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Attn Vermont US Attorney Thomas D. Anderson:

Vermont US Attorney Thomas D. Anderson [click here] for webpage

Reporting Federal Law Violations of a Dangerous Psychopath

I believe US Attorneys are America’s last line of defense in individual matters and in Constitutional matters and civil rights. I believe George W. Bush fired US Attorneys that did not join him in an illegal political purge, election fixing scheme. I respectfully request that you have US President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, and others arrested and hauled away in handcuffs to face trials for breaking international and domestic laws.

I would like to turn in George W. Bush and lodge a formal complaint. If I save taxpayers tax dollars with this letter to you, I would like to claim my reward, Qui Tam. [more] I believe George W. Bush committed fraud and/or breach of contract when he rose his right hand and swore to uphold the US Constitution before taking office as US President, twice.

I wrote George W. Bush on 9-15-01 and let him know I was under siege in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, as police, their prostitute girlfriends, vandals, and heroin and crack dealers were operating in concert like and organized crime syndicate. I was then attacked on my property in the dark 10-11-01 and Connecticut State Police were right there to haul only me away to be railroaded to prison, ruining my family and my life.

I asked for the fostering of small business and those that renovate downtown boarded up properties. I received an answer from HUD that Bush actually read the letter. A police informant was then sent to attack me on my property. If Bush knew of felonies committed against me and he used his powers to help railroad me to prison to be held as a political prisoner, Bush is guilty of a laundry list of crimes, and please arrest him. I believe he helped the criminal and felon, former Governor of Connecticut John G. Rowland avoid just punishment for obstruction of justice, racketeering, and profiteering.

Both Presidents, Bush, referred to the former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland as "Johnny". The “TREA” conspiracy was for Organized Crime to franchise “Kiddie Max” prisons for children. Kickbacks would go to Rowland and his cronies. [more]

Children would be officially kidnapped for the bounty of federal tax dollars defrauded out of citizens nationwide at 90 k or so per child, possibly 15o k each for special needs. Spada and Rowland allegedly conspired to rid the State of Connecticut of poorer Whites and minorities as much as was possible using covert and unofficial policies.

Former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada conspired with Rowland to go after citizens they placed on their Connecticut State Police “Enemies List”. [more]

Journalist Ken Krayeske, campaign manager for Connecticut Governor Rells gubernatorial challenger, was arrested for taking digital pictures of Rell walking in a parade. Ken was allegedly also placed on the "Enemies List" and faces prison in a political retaliation scheme. [more]

A source of mine says a former Officer D’Angelo was involved in enslaving girls into prostitution and was involved in Human Trafficking internationally.

I have posted a video of Ritt Goldstein’s legislative hearing from Dec. 1996 [here] where mothers are raped and beaten by police officers to intimidate them out of testifying in court cases with other citizen abuse. Judges cover up murder for hire plots and punish victims of police retaliation when a citizen makes a police misconduct complaint.

Connecticut Chief Justice William J. Sullivan tried to establish a Monarchy [more] in Connecticut where the infection could have spread nationally, is that a violation of the 13th Amendment and shouldn’t Sullivan be arrested along with others in the conspiracy?

There is a Connecticut conspiracy of judges to go after lawyers that defend their clients and want an honest, public serving judiciary. [more]

Governor Rell of Connecticut is allegedly involved in the cover up of my case and others. Rell allegedly went after the officials responsible for uncovering a fencing operation involving her son. Her aid M. Lisa Moody allegedly was involved in an election fixing, improprieties, and/or fraud scheme to elect Rell. Should Rell be arrested and hauled away in chains and leg irons?

Police allegedly offered operatives a $10,000 bounty to ruin me and set me up for false arrests in prison. [more] I was current on 3 mortgages [property video] and had a small business built up over decades. I have had extreme problems getting a job and am denied most lodging.

Connecticut Police murder for hire plots and judges covering up for official retaliation schemes is not uncommon. [more]

I am looking for justice and compensation.

Will you help me and others that have been likewise abused?

Will you help save our country while there is still time regarding the Bush conspiracy matters?

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped as physical address has changed]

Tel. 802-[snipped]

P.S. I am posting this open email to you at
to include links.

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