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US Secret Service Misconduct

December 22, 2003

Dry Hole

Secret Service probe fails to identify sources who disclosed misconduct at the agency

In an internal investigation, the U.S. Treasury Department failed to establish who provided information to U.S. News for a series of stories last year that detailed criminal behavior and improprieties in the U.S. Secret Service.

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If leaks can be plugged, less effort and taxpayer money would be needed to cover-up criminal behavior and the government can do its dirty deeds covertly with our cash. A FREE PRESS is the main ingredient to a FREE SOCIETY.

Posted by Vikingas at December 22, 2003 07:06 AM | TrackBack

Donald Christmas alleged to me last week that Police theatened him with jail for having proposed "Civilian Oversight of Police" at an Enfield (Connecticut) Town Hall meeting last week. I just email these email address with FreeSpeech links:

public.information@cnn.com, newsdesk3@wfsb.com, news@journalinquirer.com, simpson@courant.com, mwilliams@courant.com, gjepsen@ctdems.org, ubinas@courant.com, jcohen@courant.com, mburgard@courant.com, oreilly@foxnews.com, foxnews@foxnews.com, world@msnbc.com, team8investigates@wtnh.com, newstips@Bostonherald.com, news-tips@nytimes.com, ssoutar@cclu.org, newsonline@bbc.co.uk, jlender@courant.com, wcvbnews@thebostonchannel.com, Daily@senatedems.state.ct.us, theworld@pri.org, Thisweekabc.com@email.disney.com, drudge@drudgereport.com, dateline@nbc.com, sge@hotmail.com, info@ctlandlord.com, editor@mrlandlord.com, community@usatoday.com, world@washingtonpost.com, editor@americanfreepress.net, Anthony.Guglielmo@po.state.ct.us, Kevin.B.Sullivan@po.state.ct.us, Looney@senatedems.state.ct.us, John.A.Kissel@po.state.ct.us, Coleman@senatedems.state.ct.us, Jim.Amann@po.state.ct.us, Penny.Bacchiochi@housegop.state.ct.us, Annette.Carter@po.state.ct.us, William.Dyson@po.state.ct.us, Moira.Lyons@po.state.ct.us, cavuto@foxnews.com, rhonda.stearleyhebert@jud.state.ct.us

I believe I went to prison for complaining about police not doing much about drugs and crime downtown and only acting as "Armed Revenue Collectors" in the Manchester Connecticut Journal Inquier.

I am now posting my story all over the worldwide web and I have not heard one peep out of any of the officials I have named, telling me that the information is false, and have not done anything legally to stop me.
-Steven G. Erickson

P.S. If you want more links to my story click on "more information"

Posted by: more information at December 22, 2003 08:59 AM

I believe the officials and my former Attorney Michael H. Agranoff of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, are afraid of the truth and do not want a light shown on their misdeeds and illegal behavior.

I am not afraid of doing another 3 or 4 years in a Connecticut Prison for again testing Democracy, the US Constitution and Free Speech, as that is how much time is hanging over me in my 3 years of probation for resisting an alcoholic, drug abuser, and alleged police informant that demanded money from me while threatening my life when I arrived home from work.

For using pepper spray!!!????

Police reports call me the victim, and call Brian C. Caldwell guilty of Assault, Threatening, and Breach of Peace in an Arrest Application that was not signed by Rockville Connecticut Prosecutor, John Panone, as he said I could not be un-arrested.

If my charges were dropped when it was determined that police had been threatening me and harassing me before arresting me for being a crime victim on my own property and refusing to take my complaint/statement and then arrested my assailant for attacking me, terrorizing me for weeks, and trying to rob me, then it would be like winning the lottery as the police and the state of Connecticut would have to shell out millions in a settlement.

But, it was easier for police to commit perjury, for the prosecutor to keep me from not going to prison, wrecking me financially so I could not sue when I got out of prison, and for a Judge to sentence me to the maximum for 2 misdemeanors as a 1st time offender if I was guilty, completely out of the norm.

My case is probably unique and disturbing as it shows complete bias and how bad the system can get just to silence a "Big Mouth"

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at December 22, 2003 09:15 AM


I know I'm out of the thread...But I feel better now...(I'm a bit american you know,I like my car...)

Posted by: Don-Flog at December 22, 2003 10:31 AM

Dry Holes?

(insert Beavis and Butthead reference here)

Posted by: dave at December 22, 2003 10:53 AM

did you click on the piece? That is their title, not mine.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at December 22, 2003 04:46 PM

Were supposed to believe what an ex-con says?

Posted by: CryBaby at December 22, 2003 05:20 PM

Yes, unfortunately we have no choice. Many people in leadership positions have criminal backgrounds. Have you ever researched the criminal histories of the US Congress and Senate? It's frightening.

Posted by: dave at December 22, 2003 05:26 PM

"...(I'm a bit american you know,I like my car...)"


I don't shave under my arms. Does that make me a bit French?

Posted by: MostlyCoherentwill_b at December 22, 2003 06:07 PM

... I would not have gone to prison had the Connecticut State Police Troopers, Langlais and Ameral committed perjury. So why won't the Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs not take my complaint against those officers or at least deny them?

Trying to file a false statement or filing a false police report is against the law. So, I am still here, and no Connecticut Police officer or authority will take my statement nor deny that it is untrue.

I don't consider Connecticut, America, so I don't consider myself being an Ex-con.

My ex-tenant with a criminal record caught his girl friend and mother of his 4 kids, cheating on him in Stafford Springs Connnecticut, and he beat and broke the guys nose after kicking the guys door in, catching his wife 'up to something'- no prison, just probation.

