Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taxpayer funded Public Corruption?

Six-Year Term
DiBella Reappointed To Water And Sewer Board

The Hartford Courant
January 13, 2009

The Hartford [Connecticut] city council voted Monday to reappoint former Democratic Senate Majority Leader William A. DiBella to the regional water and sewer board that he chairs.

The terms of three of the city's representatives to the Metropolitan District Commission expired at the end of 2008. The council's vote put sitting commissioners DiBella and Trude Mero back on the MDC board for another six years.

The candidacy of the third city representative, D. Anwar Al-Ghani, was sent to a council committee along with other remaining candidates for consideration. It faced some opposition from the council because of concerns about his job with Diggs Construction — the firm managing the city's school construction project. Al-Ghani was on the committee that chose Diggs in 2001. Al-Ghani has the support of the council's Democratic leadership and its lone Republican, Veronica Airey-Wilson.

DiBella's reappointment comes at the same time he is appealing a federal civil judgment against him for taking a $374,500 fee on a pension deal he didn't earn. The deal came out of the 1990s investment scandal that sent DiBella's friend, former state Treasurer Paul Silvester, to prison.

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My comment posted to the Hartford Courant Topix forum:

Why should White Collar criminals who got rich from Connecticut public corruption not be in jail?

Why do we continue to pay them our hard earned tax dollars?



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