Saturday, January 27, 2007

Connecticut Police Chief Obstructs Justice, Impedes Investigation, and Intimidates Witnesses?

Would this Police Chief face decades in prison if he were just a civilian allegedly committing the same crimes?


Decision On Accused Police Chief Delayed

January 27, 2007
By LYNN DOAN, Courant Staff Writer

PLAINFIELD -- The police commission decided Friday to delay any action against longtime Police Chief Gary Sousa, accused in a report this week of sexually harassing female town employees.

Until a vacancy on the five-member board is filled, commission members believed it wiser to wait to discuss possible disciplinary actions, said Alice Tetreault, the commission's vice chairwoman. Two commission members have resigned in the past two weeks, citing time conflicts and health problems, but only one seat has been filled.

The commission tried to fill the other seat at Friday's meeting, but came to a tie vote that will have to be broken by First Selectman Kevin Cunningham. Tetreault said the board also spoke briefly about the proper procedure it will use to review the 137-page internal affairs report that accuses Sousa of sexually harassing and intimidating three women - the town clerk, the town bookkeeper and the former assistant to the first selectman.

The report, written by Deputy Police Chief Robert J. Hoffman, found that Sousa committed 10 department violations. Hoffman said the chief was also insubordinate because he contacted people involved in the town's investigation after the police commission had ordered him to stay away from them.

The commission had planned to discuss the report in a closed session Friday but the meeting was opened to the public at the request of Sousa's attorney, Tetreault said.

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