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Connecticut's Lawyer Mafia Legislating Doom

Lawyers are in control in Connecticut. They are allowed to hold elected offices. That is taxation without representation as lawyers are for the Judicial Branch not the people as they were elected to do under the Legislative Branch. Lawyers are out to protect other lawyers, for red tape, unfairness, protecting rogue judges, prosecutors, police, elected officials, and of course other lawyers, not the people.

So, if you don't want a crooked lawyer representing you, acting with the prosecution and other corrupt officials, representing yourself, you can be labeled a mental case and locked in a mental hospital. Connecticut already drugs elderly, locks them away from their adult children, to appoint lawyers in the "patient's best interests" to divide the spoils between the lawyers and the State of Connecticut. Why live in a state ruled by absolute assholes?

Judge commits minister to psychiatric ward
-NEW HAVEN — A colorful and outspoken minister who was arrested last year after refusing to show police his identification has been committed to a psychiatric hospital by a Superior Court judge after a mental health panel concluded he was not competent to assist in his defense.

But the Rev. Charles Hart of Meriden — who in representing himself over the last 11 months has peppered the court with perplexing legal motions, letters and demands — insists that he is fine. He claims his committal was the judicial system's last-ditch, corrupt effort to railroad him into accepting a plea bargain.

"It's just not fair. I'm not a criminal," said Hart, 48, in a telephone interview from a psychiatric ward at the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown. "Look at me now, how they got me up here in this place to drug me up, to say that I'm crazy.

"I will not take one of their pills. I will not take one of their medications."

He remains unwavering in his effort to have a jury trial, which he asserts authorities refuse to allow because they know he will win.

"This judge has committed treason against the American people," Hart said.

"We come to him looking for justice, and this is what we get from him, thrown into a mental institution and taken out of our homes."

What started last March as a potentially groundbreaking, Fourth Amendment case exploring an individual's right to refuse to show police identification, now appears to have spiraled out of control.

Judge Peter Brown, after more than 20 contentious and sometimes confusing court dates in the case, last week ordered Hart committed for psychiatric treatment for as many as 60 days. A panel of clinicians for the Connecticut Mental Health Center examined the minister and determined he wasn't competent to stand trial.

What preceded that was a series of court motions by Hart citing admiralty law, contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code, personal letters to judges, denunciations of the legal existence of the United States and Connecticut and interjections of "freeman" language often espoused by antigovernment militias in the Midwest. Hart has been thrown out of the courthouse after being beligerent with court clerks, the file shows.

He had steadfastly refused to have an attorney represent him — saying last week that he found no one "competent" enough to handle his case — and said he won't cooperate with the public defender the court this month assigned to him.

Hart was arrested March 5, 2006, after police approached a group of men hanging out in the 500 block of Winchester Avenue, an area known for drug activity. Hart, who said he was merely talking to his brother who lives in the area, refused a request to show ID and challenged the officers to arrest him.

Hart was charged with interfering with police and loitering near a school. He later picked up additional charges of failure to appear in court and driving with a suspended license.

In one of his many filings, in an apparent effort to prove the state had no jurisdiction to prosecute him, Hart last May denounced the "corporate existence," among other things, of the United States, the state of Connecticut, the county, the Police Department, the court system and its agents, all bar associations, himself and "all other corporate members who are, or may be, associated with any complaint against my natural body."

That drew a sharp response from Judge Joan Alexander.

"That has no meaning. When you have a notice on the admiralty side of this court, that has no meaning," she said.

Judge John Blawie, a month later, implored Hart to get an attorney after the minister again began arguing UCC and admiralty maritime law.

"You are a functioning member of society; I think you are smarter than you are trying to make yourself appear, sir. You have to get a lawyer."

Norm Pattis, a prominent civil rights and defense attorney who reviewed a collection Hart's filings at the request of the New Haven Register, said the minister's choice to represent himself is nothing short of "suicide."

In the judge's shoes, he said, "I would ask that the man reconsider the decision to represent himself. This is suicide. ... I can certainly understand why the court made a decision to have him evaluated."

Hart remains unswayed.

He maintains his legal arguments are sound and asserts that the judges know it, too. But if authorities dismiss the case, they know it will open them up to a civil rights lawsuit, claimed Hart, who in addition to his ministry works as an in-take worker for an Access to Recovery program in Ansonia.

He fears he will be unemployed when he finally gets out and worries that his family has lost its breadwinner.

"I'm sitting in a mental institution. I've been taken away from my home, my wife, my children, my job. For what?"

He answered his own question a moment later.

"I'm in here because I wouldn't show two officers my ID because they didn't have probable cause," he said.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Putting a Governor, the Judiciary, and Police on Hot Seat?

State Representative
Mary M. Mushinsky
Assistant Majority Leader [website]

Email: Mary.Mushinsky@cga.ct.gov

My open email to her:

Ms. Mushinsky,
I understand that you are a major member of the Program Review and Investigations Committee.

I would like the Governor, her staff, the Connecticut State Police, and the Connecticut Judiciary investigated for retaliation against internal whistle blowers and against citizens interested in receiving their tax dollars' worth with ethics and efficiency in State Government, its agencies, police, and in courts.

I would like you to review victims of the Governor's and Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List", where victims that are critical of the Governor, her staff, police, and members of the judiciary are targets and then victims of the system.

This is not what our forefathers intended. I am asking for legislation to end this practice, help correct problems caused to children and families, expunge bogus criminal records, and review cases for compensation.

I went to State Senator Tony Guglielmo with my concerns regarding out of control Connecticut State Police Officers. I was then falsely arrested and imprisoned. [more information click]

Are you willing to help citizens in need of honest government and relief?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
972 Putney Rd. #156
Brattleboro, VT 05301
(former CT Political Prisoner # 305662 and refugee out of Connecticut)

* * * *

Program Review and Investigations Committee

[click for member list]

Legislative Program Review and Investigations serves as the General Assembly's "watchdog" over the executive branch of the State government. The committee is a bipartisan statutory group consisting of twelve members. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, and Senate and House Minority Leaders each appoint three members to the committee.

By law, the committee is charged with the duty of examining "... State government programs and their administration to ascertain whether such programs are effective, continue to serve their intended purposes, are conducted in an efficient and effective manner, or require modification or elimination."

The committee is further mandated by statute to report to the General Assembly and to make administrative and legislative recommendations or procedures, inaccuracies, waste, extravagance, unauthorized or unintended activities or programs or other deficiencies ... " existing in any agency or program investigated by the committee."

In addition, the committee is authorized to conduct investigations on "any matter" when requested by a joint resolution of the General Assembly or when the legislature is not in session, by a joint standing committee, or at its own initiative, subject to the approval of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management.

The Executive Reorganization Act of 1977 expanded the committee's mandate even further to include performance reviews of nearly 100 boards, councils, committees and commissions scheduled for termination under the "Sunset" provisions of the Act. The first complete cycle of "Sunset" was completed in 1984.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

New York, USA. Brian Donnelly is Director of the Americas Region, Global Security, Pfizer Inc. ... and awards from the FBI, the Department of Veterans ...

with FBI special agent Brian Donnelly, PhD

This asshole lied to the Grand Jury. It is OK if the FBI lies but if anyone else did it God Help Them.

Monday, April 09, 2007 6:19:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Steven Erickson mailing address has changed, it is PO box eight seven four Brattleboro Vermont 05302

Friday, February 24, 2012 1:27:00 PM  

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