Wednesday, December 20, 2006

To FN Lazy to Protect and Serve?

Steven G. Erickson lets official Connecticut have it, live on television:

Connecticut Police are under fire now for being too drunk and high to return police cruisers to the next shift, male police officers drinking in bars with female DCF workers handing out baggies of marijuana, white male officers abusing everyone else, White Police Officers executing Blacks and then the prosecutor purposely botches the case so the racist officer skates, for officers beating and raping citizens, thefts, hanging out with prostitutes, drug dealers, and criminals to manufacture evidence, suppress evidence, tamper with evidence, rig juries, conspire with a corrupt judiciary, etc, etc, etc.

I bought a home in Stafford Springs Connecticut in Oct. of 1994 with my then wife at a HUD auction for $39,000. The four bedroom, one bathroom house had frozen pipes, no heat, needed a roof, electrical work, and so much more. I completely went through the house at 3 Brown Ave. Ext. Brown Ave Ext. was listed as "Cat Alley" on the deed which was down the street from the Connecticut State Police, Troop C, horse barn, Town Hall, a Church, and the restaurants and bars downtown. Stafford Springs is an old mill town and is probably the site of the first Northern Bed and Breakfasts and America's first resort town.

"Cat Alley" was named such, not because there were cats in the alley, but because there were cats of the human variety plying their wares.

I had gone the Connecticut HUD auction because the bank was a day late on getting me the approval for the Massachusetts HUD auction. The Connecticut one was just after.

I then learned about the teen alcoholism, drug, vandalism, and crime problem in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

Police officers, town and state, told me I was dumb for having bought property in a crime area and said they did not have time for youth crimes or to help out.

I helped start a Crime Watch with other residents and we met weekly. I often was a speaker. I asked Stafford Police Officer Prochaska to take a walk with me on any Friday or Saturday night as I wanted to point out where the teen drug dealers, underage drinkers, vandals, and the underage girls that were on crack cocaine hung out to find "customers" to help them with their addiction.

Prochaska threatened me with arrest if I persisted on wanting police to deal with youth crime, wanted him to walk a beat with me, or to deal with the downtown drug and crime problem.

My wife later fell down the stairs with the Flu while I was sleeping. I dialed 911. Stafford Police Officer Prochaska was there to push and assault me, telling my wife, "He pushed you down the stairs, didn't he?", "You're resisting", as he was slamming me against my house. He could not get my wife to falsely accuse me of anything. And, I called to the ambulance people, telling them that I was doing nothing wrong, why is this officer shoving me around?

I then, after owning the house a number of months took a four country tour of Europe and the former USSR for over a month, going everywhere, walking, taking trains, planes, buses, and having the time of our lives. And, there was not one time we were even concerned about being attacked or robbed.

I came home to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and soon after happened upon a powdered cocaine dealer, Peter Panciera. He outweighs me by about 80 lbs and in probably 5 or 6 inches taller than me. Panciera accused me of being an undercover cop in front of his drug customers and told me to leave or else, and then when I refused he beat me and bit into my ear after picking me up with my feet dangling and took a bite into my ear.

I dialed 911 with blood dripping down my neck, down my chest, all the way down soaking my underwear.

The drug customers told Peter to leave the scene, because he was "holding" and when the police came the customers did not know who the guy was that attacked me.

I wanted to know if my attacker had HIV, Hep, or some disease as he bit me.

The police wanted to drop the matter. I wanted them to do their jobs, so with 3 cruisers we toured all the bars in town to find Peter Panciera in the Finish Line Cafe.

I called the Lt. Trapp of the Stafford Police Department because I did not want to have to deal with Prochaska a.k.a. "Fat Frank" of what the Connecticut State Police and town residents called, "The Town Clowns".

About 6 weeks later I was arrested in front of my wife. We had been at home just watching television. I found out that police had re-interviewed the drug customers and they "suddenly" remembered their long last friend and that I had attacked him and he was in fear of me. What!!!???

