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Instant Misery, Just Add Connecticut

January 04, 2004

Instant Misery, Just Add Connecticut

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update, May 20, 2004:

I came to downtown Connecticut to fix up property for my benefit, my retirement, to put my national honor society daughter through college, and to make Connecticut my home.

I was not politically connected and was not �Grandfathered� in to the towns I chose. I saw other home and business owners forced out by police and town officials that made the mistake of not having �connections� and locating to downtown Connecticut.

I benefited my community, avoided illegal/high risk behaviors, was a consumer, and worked hard, for this I was punished, harassed and thrown in prison on the smallest excuse.

If I came to Connecticut to shoot up heroin, do/sell drugs, become an alcoholic, live off the system, buy/sell sex, break-in houses, and generally be a common criminal parasite with little means or assets, I probably would have been welcome in downtown Connecticut as I saw such individuals go for years with little done to them unless they were caught breaking the laws while out driving.

But, I was self-sufficient, hardworking, wanted to be active politically, joined a crime watch, and was outspoken in newspapers regarding promoting and protecting my creed, the downtown business owner/investor, was hassled by police and other officials, threatened to leave Connecticut, �Or else,� and with no record was thrown in prison and out of the State of Connecticut for overreacting while being beaten in the dark during a robbery attempt.
-Steven G. Erickson

The Crack (Cocaine) Section at Motel 6

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Before I bought houses in Connecticut, fixed them up from a dilapidated state, I was married, had a good relationship with my daughter, could afford to go on European vacations, luxury cars, eating out often, and had a comfortable lifestyle. Now it is all gone.

After moving to Connecticut, and living there, my wife and I came home to a pry bar stuck in our door and our mail ripped open and written on. I should have know then, just to pick up and move out of the ridiculous State of Connecticut, their high taxes, and ability to fleece and ruin average, hardworking citizens at will.

I called the Connecticut State Police and they told me they did not have time to deal with youth crime and it was too bad I bought property downtown. I joined a crime watch in �95.

Police officers got belligerent to any homeowner demanding protection and service for the break-ins, vandalism, and the drug dealing that was going on openly in all areas of downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut. There were frequent muggings and teens and other criminals would openly taunt downtown residents and business owners.

One of the couples that helped start the Crime Watch, decided to just let the bank take their house, as they could not get any help with the 24 hour drug dealing going on in front of their house, the break-ins, vandalism, and constantly being threatened by the drug dealers and prostitutes that seem to own the streets and seem to be the preferred citizens in Stafford, Connecticut.

The Connecticut State Police seem to have more respect for the teen vandals, drug dealers, and other criminals than for the hardworking citizens that town, cities, and the State of Connecticut sends the police out to further fleece in undeclared taxes and property/asset confiscation with any small excuse.

I complained that police were more interested in fining mostly honest taxpayers and trying to confiscate property and assets more than they were doing anything about crime.

Police officers seemed to be more upset if a citizen openly complained about crime and drug dealing, and the lack of police doing anything about it, than in criminals committing crimes.


Link going with photo: Drug Dealer/House Breaker shoots pig in head, downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut


After watching years of criminals get away with countless criminal acts, I was immediately railroaded to prison for coming home from a double shift of work, after being terrorized, stalked, threatened by an alcoholic, drug user, who jumped me from behind, beat me, and tried to rob me in my dark driveway, after having left threatening messages on my voicemail and tenants answering machine.

It was more alarming to the police, prosecutor, and judge that I would block shots to my face and body, after being beaten from behind, while my assailant threatened my life demanding money, I ended the assault on me, when I thought he was grabbing for a knife, by using pepper spray.

My acts of self-defense, while in possession of a �Big Mouth� is more alarming to police than attempted robbery, being threatened, and physically assaulting a homeowner that was finally caught out in the open by a thug. The thug was never arrested, nor punished and continues to assault other victims and harassing the elderly.

Police refused to take my statement and complaint, and that of witnesses at the time I was assaulted and committed perjury in order that I be railroaded to prison, then out of Connecticut, as they named me, �Big Mouth,� for complaining about the teens drinking, fighting, selling drugs, and smashing my windows all hours with police doing nothing. They did little to investigate almost all crimes for downtown residents unless a police officer was smitten with a woman or if the resident had political clout and connections.

Connecticut authorities are operating a downtown criminal breeding ground and are ruining honest, hardworking citizens that make the mistake of investing in the American Dream in downtown Connecticut.

I complained in newspapers and was quickly put in prison, ejected out of Connecticut upon my release, and have been fleeced out of my family, retirement, business, years of hard work, and my life.

Knowing this, why would any informed citizen want to move to Connecticut?
-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

Is the Connecticut Justice System Unconstitutional, including law enforcement?

links to my story in a post about Arthur L. Spada, head of the Connecticut State Police.

Another example of what happens to someone that complains about police in newspapers, Don Christmas of Enfield, Connecticut. Don alleges he was threatened by police with prison for having proposed civilian oversight of police at an Enfield Town Hall public meeting.

Another story from Injusticebusters.com: Rhode Island city cop railroaded to prison by Rhode Island State Police, let out of prison after 9 years. The actual killer confessed.

Taxes: Property owners squeezed


Do attitudes like this still exist?:

Cartoon from Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
Link for picture: Downtown America, why are so many, criminal breeding grounds and pits of despair?


