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Police Vendettas

A post with links on Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III [click here]

June 20, 2007

To: Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III
State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Rd.
Middletown, CT 06457

Subject: Police acting out on Vendettas

Dear Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III

If a citizen refused to carry on a romantic relationship with a Connecticut State Police Officer, their friend, or family, should the Connecticut State Police then gang up on the individual to retaliate, maliciously investigating, threatening, stalking, arresting, falsifying police reports, committing perjury, rigging a trial, and making a woman or a man lose their family, job, home, and everything they have ever worked for being railroaded to prison? I am asking that the victims of this abuse have their records expunged and be considered for compensation.

I believe I became a target of the Connecticut State Police on former Commissioner Henry Lee’s orders. I had proposed laws to legislators police did not like, I had been writing in newspapers in support of the Connecticut Sheriff system at a time Connecticut State Police were out to arrest and discredit as many Sheriffs a possible over a political struggle over power and funding, and I wanted to reduce the number of youthful offenders that became adult criminals. Without youthful offenders becoming adult criminals, police funding could be decreased as less arrests and processing would be done, police would have less power, and their numbers could be reduced.

Unknowingly I could have become Connecticut State Police, “Enemy Number One”.

Soon after writing letters to the editor supporting the Sheriffs in Connecticut printed in newspapers, Barbara Sattal pursued me to date her. I later found out that she was a Connecticut State Police operative offered $10,000 to set me up for a DUI, where drugs would be planted on me, and I would be beaten up by officers, and charged with assaulting officers and a whole laundry list of offences, to ensure I was railroaded to prison for possibly a decade or more to shut me up.

Sattal confessed to me, and said she had left her husband for me. When we started “dating”, I didn’t know she was married. She told me that the Stafford Building Inspector had been contacted by police officers to toast me. She said she could head that off and take care of stopping the other plans to ruin me financially, discredit me, call off the building inspector, and police plans to railroad me to prison. I finally actually got courteous Connecticut State Police protection and service while “dating” Barbara. Officers would wave when they saw me driving.

I dumped Sattal as I didn’t want a cheating, lying, manipulating, and possibly very dangerous woman close to me. She told me that if I did not continue dating her that I would lose everything and end up in prison. She told me, she could protect me from the Connecticut State Police or have them make sure I dated no one else and I would lose everything if I did not take her back. I refused to see her and she stalked me for over 2 years. Sattal allegedly called then LT Davoren of Troop C, Connecticut State Police, “Dad”. That I had upset the LT and that I was really going to get it, and were bragging around town that “Big Mouth is going to be taught a lesson.

A woman I dated after Barbara, claimed that she was pulled over by Connecticut State Police just outside of my home, found out not to be wearing underwear, was sexually assaulted by police, and told not to date me anymore. She claimed that she was followed all the way home, about an hour, pulled over again, groped, had officer fingers stuck in her and she was threatened with arrest if she reported the incident or continued dating me.

I was being followed around daily by Connecticut State Police Officers. I was being threatened by officers. People that I worked for and wherever I went, people noticed I had a shadow and were afraid to associate with me. I lived in a state of fear, rented cars, went out socially out of state, and mostly hid inside my home.

I found out from drug dealers, prostitutes, and other common criminal parasites that I could not discourage from being on or near my property, told me that police had given them incentives to try and set me up for an arrest. Are the Connecticut State Police out to encourage crime, or to protect and serve taxpayers?

I had fixed up boarded up rental properties in Stafford, Connecticut, and had built up a small business over 20 years. Are police out to ruin citizens that pay taxes, spent 100's of thousands of dollars buying and fixing up real estate, operate a business, and honestly and ethically bring up their children as an asset to society?

I was repeatedly attacked, stalked, and threatened by a police informant, Brian Caldwell, who is also a violent felon, burglar, alcoholic, and drug abuser. Police arrested me after Brian Caldwell jumped me, beat me, and threatened to cut off my penis if I did not give him my wallet. I pepper sprayed him. Troopers Amaral and Langlois refused to take my complaint against Caldwell, refusing to arrest Caldwell, refused to listen to the death threats Caldwell made on tenant’s answering machine, my voicemail, and to tenants verbally before attacking me. Langlois and Amaral committed perjury in a rigged trial claiming I never requested to make a complaint against Caldwell. Connecticut State Police Officers were bragging around town that, “Big Mouth is going to prison” before I even went to trial.

