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The Doublespeak of Elected Officials

Is there a Separation of Powers in State and Federal Government?

There are plenty of excuses of why elected officials will refuse to help citizens, an excuse is, “The Separation of Powers”. Police and the Judiciary will, especially in Connecticut, go after you if you lodge complaints. The current system is not representative of the people and that should change.

In Connecticut elected legislators that are practicing lawyers sit on the Judiciary Committee.

Lawyers know that if they go against their own, prosecutors, police, or judges, in what they say and do, or in the case of attorneys that are also elected officials, they will be retaliated against.

Lawyers, can, and will be arrested if they break ranks.

Attorney Jim Brewer has the dirt on so many and actually defended his clients, he has been disbarred and discredited. If he were also a legislator, he would probably have been fully railroaded and doing time.

Lawyers, of the Judicial Branch should not be working for two branches at the same time.

Their loyalties lie with their own and the Judicial Branch.

The Governor can nominate just about anyone with or without experience and qualifications to be a judge in Connecticut.

Legislators that are lawyers, will not act for the people, and do not want to be disbarred and ruined, so they apply their rubberstamps to just about anyone the Governor of Connecticut nominates to the bench.

That also involves disciplining judges. Almost no lawyers will be critical of any judges and removing a judge can be the death knell to a lawyer’s or even a representative’s career. It is extremely rare that a lawyer will represent a client that has a legitimate beef with a judge. Massachusetts Attorney Barbara Johnson, also a former candidate for Massachusetts Governor, was vocal about the Judicial Abuse and unfairness. Allegedly Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan didn't like what Barbara had on her website, so he reportedly set about calling Massachusetts Judges to act in disbarring Johnson. Johnson was later disbarred and then sent to prison over her website.

Where is Free Speech, where is justice?

Liaisons from the police interact with legislators regarding legislation proposed by citizens to elected officials.

The Connecticut State Police are part of the Executive Branch.

Again, the myth that there is separation of powers in Connecticut does not hold water.

A citizen that proposes legislation such as, “Civilian Oversight of Police,” has their name and address handed over to the head of the Connecticut State Police. That citizen begins to be maliciously investigated for the opportunity to falsely arrest and imprison. The current policy of those that lodge police misconduct complaints is still, “Arrest and Discredit”.

Complaints about Judges and Prosecutors are routinely not investigated and are probably just shredded, almost upon receipt.

Chris Kennedy lodged a complaint against a police officer and then was arrested. He lodged complaints against Judge Jonathan Kaplan and then Kaplan was out to have Kennedy arrested and took his kids away in retaliation.

I tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed for bias in civil cases having gone to legislators. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. I was followed around by Connecticut State Police Officers and later arrested for being a victim of an attempted strong arm robbery, I was mugged. That was the excuse to terrorize me out of my home, retirement, job, and the sum total of my life’s work and to railroad me to prison to ruin me for life.

Separation of Powers, What Separation? Justice, What Justice?

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ethics and Separation of Powers

Governor Rell,
Elected Officials, also paid workers for the Judicial Branch, are working and being paid as Elected Officials in the Legislative Branch. With a Separation of Powers I am asking that you look into the matter and contact all elected officials in the Legislative Branch on whether or not practicing Attorneys can at the same time hold elected office.

Lawyers are disbarred and worse when they are critical of each other, prosecutors, cops, and mainly, Judges. How then can a legislator on the Judicial Committee be impartial in the Judge nominating and discipline arena?

Lawyers make the most money on discord, immorality, a system working with maximum inefficiency, unfair fining and taxation, maximum bureaucracy, and the policies of Separate and Unequal. How then can lawyers that are elected officials legislate on behalf of the people?

The answer is they can’t. Please act accordingly for the Constitution, for ethical reform, and for those that voted you into office.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

P.S. more info at the

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 9:29:00 AM  

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