The Steven G. Erickson story on the international site, injusticebusters.com

My contact information:

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730 (is my only valid address as of April 10, 2004)

sge@hotmail.com (mailbox often fills up, if you get it back, send it again, a day or so later)

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click 'Injustice Busters' to see post on Steven G. Erickson on the Injustice Busters website.

Posted by: Injustice Busters at January 4, 2004 01:16 PM

Why did you fill up Del's drive space with a picture that doesn't advance the story? Its one thing to use it to demonstrate that M. Jackson is a liar, but this? What you and your lovely wife look like has nothing to do with anything.

Posted by: A.W. at January 4, 2004 04:07 PM

yes it has generated a stir. Many that have visited this site from other places, have asked me to post a picture of me.

The injustice website, doesn't just post any story.

AW, you have some interesting responses, but I think you should lighten up a bit. It is ok to just disagree on certain subjects.

Off subject, AW, but I was emailed to post my mailing address. Here it is:

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 32
N Attleboro, MA 02761-0032

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at January 4, 2004 08:27 PM

the pic is of what I have since lost. I am divorced, haven't seen much of my daughter, family, and friends since being railroaded. I also had 2 cats, a dog, and lizard.

All that I had ever worked for gone in a flash over bullshit and over inflated police officer egos.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at January 4, 2004 08:38 PM

You should consider yourself lucky! You would have ended up with a woman who (in the end) was only with you because of your worldly belongings and posessed horrible fashion sense. Just look at those shoes, YUCKIE!

Posted by: shoequeen at January 5, 2004 09:09 PM

After I finally got police to take my complaint and actually do an investigation, a month later ...

I was declared the victim, and my assailant was to be charged with Assault, Threatening, and Breach of Peace, in an arrest application sent to the prosecutor, John Panone, of Rockville Connecticut Court. I do not know why attempted robbery was not on that list.

I thought I had the officers that had falsely arrested me, (refusing to take my statement/complaint at the time I was assaulted) so I thought, backed into a corner.


The prosecutor refused to drop my charges and refused to sign the arrest application, so my assailant/attempted robber was never arrested. I had no criminal record and any person committing a crime, the 2 misdemeanors, I was charged with, should have gotten a program where the charges get erased for $100.

John Panone told me I could not be un-arrested.

The prosecutor refused to allow me to take that AR program in which I was entitled to.


If my charges were dropped, it would be like handing me a million dollar plus winning lottery ticket, as my civil rights were violated and I was falsely arrested. Police officers could refuse to help me, and act together to harass me out of Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

The police were allegedly bragging that 'Big Mouth' was going to be taught a lesson and run out of town BEFORE the trial that I was forced to endure at taxpayers expense. Police were also allegedly bragging I was going to PRISON before the trial.

The 2 State Police Officers committed perjury to get me convicted. I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation with the harshest conditions possible. It is completely out of the ordinary, for sentencing and procedure, and does not make any sense at all, so for those not seeing the actual documents of my case, IT IS COMPLETELY BEYOND BELIEF.

Allegedly a newspaper reported was harassed and intimidated by police into not printing a story on me called, "Raw Deal"

I have seen criminal parasites, frauds, vandals, prostitutes, and drug dealers get away with all sorts of crimes for years. THEY add nothing to society, nor the quality of life.

I had spent years and 100's of thousands of dollars for my benefit, the benefit to those in town and the quality of my life, for my family/daughter (and her college tuition), my retirement and income.

So for speaking out about drugs and crime in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and the lack of police doing much other than try to fine, fleece, and harass honest citizens out of more of their money and sometimes their assets/property in newspapers. I was outwardly threatened and told to leave the State of Connecticut, when I proposed 'Civilian Oversight of Police'

Your tax dollars were used to railroad me to prison, and instead of a criminal being in prison, you, the taxpayer, paid at least $73/day to keep me in prison, wreck my family, credit, business, and make me lose the sum total of my life, and to lose even my dog, cats, and lizard among almost all other possessions.

The lying police officers, that committed perjury and harassed me are the criminals and should be the ones in prison.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at January 7, 2004 09:51 AM

Steven G Erickson

I have listened to you ramble,fume, and castigate the law as it exists (in your opinion) in the state of Connecticut. Your personal accounting without documentation sounds like you are enveloped in non substantiated accusations.

I have followed your accounting of what you say Connecticut has done to you. My suggestion would be that aside of venting here, why haven't you persued your claims legally. The circumstances being as blatant as what you describe, the legal profession should be beating a path to your door. Maybe you are a wantabe writer and is using this web site as your attempt at sounding credible.

I suggest that you use another medium to launch such an endeavor should that be your intention.

I hope your lizard is alive and well. You might consider breeding the little sucker and sent him out into the world to bite all those who have victimized you, in the ass.

Posted by: at January 22, 2004 07:22 AM

This is the solution.

Jury Duty Tapes Edited To Fix Errors
9:46 AM EST,January 30, 2004
By DIANE STRUZZI, The Hartford Courant

Judicial officials have recalled and re-edited about 65 videotapes used statewide to introduce potential jurors to the court system after a Superior Court judge ruled they contained inaccurate statements about the law.

The videos, called "Pursuit of Justice" and "The Voir Dire," have been seen by individuals called in for jury duty. "Pursuit of Justice" presents an overview of the judicial branch, including an explanation of the role of juries. "The Voir Dire" talks about the jury selection process, in particular the procedure in which lawyers question potential jurors.