I did far less, just trying to get away from someone trying to beat me and rob me on my property and I had no previous criminal record. But, I did have a big mouth and did write things in newspapers police began to threaten me over.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at December 22, 2003 07:18 PM

you don't consider Connecticut America, so you don't consider yourself an Ex-con?

I consider that daffy.

Posted by: CryBaby at December 22, 2003 08:08 PM

Anyone, I repeat, anyone in Connecticut is entitled to AR (Accelerated Rehabilitation) when charged with misdemeanors in Connecticut if they have no previous record.

Various police officers maybe up to the top, wanted me out of Stafford Springs and/or Connecticut. If I was given AR, I could have kept my property and could have kept complaining in newspapers about the police not doing their jobs downtown, the bias, harassment of honest citizens begging for police help, the main push of police officers to collect revenue for the town and State and not necessarily protecting and serving citizens, AND worst and MOST alarming of all, proposing CIVILIAN OVERSIGHT OF POLICE with quality control questionnaires going out to those needing police service.

A questionnaire would help guarantee quality, promptness, courtesy, and that problems do not become on going.

Police do not want any oversight at all. They are doing a horrible job policing themselves. Just, what little of the crimes and misdeeds of police officers in Connecticut even gets printed. I believe in my case and that of Donald Christmas police officers and higher officials pressured reporters and newspapers not to print some alarming situations.

I was there for the railroad job, the police perjury and the continuing harassment and threats to get me to leave Connecticut. There are too many discrepancies in my case and too much that does not make sense, so if any legal or judicial authorities looking into what happened to me at trial and what led up to it would have way too much to explain away.

So if a citizen proposes civilian oversight of police, tries to lodge a complaint against a police officer, complains about police and the judiciary in print, complains about civil rights violations, and/or threatens to sue the police and/or a state, that person can be silenced, discredited, imprisoned and financially ruined to remove the threat.

I did all of the above and police allegedly tried to get many people to make false statements and/or harass me into leaving. They will threaten citizens but they prefer others to do their dirty work.

Don Christmas was threatened with prison in an open meeting (according to Don) for suggesting Civilian Oversight of police. The minutes taken down at the meeting may show this.

The Enfield Police have allegedly been pulling Don over telling him to be quiet and keep a low profile, outright harassing and terrorizing him.

Who should fear the police more, an outspoken downtown business person, or the criminals and drug dealers?!!!!!

It is also alleged that Enfield Connecticut Police officers are trying to extort Don out of suing police officers for misconduct, civil rights violations, and for his financial losses, by first agreeing to eventually dismiss charges and now trying, allegedly, to drum up false statements and witnesses to again set Don up for prison for having been a "Big Mouth"

A woman that was also a member of the same Enfield Property Owners Association, was punched in the face, her tooth knocked, out and when the police arrived, SHE was charged with Breach of Peace while holding her tooth and bleeding out her mouth! She protested and was threatened by police with more trouble. She had also been vocal complaining about unfair fees and fines for landlords and the lack of help and harassment of police against landlords and small downtown business people.

See a pattern here?

To me, it seems like Connecticut is run more like the mafia from the Governor on down, than an American State should be run.

So to be put in prison by a bunch of lying criminals does not in my mind make me a criminal ex-con, but does make me a political prisoner in a corrupt, citizen fleecing state.

I was told by my parole officer in Enfield, Connecticut, that if I talked to the press or complained about police officers I would be sent back to prison.

My probation officer gave me the choice of leaving Connecticut or going back to prison as she told me she was sick of getting phone calls regarding me and did not want to have to deal with me and would be inclined just to violate me if I did not leave the State that day!

I had less than an hour to pack up and be out of Connecticut or again face prison.

Does that sound like an American State to you?

No, Connecticut is run by a bunch of armed thugs led by one of the biggest lying, conniving, con artists in history, in my opinion.

What lies above is to my best belief and knowledge.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at December 23, 2003 08:41 AM

Had I not been falsely arrested and imprisoned, I would have gone to my 20th High School reunion knowing I would retire on my rental incomes in 12 years, would have spent the holidays with family, would have taken my daughter to Paris with the 100,000 points on my Amex for all the time and money I spent fixing up the boarded up properties that were eyesores and now works of art, would still have my dog, cats, lizard, my daughter living with me, my business, family relations, my friend, etc, etc, etc.

My life and that of others that dare speak out about corruption and police misconduct is all too common.

Again, I will repeat, who should fear the police and authorities more, outspoken, hardworking citizens or the criminals and drug dealers.

For years and years I know that Connecticut has it, ASS BACKWARDS.

Possibly one of the biggest criminals ever to serve as Governor, is possibly, Governor John G. Rowland.

As far as I am concerned he deserves to be in prison much more than any citizen that complains about corrupt politicians, such as Rowland, and a flawed citizen from the top liar on down.

I complained in newspapers and exposed the truth. I became a lightning rod for police anger and had to watch my every step and move quickly from my vehicle to the safety of the inside of my home as I knew I was a moving target.

I had to rent cars and change them as I feared the threat that I was going to get nailed for DUI whether or not I was drinking or not would be slapped on me, and I feared being cornered out somewhere dark and quiet where the wrath of police could be taken out physically on me.

Various officers made it clear that they wanted a 'piece' of me before the railroad incident had occurred.

It was just a matter of time before the armed thugs DID get a piece of me.

I knew I was marked and that they would go to almost any length to shut me up and keep me from suing and exposing the truth.

Connecticut has a bunch of thug, "ARMED REVENUE COLLECTORS" and few if any, real law enforcement.

I don't believe the US Constitution even applies in the 'Constitution State' of Connecticut.

So I was a political prisoner in the People's Republik of Konnektikut.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at December 23, 2003 09:12 AM


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