Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It is time to act Governor, an open letter:

To: Governor Rell of Connecticut January 9, 2007

Connecticut is “Under Siege” and is occupied by an army of armed thugs.

Recent events involving Ken Krayeske and others have really brought the problem to light. Police should not have a “hit list” and be able to prevent citizens from proposing laws to elected officials, speaking out, and in pursuing happiness, living in their own homes, or in living with intact families as part of official retaliation and citizen abuse.

The Connecticut State Police have their own enemies list. Files with pictures are being distributed. No one is safe including politicians. If anyone is critical of police in Connecticut they are targets to be taken out. It is about money. It is about power. The Judiciary in Connecticut has been a rubberstamp on abuse, abolish Judicial Immunity, criminals should be punished regardless of whether or not they wear blue uniforms or black robes. Connecticut is not just for the rich and connected.

The courts and the police have been enforcing separate and unequal too long. The racism and profiteering of the “in crowd” has to stop. Those that are poorer and white are being labeled as criminals, their children are being ripped away, and there is no hope if one can’t find a job and is denied most housing opportunities. Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and was so terrorized he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. Ritt produced a video called, “Under Siege”, regarding his testimony in front of the legislature along with others. The former Mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut, Bill Collins talked about police vandalizing his home, wearing ski masks, and police hauling citizens off to beat them at abandoned warehouses.

Too many citizens have been falsely arrested and imprisoned as the result of the Connecticut State Police “100 Club” where false reports are made regarding DUI to wreck families and individuals for false arrests and prison, for fun. Connecticut Police have been too drunk and high to return cruisers to the next shift, are raping, beating, robbing, and even getting away with genocide. White Officers who execute Blacks know that a prosecutor will botch the case and they will skate on appeal.

I came to Connecticut to live, own a home, operate a small business, fix up boarded up rental properties, send my daughter to college, live out my life and retire. I became a target of the Connecticut State Police because I was vocal about what was going on with heroin and crack cocaine being dealt off and near my properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, openly and sometimes by teens drinking alcohol all hours.

I was then followed around by police. I was a taxpaying asset to my community. Instead of getting a reward my family was broken up and I was forced out of the sum total of my life’s work. I can’t get most jobs and am barred from most housing based on a bogus criminal record and imprisonment based on the Connecticut State Police retaliation system.

The Connecticut State Police needs to be made a smaller Highway Patrol, local departments need to be built up, and never again should police, police themselves in Connecticut. Please see that my trial transcripts are reviewed and that my false record is expunged. I have suffered more than 5 years, and so has my family. I should not have been given a life sentence. I am posting this letter to you on judicialmisconduct.blogspot.com

Thank you, Steven G. Erickson, 972 Putney Rd #156, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
802-[snipped], stevengerickson@yahoo.com

Docket # CR01-0074672, Rockville Connecticut Superior Court, Judge Jonathan Kaplan presiding, Connecticut vs. Erickson

Click Here for more information on Ken and about citizen abuse at the hands of Connecticut Police and a rigged judiciary


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