Superior Court Judge Richard Dyer, sitting in Rockville, made his ruling after Public Defender Karen Goodrow requested that the tapes not be shown to potential jurors in a drunken-driving case. Goodrow argued that the videos were prejudicial and wrongly instructed potential jurors about their role and the law.

The portions of the tapes being disputed focused, in part, on statements about jurors determining "guilt or innocence" of a defendant.

"They're never instructed to find if a person is innocent," Goodrow said. "You could be in a situation where a jury feels the state has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, but feels [the defendant] is not innocent. But because they're following the law they have to find him not guilty."

Dyer found that several comments in the videos could undermine the presumption of a defendant's innocence and ordered that they not be shown to prospective jurors in the drunken-driving case.

"Although the court believes that proper final instructions could completely cure any potential harm caused by the few erroneous introductory instructions referenced above, the court finds that it is improper to knowingly present any inaccurate or possibly prejudicial information to potential jurors," Dyer wrote in his Jan. 7 decision.

He did not uphold other objections raised by Goodrow, including her objection to the inclusion of the American flag and the U.S. Constitution in one video.

Tolland County State's Attorney Matthew Gedansky said his office argued against Goodrow's motion, but respects the judge's ruling. Judge Jonathan Kaplan, administrative judge for the Tolland Judicial District, immediately suspended the use of the videos and alerted the deputy chief court administrator and chief administrative judge for criminal courts.

"Once I'm on notice that a judge of the Superior Court feels that something we do has some constitutional problems in it, my feeling is it was irresponsible to just ignore that and show the movies in other cases," Kaplan said.
Dyer's ruling had an immediate ripple effect throughout the state judicial system. Chief Court Administrator Joseph Pellegrino called on several judges to review the tapes and determine if changes should be made, according to Melissa Farley, a spokeswoman for the judicial branch. The judges decided the tapes should be re-edited, and on Jan. 12 Pellegrino sent e-mails to all administrative judges asking them not to show the tapes. E-mails also were sent to other court officials and to law libraries, requesting they return the tapes.

"We thought we should give the benefit of the doubt to taking out those statements [Dyer] thought were objectionable," Pellegrino said. "Of course, we could have waited for an appeal, but if the Appellate Court found he was right then there might be some cases that might be overturned ..."

Farley said she believes this is the first time a Superior Court judge has issued a decision regarding the videos. An earlier version of "Pursuit of Justice" was edited after several criminal lawyers voiced concerns about the tape, Farley said. The changes will be the first made to the "The Voir Dire,", which was produced after the legislature passed a law regarding jury selection in 1996. The late Judge John Maloney largely guided the making of both videos and received suggestions from various lawyer organizations, Farley said.

The changes to the tapes included omitting an announcer's statement about juries and judges determining "an individual's guilt or innocence" and a judge's statement about deciding the guilt or innocence of the accused, according to information provided by the judicial branch.

Changes have been completed on "Pursuit of Justice," which is being redistributed to courts. Changes to "The Voir Dire" are expected to be done soon and redistribution completed within the next 10 days, Farley said. Meanwhile , judges will give oral instructions to potential jurors.

Deputy Chief State's Attorney Paul Murray said that if jurors were prejudiced by the remarks on the videos it was only in a minor way and, as Dyer pointed out, the errors could be corrected by other means.

Several defense lawyers appeared split on the impact of the videos on potential jurors.

Michael Georgetti, chairman of the Hartford County Bar Association's criminal justice committee, said he typically asks potential jurors what they thought about the tapes, but has never challenged the videos.

"First impressions are lasting impressions, and what they see in the first hour of jury duty is probably what they remember the most," he said. "If I have to pick a jury between now and the time the tapes come out, I'll make a motion for a continuance so the jury indoctrination can be reviewed by me."

Richard R. Brown said he doesn't believe the videos affect the jurors.

"My primary reason for that feeling is Connecticut has, beyond question, the best voir dire system for the selection of jurors," he said. "I feel any deficiencies in the videos were cured by an opportunity to thoroughly question prospective jurors before being seated at trial. ... I think in the real world it's much ado about nothing."

But Chief Public Defender Gerard Smyth called Dyer's decision "extremely important because it's difficult enough to get jurors to engage in the presumption of innocence when someone is arrested and charged with a crime."

"Sometimes jurors are left with the impression that their oath and obligation is to convict the guilty. Their obligation goes beyond that," he said. "What remains to be seen is whether or not the revised version of the tapes remedies the problems."

Goodrow said it would be a good time to overhaul the videos using suggestions from defense lawyers, prosecutors, judges and other court personnel. Some defense lawyers agree. Pellegrino said he isn't opposed to the suggestion and would be happy to do whatever it takes to create better videos.

Defense lawyer M.H. Reese Norris, who in the past has challenged one of the videos, said he supports the idea.

"If you have everyone's input," he said, "you won't have this problem in the future."

Posted by: at January 30, 2004 03:27 PM

Telling your attorney to go F--- himself, priceless. (Warning Graphic Language)

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at February 9, 2004 12:10 PM


It has come to my attention that you are being under the police
Is that true? Have you really commited such crimes?

Please read the following article located at:


or at:


Your old friend, Mr. Cohen

Posted by: at February 16, 2004 11:24 AM

i've been reading all these problems steve erickson has been lying to us all about . this man robed contracters such as me of thousands of dollars . His bad bizness deals are what got him in prison .from what he says hes the perfect person that does no wrong , but still he gets beat up from many people and goes to prison .think about this steve . you do a crime you do the time . you get everythime you deserve.by the way wheres my money ?

