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It is unsafe for Americans to live or even drive through Connecticut

If you are elderly and you are driving through or visiting relatives in Connecticut and become sick, Official Connecticut wants to rip you and your heirs off.

They will appoint a greedy, corrupt Connecticut lawyer (more) to represent your best interests, you'll be put in a mental hospital and drugged, not being able to see your kids. It happens yet again in an almost identical way to another elderly person.

If you are poor or a minority Connecticut want to take away your kids, your driver's license, process you in court, arrest you, confine you, and label you a criminal so you will be separate and unequal the rest of your life.

Connecticut might be the most racist State in the US, click here for more on that theme.

For a state losing population, they have to scam and defraud as many Federal Tax Dollars as possible into their rapidly sinking ship.

A State can't keep hiring more people, increasing its budget, at the same time it is losing population and state tax revenue.

Click Here for my open letter to the Washington DC FBI

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas, email:

Rick Green Rick Green

Probate Court: Offering Unequal Protection Under The Law

January 19, 2007

Welcome to the Hotel Connecticut. Come visit and you can never leave.

Because if you're elderly and frail and don't watch out, there's a probate court judge somewhere out there willing to lock you up in a nursing home. For your own good, of course, Grandma.

Unless something dramatic happens, another session of the General Assembly will slide by without probate reform. Oh, they'll hold hearings again, but don't bet on our elected leaders actually disrupting a system steeped in decades of old-boy politics and favoritism.

So this court system - where even the rules of evidence and recordkeeping are inconsistent and the legal experience of judges is uncertain - marches on, unimpeded.

The latest outrage-of-the-month comes from the Woodbridge probate district, where a judge last year denied a request by the children and husband of an elderly New Jersey woman, Maydelle Trambarulo, that she be allowed to leave a Connecticut nursing facility and return home.

Trambarulo was brought here for treatment in 2004 by a niece. Soon after, the niece went to probate court in Connecticut and had a conservator appointed to oversee her finances and health care, handing over the 76-year-old New Jersey woman's liberty - and control of her money - to probate.

"The husband is in New Jersey. The wife was brought here for rehabilitation by a relative. Then the relative had her conserved," said John Peters, a lawyer who won freedom for Daniel Gross, a Long Island man held against his will in a Waterbury nursing home.

Do I need to add that the Trambarulo estate is worth more than $1 million and that this fight, if nothing else, continues to provide thousands of dollars worth of work for lawyers?

It doesn't matter that this family could be a dysfunctional mess. It's not up to a Connecticut probate court to decide.

A former West Hartford probate judge who previously represented the Trambarulo family, John Berman, understood this when he said in court papers in December 2005 that the "court lacks jurisdiction to appoint a conservator."

Clifford D. Hoyle, the acting judge in Woodbridge, ruled, instead, that he was "not convinced that the respondent's family is willing to make the time commitments necessary to care for her."

Peters, now representing the Trambarulo family, told me that Maydelle "doesn't live here. The judge doesn't have jurisdiction. The fact that you are here doesn't mean you are a resident. She wants to go home."

Royal Stark, director of the health law clinic at the Quinnipiac University School of Law, said the legislature must limit the power that probate courts hand to conservators.

"Until I got a glimpse of it, I didn't realize what was at stake and how bad things could go," Stark said. For example, Stark said that once a person has been "conserved" by probate court, it is nearly impossible to remove the conservator.

Reform-minded lawyers want basic changes, such as mandating that courts respect previous requests made by the elderly, known as "advance directives." Courts should also follow the rules of evidence and proceedings should be conducted on the record. They also want to make it easier to appeal decisions.

"We are going to wade into it and see if there are solutions for it," promised state Sen. Andrew McDonald, the chairman of the judiciary committee. "A lot of this operates in the shadows."

There you have it - a court system that operates in the dark. Time to turn the lights on.

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If you are old and in a nursing home in Connecticut, maybe they want to put a bag over your head to kill you. And, if the staffers get caught, maybe they will only get 3 months in prison or no punishment at all. Click Here for more.

Does the Connecticut DCF take bribes to determine the outcome of an investigation? Can you pay a DCF supervisor to either not have your kids taken away or to retaliate against a rival by having their kids illegally officially kidnapped? Click Here for more.

Click Here for story on Connecticut State Police Officers asked where they got all that money they didn't pay taxes on, do they kill themselves and their spouses?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maydelle Trambarulo, TERESA SIRICO A NEW HAVEN REALTOR, MARK DELLAVALLE- LAWYER AND "CONSERVATOR" for the "WARD", and the corrupt CT courts...

MORE OF THE SAME!!!! Teresa Sirico is still filing appeals, bringing up old testified information, is still on her scam to keep this poor woman and her money in CT. "TERESA SIRICO" is bringing up old emails that she had the family write to her, when she began her mission to set the family in feud against each other. TERESA SIRICO, in my opinion, is a lying, malignant, destructive, evil, manipulative, and mental monster!! On top of that, the so called conservator (for the so called benefit of Maydelle Trambarulo) is a joke. The conservator "MARK DELLAVALLE" was paid $48,000 in 2006 from the monies of Maydelle and Ralph Trambarulo, and requested another $37,000 up to September 2007. Can you smell that this is all about money? MARK DELLAVALLE had to retain TWO lawyers for himself because he is not competent enough of an attorney to deal with matters on his own, and fears being sued himself. If I were the Trambarulo family I would sue both MARK DELLAVALLE AND TERESA SIRICO for anything and everything I could. From what I have heard, the family has full intent of doing so. Maydelle still sits isolated in CT in assisted living, with the monster of a kidnapper TERESA SIRICO. "Supposedly" she was given only two weeks to live in November, and after it "appeared" that Maydelle could not travel due to failing medical conditions- both SIRICO and DELLAVALLE obtained a note from the doctor stating that she could not medically travel. Oddly enough, since then- Maydelle appears to be of a condition that does NOT represent a dying woman. I have to wonder if someone self servingly drug induced Maydelle to make her appear in a comatose state!! Don't be surprised, this has been done before to elder people!! What in the hell is it going to take to send Maydelle Trambarulo home, especially since two courts and two judges have already ruled that she be sent home!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:31:00 PM  

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