Friday, January 09, 2009

An Attorney’s $1700/hour fee

A friend of mine told me about a lawyer he hired in Connecticut to take his case. The lawyer wanted $1700 and my friend’s relative forked out the cash. The lawyer wrote a shoddily prepared document, maybe not even spending an hour, doing little, or no research, maybe gave a paralegal a half hour project, and collected the fee. The lawyer now refuses to answer calls and other correspondence. The more I hear, this is typical lawyer “performance” and arrogance, not the exception, should We the People continue to put up with this?

My friend doesn’t want to complain about the lawyer, knowing if you complain about a lawyer, it is to lawyers, and also fears the repercussions. Lodging an attorney misconduct complaint is basically futile. Lawyers side with lawyers. Judges are usually former lawyers, as are prosecutors. They have their own syndicate and basically run any town hall or state legislature. You don’t rate, you are just a “mark”, ripe for plucking.

I was charged over $17,000 by Connecticut Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, the self-promoted, “DCF Specialist”. Agranoff lost the attorney/client agreement and asked me for paperwork he “misplaced”, couldn’t account for the hours he charged me for, wouldn’t let me see, or give me my legal file, gave conflicting answers on his charges, couldn’t account for funds, and didn’t file an appeal, or reason for not filing an appeal, which is required. Agranoff refused to call witness to my being attacked and threatened on my property, so I got a year in prison for “overreacting” to getting mugged on my own property having ended the beating I was taking using pepper spray! [That Story]

If you have $20,000,000 in cash, assets, and property and are getting divorced, the attorneys want $20,000,000 to handle the divorce. [That Story]

I complain to elected officials, recently, [here]

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[click here] for "Nepotism and Corruption in the Connecticut Judicial Branch?"


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