Posted by: craig engelman at February 16, 2004 02:19 PM

Mr. Engelman,
didn't you rifle through my work van looking for my insurance certificate and contractor's license so you could pass yourself off as me?

Didn't you ransack my van and hold my tarps and equipment hostage, worth over $1000 to get paid for work you did not perform?

Craig didn't you allegedly try selling over 100 DVD players on eBay not delivering a one? Didn't you make bootleg copies of Jenna Jameson porno DVD's and sell them off a website?

I thought you weren't even supposed to use a computer, Craig, isn't that part of your alleged 5 years probation for ripping off hundreds of people, committing fraud, stealing possibly over $100,000.

I don't know why someone such as you doesn't go to prison for your activities? I went to prison for having a big mouth, not for any other reason.

Craig, if you had any valid claims you could have brought them up in Manchester CT Small Claims court, but I guess you did not want me to prove that your claims were false and fraudulent.

I wonder if the good people of Somers, Connecticut know what a piece of shit they have living amongst them?

Prove one case that I ripped anyone reputable or anyone else for that matter, or go eat shit.

For that matter Craig, go eat shit anyway, I think you are a complete criminal parasite and you should not be out among good people.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at February 16, 2004 02:31 PM

Put the words, "Craig Engelman" in a yahoo search engine and get this website

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at February 16, 2004 09:41 PM


You need to move on & work on stuff that creates revenue & makes you happy again. This is not healthy.

Posted by: Sister at February 24, 2004 09:51 PM

steve ,i am very disapionted to see this web site.especialy with a picture of your ex-wife whom you lost before any of this happened.you also for got to mention that you were to my noledge convicted of spraying someonr with mace and kicking the shit out of them when they were down.as far as your daughter and family,you always seem to find a reason why you cant get together.luxury cars?!!! what a 1979 bmw that you bought from a junk yard!my advice to you is to quit blaming everybody else for your problems and move on with your life.and if CT is so bad why are you so infatuated with it?

Posted by: at February 25, 2004 10:34 PM

I restored a 1984 BMW, not from a junk yard, but an auction, and still paid a decent amount of money for it back in '95.

If you use spell check after clicking 'Preview' it will help with your spelling errors.

As far as 'kicking' the shit out of someone, I never did. Connecticut State Police Officers refused to take my statement and that of a tenant after I had told them I had been assaulted during a robbery attempt and then they refused to take the statements and then lied about it, committing perjury at trial.

I have yet to hear of anyone going to prison or getting threatened with prison for Assault 3rd (can be loud yelling) and Breach of Peace (has to be in public), except for another landlord that complained about drugs and crime and the lack of police doing anything about it, Don Christmas

My wife was part of the Stafford Springs, Connecticut nightmare. We only owned the single family house a week or so when are mail was opened and threats written and in another incident a pry bar was wedged in the door when we got home Nov. '94. The pre-teens selling drugs and destroying properties are the teens and 20 somethings beating Stafford residents with baseball bats while robbing them and selling drugs years later.

I spent 100's of thousands of dollars and years on my hands and knees fixing up boarded up properties. So I went to prison, not the man who beat me while trying to rob me? He admitted this to the judge that he had demanded money from me while threatening my life! Judge Jonathan Kaplan told him not to do it again!

My daughter who I had a very close relationship and talked to often before my false arrest refuses to talk to me for the most part since I spent time in prison.

I was an asset to Stafford Springs, CT. The violent, drug using alcoholic that pisses on public buildings, passes out on sidewalks, frequently fights and assaults residents, including harassing elderly residents of Avery Park, is not.

I guess I was dumb, smarter residents just moved away or let the bank foreclose.

My daughter and I were looking for a house to live in together, in America (Massachusetts) before I was sent to prison (unlike anyone else that gets beaten and nearly robbed after being publicly stalked and threatened for weeks.) This is in the police reports when I finally got the bastards to actually do an investigation.

If anyone ever listened to my calls and other residents calling into Stafford CT area police they would probably be alarmed at the lack of respect, lack of service, and how taxpayers are treated by public servants.

Once I was called the 'Victim' the prosecutor refused to sign the arrest application for my assailant and refused to drop the charges against me nor to offer me a first offender program where my charges could be erased in as little as 6 months saying I could not be 'Unarrested'

If Police admitted they had been harassing me, should not have arrested me, and had been trying me to get me to leave Connecticut for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators and had been critical of police being 'Armed Revenue Collectors' not protecting and serving downtown residents that need their help.

I could have sued for and easily won millions in a civil suit if they admitted their guilt. Just ask Governor Rowland how public officials lie when they get caught acting illegally.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at February 25, 2004 11:16 PM

what kind of marriage did you have if neighborhood vandalism caused your divorce?
What is your definition of "restoring" a vehicle?

Posted by: at February 26, 2004 10:11 PM

what kind of marriage did you have if neighborhood vandalism caused your divorce?
What is your definition of "restoring" a vehicle?

Posted by: at February 26, 2004 10:11 PM

what kind of marriage did you have if neighborhood vandalism caused your divorce?
What is your definition of "restoring" a vehicle?

Posted by: at February 26, 2004 10:11 PM

please find peace and happiness - all this
hatred is unhealthy.
consider yoga as an outlet.

