Saturday, January 13, 2007

The "Enemies List" in a Police State

The 1998 Movie, "Enemy of the State" information, click here, starring Will Smith.

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The "Enemies List" in a Police State

The Connecticut State Police have been caught in a brewing scandal involving police misconduct.

There is allegedly an "Enemies List" where those that dare challenge the budget increases or expansion of the police, the power grabs, and the across the board abuse where Connecticut State Troopers do as they please at further expense of the taxpaying citizens.

There is no separations of powers, nor is there checks and balances, if the Connecticut State Police, part of the Executive Branch in Connecticut, have liaisons that tell elected officials of the Legislative Branch what laws and legislation they can and cannot propose regarding the police.

So who is really in charge?

Well, it is not the people.

If the police have the final word, We the People, LIVE in a POLICE STATE.

If Judges have immunity from prosecution, almost no matter what they do, there is no separation of powers. American Checks and Balances don't exist.

The Judicial Branch also should not be legislating from the bench. In Connecticut and probably in other states as well, judicial misconduct complaints are shredded, not investigated.

So, if you lodge a complaint against a police officer, a prosecutor, or judge, and in some cases defense lawyers, elected officials, or Connecticut's preferred Organized Crime Syndicate heads, you could end up on the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" as did I. You face false arrests, being held as a political prisoner, losing your family, home, job, reputation, credit, retirement, health insurance, pets, and the sum total of your life's work.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I proposed legislation where police and the court served all equally regardless of geographic location, economic, status, race, political views, or chosen occupation or lack there of. In America this should not mean automatic arrest and prison after a kangaroo trial.

I was current on three mortgages and had 4 yellow page advertisements for my small business built up over two decades. Connecticut State Police Officer followed me around and threatened me with arrest and "Or else" if I did not leave Connecticut and shut my mouth.

How does this foster faith in government, help the American Public as a whole, or bolster the economy? The answer is that it hurts society and the American Economy.

I was told by former Representative Mordasky's aid, Rosemarie, that since I had proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and had embarrassed police with what I wrote in newspapers that I was going to be retaliated against. She told me that the police liaison to allow or not allow proposed legislation told her this.

Are these issues that you feel comfortable being silent on? Do you care about future generations and America's future?

Click Here for a case that might be the camel's hair.


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