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The New Leader emerging out of the Connecticut State Police

Newly appointed state police Col. Thomas Davoren, who began his duties last week.

Feb. 5, 2007

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[Click Here] for my beef with Davoren and his number one policy of "Protect the Integrity of the System", when I asked him why was I being nailed by police and not criminals in my Stafford Springs Connecticut neighborhood. I had been critical of police in newspapers and had proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials. I had also had lodged complaints against police. The "automatic" policy of police is to "arrest and discredit" anyone who is involved in any ONE of the above mentioned activities.

LT Wheeler, now a major was also involved in covering up police misconduct after Phil Inkel and I made separate complaints regarding gross police misconduct. Phil Inkel claims officers shot at his young child, himself, and his wife when they were out for a bike ride. Phil Inkel also talks about Todd Vashon a Police Informant paid to kill Phil for having made a police misconduct complaint. Phil Inkel speaks:

Ritt Goldstein
[more] proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators of the Judiciary Committee at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut in December 1996 and it wasn't long before police were so abusive Ritt fled to Sweden seeking political asylum:

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Women Raped by Connecticut State Police afraid to complain

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New State Police Colonel Faces `Daunting Task'

February 6, 2007
By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer

MIDDLETOWN -- Friday was a relatively easy first day for newly appointed state police Col. Thomas Davoren, much of it spent accepting congratulations and attending a promotion ceremony.

Monday was the reality check.

From the time he stepped into his new office, Davoren was hurried by his secretary to meeting after meeting, on subjects ranging from how to react to a flu pandemic to the upcoming budget. He ended his day with another meeting in Litchfield before heading back across the state to his Bolton home.

Besides the meetings, Davoren, known as a hands-on supervisor who often showed up at scenes, checked what troopers did over the weekend. By 10 a.m., he knew how many times the major crime squad went out Saturday night, how many people were arrested for drunken driving, and how many accidents were investigated.

He had a printout ready, showing troopers had investigated 301 accidents, charged 23 motorists with drunken driving, and given out 656 citations since Friday. He knew major crime detectives had been out late Saturday and early Sunday investigating a suspicious baby death and then a stabbing in Meriden.

"It's kind of not about me," said Davoren, 50, a 23-year veteran of the state police. "I think it's important the women and men in this agency get the credit for the work they do every day."

Giving state troopers the credit they deserve is one of Davoren's goals, but not the first on his list, he said.

"The biggest thing is we have to restore public confidence in the integrity of the agency," he said.

Davoren is taking over the top sworn position at one of the most tumultuous times for the state police, following a scathing report on the department's internal affairs unit.

In naming Davoren, Gov. M. Jodi Rell said "I have full confidence that this outstanding leadership team will help make [the department] even better."

"It's a very daunting task," Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle said, adding that Davoren is up to the task.

The report found instances in which troopers were involved in drunken driving, domestic violence and larceny but were not properly disciplined or, in some cases, not even investigated.

"Our actions are under a great deal of scrutiny," Davoren said. "The public expects we are going to act in an equitable and honorable manner."

Those who know Davoren say he is the right person to lead the agency toward that goal. Davoren was a major, commanding the busy four-state police barracks in the eastern district, before he was named to his new post. He started his career as an East Hartford police officer, a job he took after working on an ambulance crew in Hartford. Davoren has a bachelor's degree and a master's in business administration from Western New England College in Springfield.

He was credited with being one of the investigators who in 1991 helped solve the ambush-style murder of Trooper Russell Bagshaw, who was shot through the chest outside a gun store in Windham while on early morning patrol. Davoren was one of the detectives who helped obtain a confession from Duane Johnson, which led to the arrest of Johnson and his brother in connection with the crime.

Davoren replaces Edward Lynch, the veteran trooper who announced his resignation in December, just before the release of the internal affairs report.

Windham State's Attorney Trish Froehlich called Davoren "the best thing to happen to Eastern District in the time I've been here."

"Tommy's image is clearly that of the consummate professional: He is competent and capable, fair, reasonable and realistic regarding both criminal investigations and personnel matters," Froehlich said. "It will be a loss to the daily operations in Eastern District but a gain for the agency as a whole and for the people of the state."

Contact Tracy Gordon Fox at tfox@courant.com.

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Click titles for the links to the stories:

"Back Door Man" or an Attorney General that just doesn't trust judges behind his back?

The Connecticut State Police were given Straight F's by the New York State Police Internal Affairs

The "Teflon Badge"

Hartford Connecticut Police Officer Robert Lawlor aka "The Teflon Badge"

Are White Officers that execute blacks in Connecticut able to get away with murder? The past policy seems to be for the prosecutor to purposely botch a criminal case involving an officer, so the racist officer skates on appeal.

Should an officer such as Lawlor, a White, shoot Blacks in the back, and then post his picture in front of a badge and an American Flag asking for donations on a website?

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[click here] for:

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Why fire your lawyer?


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