Posted by: other sister. at February 26, 2004 10:25 PM

It only counts as "hundreds of thousands of dollars" if you actually pay for it.

Posted by: at February 26, 2004 10:29 PM

Move on and leave all this behind. You will never have a life unless you do.

Posted by: Mom at February 27, 2004 12:22 PM

I was asked how a little vandalism could hurt a marriage. Well, it was more than vandalism, it was daily B.S., smelling cigarette smoke (the drugs they smoked), teens drinking all hours selling drugs, property and vehicle damage, verbal harassment going in and out of the house, not being able to use our own driveway and park on our own property etc.

Another couple on the crime watch, also living in a single family house about a block from ours, couldn�t stand the drive-thru drug market, so they just let the bank take their Stafford Springs, Connecticut house and they were free to live together somewhere else in peace.

Where did I get the money for fixing up the 2, 3, 4 family houses, 2 of them boarded up? Well I did make a profit on the single family house I bought at a HUD auction after fixing it up and selling it. I worked as a contractor since I was 18, maintaining good credit, paying my bills and staying out of trouble.

I took out construction style loans, charged over a $100,000 on my American Express Card (planning to take my daughter to Paris with the points), and borrowed 10�s of thousands of dollars from family.

I thought I could retire in 12 years on the $6500 gross monthly rents and had finally turned a profit at the time I was beaten during the robbery attempt in my dark driveway after being publicly threatened, terrorized, and stalked for weeks.

Back in �95 when I was married and on the crime watch in Stafford, CT, I politely suggested that a Stafford Police Officer just walk with me one weekend night to see what I see and what is not being dealt with. The overweight Stafford Officer that lived with his mother asked me where I came from then told me to go back there.

I then saw the selectman for the town to try and force officers to actually walk around out of their cars dealing with the downtown crime problem instead of eating and drinking coffee in the donut or pizza shops. That overweight officer began to harass me, turn red, and insult me whenever he saw me.

That incident in �95 could have ended my marriage, made me lose my credit, home, and could have sent me to prison even though I had no record.

So not pissing off a cop is more important than working hard, maintaining good credit, and staying out of trouble as they can either lie, manufacture evidence, or use any opportunity to ruin your life and take all that you have ever worked for on their whims.

My wife fell down the stairs when she was dehydrated in �95. The ambulance arrived and so did the overweight officer. He physically slammed me into my house and told me I was resisting him. I told him I wished to cover up my wife as she was exposed on the ambulance gurney.

He then pushed me aside and tried to tell my wife I had pushed her down the stairs. I protested and he threatened to arrest me with interfering.

I was told I would be arrested if I was even near my wife when she fell down the stairs with the flu. She didn�t respond to the officer�s haranguing and told him I was nowhere near her and did not push her down the stairs.

I believe the officer wished to arrest me for assaulting him, assaulting my wife, or for any trumped up charges he could come up with because I had actually suggested that he do his job, and he obviously needed exercise.

I later came upon a drug dealer selling powder cocaine. He called me an undercover cop, beat me, bit into my ear, I was able to make it to a payphone and called 911.

The 6�3�, 260 lb monster fled the scene. His customers said they did not know who he was when police arrived. I persisted that the culprit should be found, and Stafford Police agreed to take me around to the bars to find the known drug dealer, wife beater, and we found him after touring 3 local bars.

Police �re-interviewed� the drug dealer's customers and they suddenly remembered their �good� friend and that I had attacked him. So the same overweight officer arrested me in front of my wife inside my home 6 weeks later for assaulting the drug dealer as he (the drug dealer) was now afraid for his safety and he was not arrested for assaulting me.

I was told by the officer that I was not allowed in downtown Stafford unless I was an alcoholic or on drugs.

I didn�t think I had to become and alcoholic and do drugs to live in Stafford and told the officer I could go downtown, as Stafford is part of America, and then was told if I interfered with an investigation involving drugs and the individual who beat me and they were not able to confiscate the bar, house, and property I would be very, very sorry.

Those charges were dropped as I did tell the Lt. Trapp, I would no longer go downtown to eat, shop, or even to take a walk in the mid �90�s and he agreed to have my charges dropped.

I then again tried to have police do something about the downtown crime in �98 after buying the rental properties, proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to local legislators, and wrote in the newspapers about the courts and police not doing their jobs downtown, just collecting money from those honest citizens who could pay. Connecticut State Police began to threaten me and told me I had to leave the State.

I ended up in prison and my life is ruined, and all the years of hard work was for nothing. Two Connecticut State Troopers were willing to commit perjury to get me convicted for defending myself on my own property.

So it is more alarming to police if you complain about drug dealing, crime, and propose laws and say things they don�t like, than if you deal drugs and commit crimes. I guess being an American in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, is not a good idea.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at February 29, 2004 04:34 PM

I bet I could say alot of entertaining things about you here now couldn't I Steve.

Your Ex. Girlfriend

P.S. I can see you haven't changed at all!

Posted by: at March 2, 2004 01:40 PM

Lynching and beating is what a town crier deserves, not being listened to and read. Keep embarrassing honorable police officers in this forum and a year in prison will seem like it was a vacation. Nothing was learned from the vacation was it?

Posted by: Shut up at March 3, 2004 07:56 AM

* * * *
* * * *

May 07, 2004

Why, Why, Why?

This post is in response to those that keep asking me why. So, why would a police officer, prosecutor, elected official, or powerful individual cover for drug dealing, thefts, prostitution, vandalism, etc?


