from Connecticut families, whether warranted, or not. The State gets federal dollars to process, detain, educate, place, and even adopt out children who are taken away from their parents. The Connecticut Mafia would build facilities, run, and supply them. Politicians like Rowland would get bribes. Sound good? [click here for more on Rowland]

Turning scumbags into the law

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The below from the Connecticut newspaper, The Hartford Courant, re-posted [from here]

The Gloves Are Off In Kevin Lembo Vs. Mike Jarjura: Waterbury Mayor Criticized For Hiring Ex-Gov. Rowland

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It didn't take long, but the battle has already started between Kevin Lembo and Mike Jarjura for state comptroller.

Jarjura announced that he will be forcing a Democratic primary, and Lembo's campaign manager immediately criticized him for hiring former Republican Gov. John G. Rowland as an economic development czar in Waterbury.

"With Connecticut facing the prospect of more than a $3 billion hole in the state budget next year, Kevin Lembo has the experience as a former assistant comptroller and now as Healthcare Advocate, to need no on the job training for state comptroller,'' said Jacqueline Kozin, Lembo's campaign manager.

"We welcome the opportunity to debate the issues facing Connecticut and Kevin's ability to help craft solutions, as well as Mr. Jarjura's lengthy public record as a member of the legislative advisory committee of ultra-conservative Family Institute of Connecticut, as a legislator opposing issues like a woman's right to choose, and his decision as a four-term mayor to hire disgraced former Governor John Rowland."

Jarjura's announcement is at http://blogs.courant.com/capitol_watch/2010/06/jarjura-makes-it-official-hell.html



These electied officials, politicians, just keep taking care of each other and really dont care what the "little people," the electorate think. The gall of this person to hire Rowland is very upsetting. Maybe a check into his past might reveal some connection to the scandal that precipitated Rowland's downfall. Simply unbelievable. They just dont care, do they.

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M. Jodie Rell became Connecticut Governor when Rowland resigned in disgrace. Her story, click on title:

Connecticut Governor not running next election


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Steven G. Erickson's beef [click here]

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Within hours of when I found where former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland was going to federal prison, I wrote the below, hoping it was his very first letter laid on his prison bunk. Text:

Federal Inmate # 15623-014, Ex-Governor (CT) John G. Rowland
P.O. BOX 1000

Dear Federal Inmate # 15623-014, SHITBAG, Ex Connecticut Governor, John G. Rowland,

You deserve to spend your life in prison or be hung for treason, you piece of shit.

When you look in the mirror, it is the man in the mirror that put you where you are now.

Maybe my hours, efforts, and mental concentration of wanting you in prison, disgraced, without the comfort of your wife, family, to lose the respect of those around you, and for your life being forever altered and tarnished may have not happened, but for me.

I live for this day, and to mail this letter, that is what got me through the anger of having been put in prison for complaining to your office about being pissed off about heroin and crack cocaine being sold off my Stafford Springs Connecticut yard by teens fighting, swilling beer, smoking pot, using my yard as a toilet, and a hangout for sex orgies, asking that something be done about that, Connecticut State Police misconduct, and the bias and unlawfulness of the Connecticut Court System, which is merely a revenue collection system, manned by armed revenue collectors, police, and Mafia Dons, Members of the Connecticut Judiciary.

If there is justice in America the RICO statutes should be used to punish you, the former head of the Connecticut State Police, the rogue judges, and others that were part of your criminal empire.

You probably, with your charisma and contacts, would have been the next Republic(an) Golden Boy, the man to succeed Bush 2.

But, no, you sit in prison, with absolutely no chance of political office, or even voting in an election, ever again.

You’re welcome, asshole.

Thank me, no, thank yourself, you disgusting, lying piece of shit.

You were in no trouble and there was nothing in the papers about anything about any kind of scandal or shenanigans involving you, your office, or that of your friends.

I got out of prison and immediately called the US Attorneys for Connecticut, the media, and contacted state and federal politicians telling them there was a corruption connection between you, the Connecticut State Police brass, and members of the Connecticut Judiciary.

The first Republicans to denounce you asking you to resign were the politicians that I emailed the day before, copying the print and television media.

You are and were the number one on my shit list as I sat in prison. I was ruined and silenced for complaining about corruption and abuse, not for crimes.

I contacted your office from 1998.

It was reported to me by one of your aids, threatening me with more prison, if I didn’t shut up about your corruption involving Connecticut State Police brass and members of the Connecticut Judiciary, that told me you are ground zero for what happened to me and other citizens looking for justice after being ground to a pulp through your corruption machine.

It was made known to me that you had personal knowledge of me, that former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada, and his buddy, Judge Jonathan Kaplan railroaded me to prison on Connecticut State Police Officer perjury, a rigged case, and that I lost my family, home, Connecticut rental properties I fixed up from a boarded up condition over years with my own hands and 100’s of thousands of dollars, my dog, my job, credit, retirement, health insurance and the sum total of my life after having paid bills on time, worked my ass off, obeyed laws, and paid outrageous taxes.

I was living in fear of police and the criminals they were sending out to harass me out of Connecticut, hiding in my house, mainly out only to work, when I was caught out in my yard, beaten during a robbery attempt.

The criminal admitted to his crimes, even under oath to Judge Jonathan Kaplan- to stalking me, threatening my life while demanding money, to get immunity for attacking, threatening me, and trying to rob me to maliciously prosecute and railroad me to prison for having to defend my life, and prevent further injury to myself in my dark driveway, by using pepper spray to end the attack and injuries I was sustaining, as self-defense isn’t legal in Connecticut.

Because of you and your sleaze, I was thrown in prison, a productive, honest citizen, for being a crime victim in my own yard, and a criminal parasite, violent, alcoholic, drug abuser is allowed to go on assaulting people, living off of taxpayers, and harassing the elderly trying to live in peace and quiet.

You, personally made life in downtown Connecticut miserable, dangerous, and economic and quality of life, disasters.

I now have the ability to sit in a suit and have you hauled up wrapped in chains, ankles shackled, in prison garb, forced to answer questions I want answered, regarding your lifetime pattern of deceit, living high on the hog at the expense of the average man and woman, while thumbing your nose at the law and the US Constitution, to answer to the victims of your greed, your crimes, and the efforts of you and your friends to cover their tracks, ruining countless honest Americans.

I have that option, if I sue your piece of shit ass in Federal Court.

Look in your rearview mirror pal, there are more pissed off citizens that want redress of their grievances through honest elected officials and FAIR courts of law. Two things, few and far between, in Connecticut, which is your legacy, SHITBAG.



Steven G. Erickson
[Connecticut address from 2004 era no longer valid, snipped]

Former People’s Republik of Korruptikut Political Prisoner # 305662

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The US has gone global with Rowland style corruption:



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