A legislative aid to former Representative Mordasky, told me that police liaison to legislators that tell legislators what laws they can and cannot propose as legislation, told me I should leave Connecticut as the head of the State Police wanted to make sure I was toasted and taught a lesson. So, I knew that it was all a big fix.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan told me before trial that I was guilty and going to prison before trial for having pepper sprayed Caldwell in self-defense. I was charged with breach of peace and assault 3rd which can also be loud yelling. A worker for police was not struck out as a juror and became jury foreman. The jury was shown a tape of how to find me guilty, but nothing about reasonable doubt or finding me innocent. Attorney Michael H. Agranoff told me that Kaplan had threatened him with grave consequences if he disputed Connecticut State Police perjury or hampered prosecution. Agranoff then acted as a second prosecutor for his more than $17,000 fee. Kaplan wouldn’t let me defend myself when Agranoff refused to go to the front of the court room, and point out on the diagram, as the only witness against me was a tenant that I was evicting that allowed Caldwell to stay in the apartment so he could jump me when I got home, claimed to have seen me attacked from her apartment in the side driveway. She committed perjury and made a false statement to police as no one can see through a house over a 100 feet in the dark.

I knew I was going to prison, so the day before I was to be sentenced, I sent an email to former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada asking him to take the US Department of Justice Webpage, “Community Policing, COPS” off the official CPS website citing policing weren’t being followed. I indicated to Spada in the email that I would be sending hard copy of the email to the USDOJ.

The reason I did this, it that I wanted to “mark” the trial transcripts to prove that I was railroaded to prison and that Judge Jonathan Kaplan and Arthur L. Spada acted in illegal collusion. I figured if Kaplan blew up at me and screamed at me for being the victim of a strong armed robbery, had my life threatened, and been repeatedly assaulted, and I ended an attack with pepper spray in my own dark driveway, I could later prove the bogus trial and false arrest.

Will you consider looking into my case to expunge my bogus record so I can go on with my life. Will you consider offering me compensation for my pain and suffering.

My daughter and most of my family have disowned me. I lost everything I had ever worked for and can’t get most employment and lodging as I have a prison and criminal record. Why should I get a life sentence because police illegally acted out on a personal vendetta?

If this is how Connecticut State Troopers can act, should they be called “police” and “law enforcement”?

I am posting this letter to you, with added links, on:

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd # 156
Brattleboro, VT 05301

The above text was mailed out today.

This blogger's email:

[click here] for the text of the letter I handed to Connecticut Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers

[click here] for my letter to the former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Barbra Sattal plot twist Stevie. What happened to the wife, daughter and pets that you lost? Get some help dude

Friday, June 22, 2007 1:44:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

I am a victim of judicial and police misconduct.

Proving this would mean implicating a judge and corrupt police officers that have committed perjury and other crimes.

Officials and their friends don't want this. Getting over it and getting on with my life involves getting rid of my bogus record.

It is an uphill battle.

By the way. My dog was given away while I was in prison. My wife thought I lacked commonsense locating to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, to a crime area where police are so hostile and abusive.

My daughter is in college to become a biology teacher after having been a National Honor Society Student. We became estranged after I was railroaded to prison.

Tax dollars are used to retaliate and abuse people. I am not the only one. Too many children and families are also victims of the abuse.

Why should taxpayers fund this?

I was made to lose 3 houses I was current on the mortgages and a small business that I had built up over 2 decades. How much tax money was used to ruin me? How much tax money would I have paid in, and how much would I have added to the economy, had I not been illegally put in prison and forced out of Connecticut?

Sunday, June 24, 2007 8:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9R-CR01-0074672-S Court:Original Arresting Agency:Original Arrest Date: Rockville GA 19 TROOP C TOLLAND 10/12/2001 Costs: Sentenced Date: 10/25/2002
Defendant Information
Last, First:Birth Year:Represented By:ERICKSON STEVEN GORDON 1964406516 AGRANOFF M H L O
Overall Sentence Information
Committed to Department of Corrections and Probation Ordered

Statute Description Class Type Occ Offense Date Plea Verdict Finding Verdict Date Fine Fee(s)
53a-61(a)(1) Assault 3rd Deg-Physicl Injury A Misdemeanor 1 10/12/2001 Not Guilty Guilty 10/24/2002 $1,000.00 $0.00
Sentenced: 1 Year Jail, Execution Suspended After 4 Months, Probation 3 Years
53a-181 Breach Of Peace 2nd Deg B Misdemeanor 1 10/12/2001 Not Guilty Guilty 10/24/2002 $0.00 $0.00
Sentenced: 4 Months Jail

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 8:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your an idiot and your story is dumb. Sounds like you enjoy bloated drama in your life. Put your energy towards something beneficial instead of trying to make your life sound so important.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 4:10:00 PM  

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