Well it may at least it may start with the �fringe� benefits which others call the �trim� benefits, SEX, SEX, SEX.

A senior police officer can first offer his jr. partner a �freebie� from one of �his� hookers. From then on, the jr. officer won�t divulge any immoral, illegal, and improper conduct of his partner in crime.

A police officer offered me a �freebie�, a blowjob.

No the officer was not going to get on his knees, but was offering me a hooker he had �do� him when I looked out for him at a 24 hour convenience store about 22 years ago, when I was just old enough to work the late shift. I didn�t want a disgusting older woman with �her job� all in her hair and on what little she was wearing. I can still see the windows fogging up in the dairy cooler and having to put back the dairy crates from his makeshift, �Give me pleasure, chair.�

Girls as young as 14, that are already hooked on alcohol and/or drugs will willing service an officer or whomever he tells her to. Young girls learn about, what is currency, in their world and can protect young punks, and act out their own vendettas with their mentor, father figure, and seducer, a police officer.

Cops will cover each other, lie, commit perjury, threaten, torture, and even murder to protect themselves and their buddies. No, not all cops are bad, probably most cops are good, but they probably do little about the bad apples in their own departments, as the unwritten rule, �The Blue Code of Silence,� is more in their minds than any written law or even the U.S. Constitution.

I had an alleged prostitute move in to one of my apartments, without my permission, and she had no intention of paying. She first offered me a �trade�. Again, I did not want some smelly whore, or to be paid in sex, for what I should be paid in cash or check from a legitimate person who moved in my apartments with my permission.

She went to the prosecutor with a dress and in high heels, that showed her huge breasts, thin waist, and toned legs, saying to me, �You are really going to get it, you can�t fuck with me.�

I had merely started eviction on her, and when I called the prosecutor to try and have him bring the prostitute up on charges, he threatened me with being prosecuted if I interfered with her. So, I wonder what she did in his office, to get such service?

The former selectman of the town I had invested so much of my money and hours in, also allegedly was having an illicit affair with a �crack whore.� He allegedly had police do whatever he needed done, whatever was on his agenda, and was more than willing to act in behalf of whatever some police officers wanted. One friendly hand washes the other, or greases the other ...

By the way, �The thing of ours,� a mafia term, is probably how cops, and judicial workers, and politicians get free or very good deals on vacation rentals, trips, cars, goods, services, etc. Most of their actual pay is exceeded in what they have and do, in some cases, but then who is going to investigate or audit an elected official or law officer, a fellow criminal?
-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

P.S. just put the words "Spada" or "Rowland" in the search engine to the left here on Free Speech, for more on the story.

* * * *

Former governor admits sex with 14 year old girl


Drawbacks of having sex with kids

* * * *

Police easy on Police for Misconduct

Is Rape not Rape if Committed by a Police Officer?

Perverts, Rapists, Thieves, Frauds, Liars � oops, did I mean the police

Police settle excessive force suit with 71-year-old woman

Unelected Absolute Power

US mothers to march against guns

Looking like a bunch of overfed, oversexed, overpaid, and undereducated morons, internationally �

Posted by Vikingas at May 7, 2004 12:58 PM | TrackBack

Why does my beer have a warning label? Instead of saying pregnant women should not drink beer, shouldn't it say it, "Use of this product may cause women to become pregnant?"

Beer: getting ugly men laid as long as there has been beer ...

Posted by: at May 7, 2004 04:01 PM

* * * *
* * * *

April 27, 2004

The Crack (Cocaine) Section at Motel 6

You can no longer post a sign that says �Whites Only,� but believe me they still exist, just without the sign. My rant extents across America, and I won�t disappoint those that know somehow I will blast Stafford Springs, CT, within one of my posts.

Some or most State Police organizations would only accept Caucasian males of a certain height, for years and years. Yes, they now accept women and minorities albeit begrudgingly.

So there are �crime areas� or even so called �crime watch areas� where taxpayers can get a ringside seat and watch crimes actively occur with little done by the authorities and police. Are these really minority and �White Trash� containment areas?


Back to the story:

The economy was bad for most contractors in the early 90�s, I was no exception and tried a number of other jobs just to get by during the first Gulf War, including delivering pizzas using my work truck. I fell into doing hotels and motels all over the map just to get back into contracting.

Wilmington, Delaware, has a Motel 6 just over the border coming down from New Jersey. The Motel 6, unofficially had a �crack section�, according to the manager whom coordinated the painting of almost a hundred rooms that I was contracted to do. I doubt it is an official Motel 6 policy, but who knows?

White travelers got the safest, cleanest, and best equipped rooms, nearest the office. Locals and those deemed undesirables by the staff or manager, would be given rooms facing the back most parking lot with the rooms that were in the worst condition, lacking decent television sets.

There was a lot of evidence in those rooms that they were used for drug use and heavy drinking. An African American woman allegedly addicted to crack was openly offering blowjobs for $5.

The metal doors on those rooms were bent and many had been kicked in and the television sets were often ripped off for a vile or two of crack cocaine, $5 to $10, and the manager said he would give the crack addicts $5 or $10 not to have the company pay 100�s of dollars repairing the steal doors, fixing the damaged walls, and replacing the television sets.

As plain as I had ever seen there seemed to be a white section where whites lived in Wilmington, Delaware, and then abruptly as driving directly into another country, a 3rd world country, you drove into the black section. Well maintained, nice looking, abruptly ended at a given street, night and day, why?

