Monday, February 05, 2007

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal doesn't trust his back to a CT Judge

Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General helped swear in Congressman Joe Courtney, today, that wasn't just satisfied with being sworn into Congress in Washington, DC, he wanted second "marriage vows" into public life declared nearest to his closest friends and those, also, in the Judiciary or at least, in the Executive Branch, not the Legislative Branch, in which he is now drawing pay from.

Citizens should now place their hands behind themselves to cover a certain orifice.

Blumenthal made a "joke" while Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan stood behind him today at the Rockville Connecticut Superior Court, that he didn't trust a Judge [in Connecticut] standing behind him. Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan seemed not to like the Blumenthal comment, is Kaplan so powerful, he could even make a mega-rich and connected State Attorney General quiver, or do they have so much on each other to ruin each other with words uttered in a single breath. There are lovers, lovers of the law, and others ...

Was Blumenthal afraid that his orifice was in jeopardy, that it was already taken, or was it a "joke" that he would not turn his back on a Connecticut Judge? What was he really saying in his "joke"?

Well, the world may never know.

Blumenthal is a married man, who is to know what he actually prefers.

Click Here for videos regarding citizens not wanting the official version of the "unwanted" back door entrance.

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