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Taxpayer money used to abuse families and children

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Subject : Rockville Judge Kaplan shoots for $100,000 in fraud and child abuse

Rockville [Connecticut] family court has just ordered a third evaluation at a cost of $10,000 in State Funds.

Administrative Judge of Rockville court, Jonathan Kaplan, has exceeded $60,000 in taxpayers money in the family case of Chris Kennedy. The State has been funding a Guardian Ad Litem and two attorneys for the children (one Kaplan's former law clerk) for the past four years to keep the Kennedy Children fatherless. A family evaluation, paid by the state was ignored, stating a change from 50/50 shared parenting would harm the children, mom still got sole custody. A psychological study found no issues at a cost of $10,000 but the report was never submitted to the court.

The one recommendation, that the children are suffering severe emotional harm and should be spared further involvement was ignored as the court hired two attorneys for additional interrogation of the children. The children are brought to tears at each session, asking to see their father, but the questioning continues.

With no facts or findings, no allegations of abuse or risk to the children, Rockville court terminated open contact with the father and his children. He is limited to 1 hour a week with his daughters, supervised, at a cost of $45/hr for the past 1-1/2 years. (Kaplan's Law Partner represents the facility) Last week the court reviewed increasing the cost to $75/hr and ordered another evaluation of the family, more trauma for children and an additional $10,000 to the state.

The guardian openly testifies that the evaluations and supervised visits are intrusive and harmful to the children, that one hour a week does not provide for a healthy relationship with father and children, but still recommends they continue (and her fourth year of state funded income)

Complaints against the judge to the JRC are ordered sealed from the public and added to the family court folder. So much for a transparent court. Documents are added and removed from the court folder on a whim without a hearing.

Chris Kennedy

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