I continued working on hotel and motel projects including one in Stamford, Connecticut, which is exit 6 on Rt 95 just before you cross into NYC territory. I asked the manager why they were so many little glass or plastic things like the end of Bic pen. He laughed at my na�vet� and explained that they were crack vials and each one represented 5 or 10 minutes of getting really high for $5 to $10 and those that tried it were instantly hooked having to �chase� their high doing anything to obtain more crack cocaine to continue the fleeting high.

There were hypodermic needles littered all over the top of the 8 story Stamford Days Inn, formerly a Howard Johnson�s, currently another brand. No disappointment here, the hotel had a riffraff floor. I preferred the rooms on the 8th floor, with the Jacuzzi tubs, with the view across Long Island Sound into NYC.

I later worked at Stratford, CT, Howard Johnson�s. Yes there too, there was a special section. High Schoolers rented rooms to drink alcohol, have raunchy sex, and smoke crack, to celebrate graduating high school. Nearby Bridgeport looked like a scene from �Escape from New York,� starring Kurt Russell.

In 1994 I was married and bought a single family house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and later divorced owning, 3 multi family houses, fixing them up starting in late �97. I met Peter Coukos who had also bought a single family house at auction.

It intrigued me to hear how Peter Coukos became addicted to crack, coming from well to do Watertown, Massachusetts, receiving education in a private school, mastering the violin. He went from telling me he had joined a Portuguese gang having to massive amounts of LSD, which he told me is the reason he might now be bipolar.

Pete told me how he was very high on marijuana did not set the break on his Ford Pickup or somehow hit a logging truck, ending up with a rental car which he roadraged against an African American woman who he claimed cut him off, where he repeatedly chased her at high speed smashing into her, purposely with the rental car. I don�t understand why that type of act did not land him in prison.

Near or around the same time, I became more aware of who he was as he was hanging out with a couple, Vicky Tamaro and James Hogancamp, two individuals that had moved into my Church St, Stafford Springs, CT, aparments without my permission, refusing to pay rent. Coukos informed me the pair came over to his house at 77 Prospect St, and knocked on a piece of plywood, a make shift door, near the 5 gallon bucket he then used as a toilet, letting them in to smoke crack cocaine.

I found out from Pete, that Vicky Tamaro prostituted herself for crack or cash, and Pete claimed he would �saw� Vicky all night on crack. The pair allegedly sold marijuana, crack cocaine, other drugs, and prescription drugs and family heirlooms stolen out of house mainly owned by the elderly the pair did �cleaning� for.

Peter Coukos claimed to have gotten himself off crack attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings near Boston, probably still smokes marijuana, drinks large amounts of hard alcohol and beer daily, and goes days without sleep due to prescription drug abuse.

Peter Coukos knew that I had done an extensive amount of travelling, and told me that from doing massive amounts of crack, made him like porno and prostitutes even more, and asked me if he could pay me to bring him to another country where he could fuck 8 years olds.

I was disgusted and told him he should not travel anywhere on an airplane if he could not do with his marijuana and would assume he was �joking� as it is a federal crime to solicit or travel abroad to have sex with children.

I had fixed up the Stafford Springs, 3 and 4 family houses from being boarded up. A Connecticut Police Lieutenant told me I was not allowed downtown if I was not an alcoholic, drug user. I ended up in prison, probably for writing pieces such as this one, embarrassing police in newspapers and proposing laws to make them do something about the crime and drug problem.

The Connecticut Police got their wish as I am mostly out of Connecticut and Peter Coukos owns the properties I spent years and 100�s of thousands of dollars fixing up. Peter Coukos allegedly told police October 2, 2003, that I had broken the basement of my former home, his property now, leaving my picture and a note saying, �Fuck the Police,� and since now he had a gun permit, he would shoot me if I was anywhere near the properties.

Peter Coukos allegedly harassed an elderly woman on oxygen, and police did little to help her, and Linda moved out. Other present and past tenants can attest to late night calls when Pete is apparently high on drugs and/or drunk yelling on what they can and cannot do or even who they are allowed to have over just to visit! Pete allegedly asked a former tenant, Sue J., a disabled woman if she would star in a homemade porno filmed by him and also allegedly asked to pay to have her daughter have his baby.

Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

* * * *
My address:

Steven G. Erickson
PO box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S. defamation of character and being sued for liable, you have to tell lies to defame.

I am willing to take a lie detector test against you, Peter Coukos.

The offer still stands to the Connecticut State Police officers who blatantly lied on the stand, committing perjury in their case against me, to get me railroaded to prison as they were sick of my �Big Mouth.�

I�m a hell of lot worse now as a �Big Mouth� than when I was a vocal pain in the ass at town meetings and in local newspapers, huh guys?

Posted by Vikingas at April 27, 2004 06:21 AM | TrackBack

What, still no takers on a lawsuit?

The truth hurts doesn't it?

Silence is acceptance that what is posted is the truth, right, scumbags?

Who is being talked about, what is being claimed, and the fact that they know they are being named, why the silence?

Posted by: Public Enemy at May 14, 2004 11:20 PM


We would greatly appreciate if you would please place our site in your links page. Thank you for helping us educate our communities about crack cocaine, addiction, prevention and treatment.

With much gratitude.


