Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Taxpayer Rip Offs and Family Abuse

Only Official Connecticut can so twist the truth and celebrate embarrassment as a victory.

Connecticut is losing population yet Official Connecticut keeps spending more tax dollars and hires more people to work for the State. Do the math, there is something very wrong here.

People would not be leaving such a pretty state if it they were not some real evil and abuse going on.

There might be ten times more than needed DCF workers. They have to make quota so that means lies, perjury, manufactured evidence where police, prosecutors, and judges aid in the absolute misconduct-fest.

Connecticut Governor Rell is no stranger to going after whistle blowers within the system that are so disgusted with the racketeering and corruption they could yack.

Connecticut’s industrial and tax base has headed South and has just gone poof. High paid positions of privilege and contracts to cronies has gone on for centuries. The shit has hit the fan.

Defrauding Federal Taxpayers by taking away and processing kids makes up for some of absolute waste and corruption. Processing as many adults with arrests, restrain orders, probation, forced tuition in court ordered classes, and putting people in prisons makes up for more of the deficit. What kind of life can you have when you know at anytime state authorities want to break up your family and confine you and your children?

Connecticut Officials, police, DCF, judges, prosecutors, and lawyers have loyalty to each other. When they break ranks they end up financially ruined, arrested, family broken, losing their job and home, facing prison. Where is the incentive for them to act in the public’s best interest?

Answer: there are no incentives. We the People have to get so collectively angry and motivated we have to demand and go to great lengths to get representative government for the outrageous taxes we pay to inefficient, unqualified, and mostly dishonest employees of the State.

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[click here] for how police target mouthy citizens to pay hit men and informants to beat and kill citizens

[click here] for Official Connecticut and Organized Crime's Dream of going national with the Nightmare of "Kiddie Max" prisons for children

[click here] for:

Served up by Corrupt Officials and Organized Crime?

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DCF Creates Plan To Boost Services

Agreement Emerges After Negotiations Over Lawsuit Challenging Standard Of Care
March 13, 2007
By COLIN POITRAS, Courant Staff Writer
The state's child welfare agency has agreed to significantly ramp up services for hundreds of children lingering in foster care, shelters and large institutions as part of its ongoing efforts to be freed from federal oversight.

Officials with the state Department of Children and Families and lawyers representing the approximately 6,000 abused and neglected children in state foster care announced they had reached an agreement on the services Monday.

The 50-page agreement was the result of more than a year of negotiations involving former DCF Commissioner Darlene Dunbar and the attorneys representing foster children as part of a 1989 class-action lawsuit challenging the state's standard of care. The Juan F. lawsuit, named after a child in state care, resulted in an extensive federal consent decree and DCF being placed under federal supervision.

The agreement does not erase the 22-point Exit Plan under which DCF is operating to free itself from federal oversight. That plan, in which DCF has so far met 17 of the 22 court-set goals, stays in effect.

The agreement announced Monday is an elaboration of one of the main goals in the Exit Plan - meeting children's needs - that DCF has repeatedly struggled to achieve. The DCF must meet children's needs at least 80 percent of the time to meet the Exit Plan goal. The agency was at 65 percent as of November 2006, the most recent statistics available.

"Meeting the service needs of abused and neglected children remains a big problem area for Connecticut and DCF deserves credit for committing to this plan," said Ira Lustbader, associate director of Children's Rights, a national watchdog organization representing Connecticut's foster children in the case.

"If this plan is rapidly and thoughtfully implemented, it will be a major step forward in improving these children's lives," Lustbader said.

The new agreement requires DCF to track and provide heightened services to:

  • All children who are kept in a shelter or emergency foster home for more than 60 days to help move them into an appropriate home.

  • All children age 12 and under living in group homes or large residential centers such as the Connecticut Children's Place in East Windsor, Mount St. John's in Deep River or the Lake Grove School in Durham.

  • All children in state custody longer than one year to ensure they are receiving proper supervision and care so they can return home, be placed with relatives or be adopted as soon as possible.

  • Lustbader said the agreement addresses children at risk of getting stuck in the foster care system. Threats by Children's Rights to take DCF to court for its repeated non-compliance on these matters 14 months ago sparked the talks that led to the latest agreement.

    As of November 2006, there were 343 children age 12 and younger living in group homes and large facilities and more than 1,000 kids over 12 living in such large congregate settings, according to Children's Rights.

    At the same time, there were 137 children living in emergency shelters or other emergency housing, and 823 children who had been in state care for more than 15 months. More than 1,600 children living in state custody in November 2006 had no clearly defined personal goal of adoption, reunification with their parents or transfer of guardianship despite such a plan being required under federal law, a fact sheet provided by Children's Rights Monday said.

    Acting DCF Commissioner Brian E. Mattiello said the agency can achieve the additional services with the $70 million in additional funds Gov. M. Jodi Rell proposed for the agency when she released her recommended two-year budget last month. Mattiello said the agency remains committed to helping children and called the latest agreement a "clearer road map for success."

    Contact Colin Poitras at cpoitras@courant.com.

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    The Connecticut State Vehicle Inspection system can be shut down for years for being too dishonest. The DMV employees sell driver licenses out the back door of the registries and maybe even terrorists can buy false IDs that are good anywhere for $3000 a pop. The Connecticut State Police got straight F's in a 168 page New York Internal Affairs report. Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors, DCF, and too many elected and un-elected officials are just ripping taxpayers off and committing crimes. When is enough, enough?


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