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A Chief Justice guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy?

If a Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court is informed of felonies allegedly committed by judges under him, is he obligated to report these crimes to the proper investigating authorities or did he help cover it up? Chief Justice William Sullivan has been accused of "Judge Stacking". He was to step down and still remain on the bench and he helped his hand picked replacement pull a fast one. A controversial ruling was kept secret from the public and elected officials to get a nominee in a chief justice without the information on the judges given themselves more secret powers to operate in secret got out. In my opinion Sullivan acted Unconstitutionally and illegally and should be arrested and prosecuted.

The below is a past post from dated 4/26.

Chief Justice William J. Sullivan
Supreme Court
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

To Whom It May Concern:

I believe Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville GA#19 has acted improperly, illegally, and unconstitutionally in my case and that of other citizens. I�m asking that the findings in my case be thrown out do to errors, collusion, improper jury coaching, and because my case had nothing to do with any criminal acts, but was retaliation for my speaking out about police and the courts in newspapers, trying to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed for bias and improper conduct, for having proposed laws to elected official angering Kaplan�s friends in the Connecticut State Police, and for having threatened to sue the Connecticut State Police and Court system for civil rights violations BEFORE any opportunistic criminal case was brought against me.

Docket # CR01-0074672 should be reviewed for removal and prosecution of Judge Jonathan Kaplan. I�m requesting that Judge Jonathan Kaplan be investigated and that my trial transcripts be reviewed for official offenses, illegal collusion between a judge and police, namely, Judge Jonathan Kaplan and former Police Commissioner and Judge, Arthur L. Spada.

I wrote an open letter to the court on or about 1996 with the docket # on it, to the Brooklyn St. Court, GA#19, HAAS vs. Erickson, to Judge Jonathan Kaplan accusing him of bias and unfairness. I went to State Senator Anthony Guglielmo and former State Representative Mordasky to try and have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police as legislation.

Is there not a separation of powers, when laws are proposed to elected officials that law enforcement and judicial top brass don�t like, the separation isn�t adhered to?

Rosemarie of Mordasky�s office recommended that I leave Connecticut and sell all my property before the Connecticut State Police retaliated for my having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and for having blasted the police and courts over bias, unfairness, and the lack of anything being done about the open air crack cocaine and heroin market going off my 5 Church St. Stafford Springs, Connecticut, front yard, having written letters to the editor published in the Hartford Courant and Journal Inquirer, and my loud, constant, and various complaints.

Rosemarie told me that the police liaison told her that I would be retaliated against.

Former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada was aware of the complaints I lodged against police and the laws that I proposed, over and over. My name went across his desk repeatedly. Enough so, that Connecticut State Police officers threatened me for my activities in newspapers and for legislation that I had proposed, would follow me around, and encouraged citizens to harass, threaten me, and break laws to get me to leave Connecticut.

As a Rowland aid threatened me with more prison if I continued to complain and that the police (Arthur L. Spada) were already upset with me and that my complaints about Spada would be faxed to Spada as a threat that Carol Amino made to me February 21, 2003, when I tried to complain about being retaliated against by Arthur L. Spada by his collusion with Judge Jonathan Kaplan. That told me that my case was about retaliation and violating my civil rights, not about justice.

Is it ok with you and members of the judiciary, that Connecticut citizens can be threatened with arrest and prison for proposing legislation to elected officials and for exercising the First Amendment Rights?

Judge Jonathan Kaplan allegedly rigged my trial as he told me before trial that I was guilty and would be going to prison even though Judge Jonathan Kaplan knew I was a victim of a stalker who terrorized and threatened me for weeks and acted out on his threats finally catching me out in my yard, beating me, where I had to defend myself using pepper spray when I thought Brian Caldwell was going to pull out a knife and act out on his threat of cutting my sexual organ off.

I emailed Arthur L. Spada a day before I was sentenced, asking that the Department of Justice webpage be removed from the Connecticut State Police website, noting in the email that hardcopy was being sent to the US Department of Justice.

The reason would be to mark my trial to get justice in the future as I knew Judge Jonathan Kaplan and Arthur L. Spada acted illegally in my case.