Camille Gibson



Posted by: Camille Gibson at June 21, 2004 01:59 PM


We would greatly appreciate if you would please place our site in your links page. Thank you for helping us educate our communities about crack cocaine, addiction, prevention and treatment.

With much gratitude.


Camille Gibson



Posted by: Camille Gibson at June 21, 2004 02:01 PM

The above mentioned link, found here.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at June 21, 2004 02:07 PM

What about Days Inn, Red Roof, Howard Johnson's hotels, Ramada Inn, Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Super 8 Motels, Sheratons, Mariotts, etc., don't they count?

Posted by: at June 23, 2004 10:27 AM

* * * *
* * * *

September 10, 2003

If Law Enforcement acted as Advertised, street crime and drug use would be vastly reduced.

Police should not be partnering with street criminals and small time drug dealers,'informants', to fleece the taxpayer beyond what he/she already pays in outrageous taxes.

As it is now, the law enforcement system is a sham.

If officers actually did their jobs they could see their numbers reduced. So a cop on every corner does little to curb crime if the main agenda is collecting traffic fines, other fees, confiscating money, and property.

It would then make sense to leave the career criminal parasites alone as they cannot be easily found and fined. Instead they are a law enforcement TOOL. An informant can set up innocent and not so innocent individuals that do have money and property to take away.

An example of this is Thomas Alcutt, Connecticut Prisoner # 305757, Bergin Correctional Institute, Storrs, Connecticut. Alcutt told me that he had a $200 to $1000 daily crack cocaine habit for a period of years.

Alcutt claimed he broke into countless houses and garages, even when the people were home. Thomas told me he preferred garages as if they were easy to get into and there was usually enough valuables in the garage without having to go into the house, so he had enough goods to sell at a Southern Connecticut pawn shop to fuel his daily addiction.

Just think of how much misery and loss of dollars was caused by this one individual. If drug users were corrected as caught, there would be less distribution, crime, and those caught early could be taxpayers, not in prison with long sentences, dead, or one of the growing number of common criminal, parasite, frauds.

After committing hundreds and hundreds of crimes for many years, Alcutt told me he got careless and was caught by police in his car, smoking crack, yet another time. Alcutt told me he was offered a deal by drug enforcement agents to stage buys for them and he could keep half the money and half the crack seized! Alcutt felt loyalty and feared his drug connections so opted to finally go to prison for a short stint for his countless crimes.

If true, police could actually be encouraging crime and the fleecing of the average citizen, the taxpayer. Drunk driving, domestic disputes, and other social problems were not concentrated on until there was a realization that these behaviors produce untold revenues in fines, forced tuition for classes, and is just one more way to take control citizens, circumventing the U.S. Constitution. If the social problem of drinking were really a concern the higher functioning citizens with assets and cash would not be the only target for drunk driving, those passing out on sidewalks, staggering around downtown areas daily would also be targeted.

In Connecticut, a loud screaming match between married people can result in arrest, probation, fines, and forced tuition. Do the homeless get arrested and treated the same if they exhibit the same behaviors? If not, why? It's the money and homeless people often smell and are not pleasant to deal with.

I have seen police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut refuse to arrest teens that were drunk, fighting, one putting his hand though a window causing a massive wound.

It was common knowledge, the teens were small time drug dealers, vandals, and house breakers, but since they had exhibited bad behavior for years and had nothing of real value to take, they were left to commit more and more crimes. Job security for police, and those unable to behave themselves use alcohol, tobacco, and drugs which ultimately produces revenue in huge quantities in the short term.

Crime would immediately be reduced the minute police start protecting and serving downtown home, business, investment property owners, and those honest, hardworking citizens just trying to get by. As it is now police mainly serve the Cities and Towns in revenue collected, not the people.

Those that don't vote, voice their opinions in letters to the editor, and contact their politicians by snail mail and by phone are condoning bad policies, corruption, and the dilution of the Constitution.

If you, as Americans, want rights for yourself and for future generations, the time to speak up and act is now.

-Steven G. Erickson
(formerly of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Run out by Connecticut State Police for having complained about downtown crime, drug dealing, in letters to the editor and for having the 'audacity' of actually proposing 'Civilian Oversight' of police to State and Federal legislators.)

(added Feb. 5, 2004)

Drug Dealer/House Breaker shoots pig in head, downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut

3 Stooges Security Service

Posted by Vikingas at September 10, 2003 05:56 AM | TrackBack

Homeboy, you might be rights about some things buts I tell you now it ain't what you thinks it is with the cops. They be busting my bros left and right and I've been going to jail lately now for ever in a day homeboy. The fact is, why can't we all just get along?

Posted by: Mavin Johnson at September 10, 2003 10:15 AM

The whole judicial system is screwed up and the innocent are paying the price.

Posted by: Karla at April 16, 2004 02:46 PM

The whole judicial system is screwed up and the innocent are paying the price.

Posted by: Karla at April 16, 2004 02:46 PM

The whole judicial system is screwed up and the innocent are paying the price.

Posted by: Karla at April 16, 2004 02:47 PM

I hope you can help me expose the injustice of the cops and corrupt local law enforcement. Please go to:
http://justice-and-freedom.20megsfree.com and read the story of the murder of my Son and join me in my demand that his murder be investigated and the murderer arrested. I can't seem to find any support anywhere in this country. Please add your voice to mine

Posted by: Deborah at June 23, 2004 11:53 AM

The above link mentioned, just click here.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at June 23, 2004 11:59 AM


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