Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Cop's Right?

Too many White Male Police Officers know they can get away with a form of rape.

I'm talking about coercing women into performing oral sex.

One way officers know they can get away with it, is to troll bar parking lots. If they become aware of an attractive woman driving alone, they will watch for her and pull her over. She then can "negotiate" out of being charged for DUI or for drug possession.

Officers have been known to say, "You're not getting out of this car."

The officer then will unzip his pants, and if "the act" is not performed. The woman can be charged with DUI, drug possession, interfering with an officer, assaulting and officer, breach of peace, and/or other charges. Women that don't do as officers say once they become a target can be beaten up and worse.

When I worked 3rd shift at a 24 hour convenience store, police officers called Friday and Saturday Nights, "Date Night".

They would pull over attractive women driving alone. If they suspected drugs or that the woman might have been drinking, they would have sex or get oral sex. One officer was bragging that tears were getting something wet as a woman was going up and down on him.

The officers' "jokes" extremely upset me as I was a naive suburban, 18 year old.

I think Police Officers should be stung the same way ABSCAM and child predator stings operate. We need to get these officers that are sexual predators off the streets and in prisons.

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Police Coercing Oral Sex

[click here] for a national story.


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