Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fashion Model out to fight for Men's Rights?

Peggy Briggs Brooks, former fashion model, current film producer

She might be the perfect spokesperson for non-custodial parents abused in courts. Whether or not she does, or doesn't, her winning in her case would be a victory for those likewise abused. Peggy wants to see her two sons and they want to see her. The equation is simple and the general public can understand. Money and power have corrupted our legal system. Those that have more money and power should not do as they please and make the rest of us suffer.

Peggy's sons are in boarding schools, they aren't even with their father most of the time. There might be issues of the father not being able to act appropriately with the regimen of prescription drugs and inappropriate verbal outbursts. The father of the sons may have never had a job and is might just be using his sons as "Blood Cows" just for the cash in their inheritance. If the sons are injured or are so mentally tortured they can't cope, it still would play into the father's plans of just wanting the cash, not the interaction with the sons.

Peggy wants the emotional connection with her kids.

It is not a Man against Woman War, it is not Fatherhood vs. Motherhood, women can be just as diabolical in divorce and custody cases. Non-custodial parents might be about 95% and to call it a man's issue is wrong. It is an issue about children having access to loving, caring parents.

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Peggy may have spent plus or minus 1.5 million dollars in the divorce/custody court proceedings. Another couple may have spent 6 million. Lawyers that aren't ethical can drag court cases out until one party or both are bled dry. That serves lawyers, not children, not the public. It is a time to bring ethics and public service back into lawyering and into the courts. Peggy speaks:

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