My attacker was not arrested and I was told to plead guilty and go to prison for a year and a half for breach of peace and assault 3rd or face a trial which would have been at taxpayer expense. I told the prosecutor that I would not hire a lawyer, but would just play the 911 tape and have my attacker stand next to me at the trial and then ask the jury directly, "If you were me, would you be out attacking this man?" After going to the court 7 or more times and asked why not plead guilty and then not lose my job. I was a contractor and could make my schedule flexible so that Connecticut weasel court tactic did not work on me.

My wife and I decided the main reason for our getting divorced was our moving to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and my wanting to stay and buy rental properties that were boarded up to fix them up and rent them out.

After we divorced, I spent 100's of thousands of dollars and years fixing up the properties I bought in Stafford Springs and Somersville Connecticut.

I got fed up and wrote President George W. Bush on 9-15-01 saying I was under siege and needed police protection and service and that small business and downtown property owners needed judicial fairness and protection and service to survive.

I got answers back from HUD, the SBA, and the White House that indicated Bush had actually read my letter. I was attacked on my property 10-11-01, and PLEASE NOTICE THE TWO DATES POSTED IN THIS STORY.

A mugger, a violent felon, attacked me from behind on my property at night from behind. He demanded money and said he would kill me if I did not. Brian Caldwell was never arrested for attacking me, nor for trying to attacking me or trying to attack me at least 6 more times. I called State Senator after each incident, and after police refused to protect and serve, nor to do and honest investigation of the incidents on my property that caused only me to be arrested.

I could never get police to come, of if they did, hours would have gone by. They were right there to arrest me after I was jumped, beaten, nearly robbed, and ended the attack with pepper spray.

Brian Caldwell admitted demanding money from me while threatening to kill me stated this under oath at my trial for assault 3rd and breach of peace. I had tried to have Judge Jonathan Kaplan removed from the bench and the prosecutor that was to prosecute me BEFORE I was attacked on my property. A criminal was given immunity to prosecute me for "overreacting" to being beaten and nearly robbed on my own property for having used pepper spray. Self-defense is not legal in Connecticut.

A video tape of how to find me guilty was played to the jury. The tape did not contain information about reasonable doubt or how to find me innocent.

My lawyer, Michael H. Agranoff, told me that Judge Jonathan Kaplan told him he was not allowed to dispute Connecticut State Troopers, Amaral and Langlois statements and perjury, the prosecutor, and that he was not allowed to defend me.

Agranoff refused to strike a juror at my request that was a worker for the police, possibly soon to be a police officer. This man became jury foreman.

I had no chance.

For having used pepper spray on my property, I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation, losing contact with my daughter, my pets, my retirement, my home, my credit, health insurance, my ability to get most housing and jobs, and the sum total of my life's work, AND FOR WHAT!!!???

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Blogger Vikingas

Click Here for more information on my case and about move victims of Connecticut Police, Prosecutorial, Official, and Judicial Abuse

The Stafford Springs and Somersville Connecticut properties that I fixed up:

The work I do now to keep warm and fed:

Kristine Blake, formerly of the Connecticut Department of Retardation made a complaint and found herself falsely accused. Had she not been out of the country with a stamped passport, the false allegations that Manchester Connecticut Police knowingly took from other DMR workers encouraged to help retaliate against whistleblower Kristine Blake, she could have easily just gone to prison. Her story on the news:

A teenager allegedly gets beaten up by Colchester Connecticut Officers, Nardella and Thomas of wearing baggy pants. Phil Inkel sees this and lodges a police misconduct complaint. Phil Inkel gets beaten up at the Colchester McDonald's and US Marine Stephen Murzin returning home from service to his parents' sees Inkel being beaten up by Officers Thomas and Nardella. Stephen Murzin, son of now former Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective, Richard Murzin, and his brother Ian were pulled out of their parents' house in the middle of the night to be beaten by Colchester Connecticut Police Officers, Thomas and Nardella, and a Connecticut State Police Officer at Troop K HQ. Nardella and Thomas gave police informant Todd Vachon $10,000 to whack Stephen Murzin and/or Phil Inkel and got scared and told authorities. Stephen Murzin was later stabbed 13 times by a Felon on probation, also an alleged police informant. The Felon stabbed two other people, and later was caught, and for attempted murder later dropped to simple assault, received no jail time for almost killing 3 people while on probation. On Connecticut News, Stephen, Ian, and Richard Murzin:


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