I believed that if Judge Jonathan Kaplan acted in outrage the following day, it would tell me that indeed Judge Kaplan and Arthur L. Spada had been acting illegally to railroad me to prison. Review of my trial transcripts should raise questions regarding ethics and misconduct of Judge Jonathan Kaplan.

My attorney, Michael H. Agranoff indicated that Judge Jonathan Kaplan had told him not to dispute Connecticut State Police perjury, and not to dispute the prosecutor. For some reason I wasn�t allowed to have AR (accelerated rehabilitation) even if I was guilty of any crime for having to defend myself during a robbery attempt.

Why was a violent criminal, with a lengthy criminal record, who admitted harassing and terrorizing me before and after the incident, 10-11-01, to threatening my life, repeatedly, and on the day he attacked me on my property, demanding my wallet, GIVEN IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION?

Why did the Connecticut State Police, the prosecutor, and Judge Jonathan Kaplan give a criminal immunity from prosecution to maliciously prosecute a CRIME VICTIM?

I believe that trying to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed through two landlord associations and elected officials angered Kaplan. He showed animosity and outward disgust with me when I brought small claims cases in front of him. There is a history of animosity between Kaplan and myself.

I had asked Attorney Agranoff for a change in venue citing my previous involvement and animosity with Kaplan. Judge Jonathan Kaplan should not have sat in judgment of me if he had a personal grudge with my prior activities, not related, and that predated the alleged criminal matter.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan wouldn�t allow me to speak on my behalf, as I had requested. My lawyer said he wasn�t allowed to go to the diagram to show that a tenant I was evicting, the only witness that has testimony that was damning, if correct, and that was contradicted my statement, that of my assailant, and that of a witness that saw me being attacked on my property during the robbery attempt.

I wished only to walk to the diagram in front of the courtroom to point out that my former tenant can�t see through a solid object and house, over a hundred feet in the dark, to see me being attacked from inside her apartment, through a house in the dark and therefore was lying and acting out on her threat of retaliation for having started eviction against her.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan knowingly allowed a videotape to be shown to the jury to instruct the jury how to find a defendant guilty, but nothing about innocence and reasonable doubt. My case should be thrown out on that alone.

A worker for the police was allowed to become jury foreman against my wishes. My lawyer seemed to be acting for the prosecution, not for my defense. My case in my opinion was about being harassed and retaliated upon for police for exercising my First Amendment rights complaining that my 14th Amendment rights had been violated.

I believe had I not tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed, had I not written my complaints about police and the courts printed in newspapers, and had I not proposed laws to elected officials that the police brass didn�t like I would not have lost my family, job, dog, home, retirement, credit, rental properties that I had spent 100�s of thousands of dollars and years fixing up from a boarded up condition., being railroaded to prison, and then out of the State of Connecticut, as continued harassment.

It is my opinion that Judge Jonathan Kaplan has a long history of retaliating against citizens that lodge complaints.

I saw trial transcripts where Judge Jonathan Kaplan seemed to be telling Christopher Kennedy of Ellington, CT, that he was losing contact with his kids based on Kennedy�s ethic background, Irish, and that there is strife in Ireland, and that Kennedy must be unstable to lodge a complaint against a judge. What!!!???

If that isn�t a blatant violation of Christopher Kennedy�s Civil Right and flagrant violations of State and Federal law by Judge Jonathan Kaplan then I don�t know what would constitute an official breaking the law. Should such behavior of a judge be tolerated? Should all of Kaplan�s cases be reviewed for validity?

I believe that Judge Jonathan Kaplan should be investigated and if found to have violated the law, should be arrested, and face prosecution for his crimes.

It is my belief that if the Connecticut Judiciary can�t correct or throw out cases that are not Constitutional, that involve illegal behavior of officials, or that are otherwise in error, that the Connecticut Court System should face closure and/or federal intervention to make Connecticut Courts and its officials act legally, obey rules of law, and follow federal guidelines, the court houses should be closed down, all cases reviewed for errors, and be taken over until such a time that Connecticut court official obey state and federal laws and honor the US Constitution.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083


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