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A Village, What it Takes, Enfield Connecticut

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January 13, 2004

A Village: What It Takes

January 5, 2004, By JEFFREY B. COHEN, Hartford Courant Staff Writer (ctnow.com)

There are many criminals, prostitutes, drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that live as parasites their entire lives. Police and authorities in some downtown areas go after the very few that are hardworking, paying taxes, have property, and./or own a business for whatever revenue that can be had, even confiscating property on the slimmest of excuses. Complain and maybe get harassed or even worse, thrown in prison and/or out of Connecticut. Your State could get this bad �

Enfield PD, Stafford Springs Police, Connecticut State Police and other police in other cities and towns across this nation can contribute to the delinquency of minors, crime, drug/alcohol abuse, sex crimes, blight, misery, fraud, and lower the quality of life by ignoring criminals and crime to go after the easy revenue, from those easiest to fine and to find. In essence, punishing good, moral behavior.
Steven G. Erickson


ENFIELD -- This neighborhood's story is a familiar tale of a once-thriving village in a town that grew up on an industry now long gone. Over time, it was allowed to decay - parts of it fell to fire, others fell to urban renewal projects, and the rest just fell from favor.

Thompsonville, once this town's heart, soon grew to be its handicap.

Now, what remains are the variables of a sociological study: a neighborhood that has more people, lower average incomes, higher crime rates and lower rates of home ownership than the rest of town.

But for those who lost hope in Thompsonville - and not everyone did - there is reason for optimism. Old destination businesses continue to thrive along the neighborhood's main retail drag, Pearl Street, and new ones are finding that a good product is a good product, and that consumers will travel to get it.

The trick, neighborhood advocates say, is finding a reason to bring consumers back, convincing people to take a second look and getting those who do come to linger before they leave.

That means a renewed focus on economic development and housing rehabilitation, in addition to a healthy dose of public investment.

"Part of the problem is people who've been in the community a long time look at Thompsonville Village and see it in comparison to what it used to be, and it compares very negatively in their minds," said Town Manager Scott Shanley.

"But I think we need to spend more time looking forward to what the section of town can be now, as opposed to looking at it and seeing what it was back then."

Then there's a little thing called political will, and it's not easy to get, said Mary Lou Strom, a former mayor and one-time head of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.

The best way to get people to care, she said, is to focus on their pocketbooks.

"Without revitalization and rehabilitation, all Thompsonville does is add a tax burden to the rest of the town," she said. "The lower the property values, the more the money needs to come from somewhere else.

"I don't think anyone who is looking to revitalize Thompsonville is saying it's going to be the town center again," she said. "But it certainly can be much more than it is now."

The Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Co. opened in the late 1820s and thrived until its mills stopped in 1971. The sprawling, 26-acre facility was an industrial and community center.

Now, just as then, the factory's hulking remains are a vital part of the village's future.

In the late 1980s, the facility was converted into apartment space. Today, the apartments hold roughly 1,000 people, renters who can afford $710 to $1,595 a month. It boasts a 96 percent occupancy rate.

In rebirth, the Bigelow has succeeded; the question is whether the village that grew up around it can follow its lead.

That's what the town asked in 2001, when it commissioned what is commonly known as the Shapiro Report - a consultant's look into the past and future of the neighborhood, prepared by Abeles Phillips Preiss & Shapiro Inc. of New York.

The report was a dose of reality. Thompsonville, once Enfield's center, could never again compete on the retail landscape against the box stores and supermarkets that front many of the town's major commercial roads.

To revive Thompsonville, the report said, was to rethink it.

The report called for targeted investment to attract consumers; homesteading and historic preservation; landscaping and fa�ade improvements; a major project to integrate the riverfront access; and more.

The gist was simple: If you don't give people a reason to come, they won't.

"It took decades for Thompsonville to fall into disrepair, and it will take decades to revitalize the neighborhood," the report cautions.

What advocates are beginning to recognize is that you need money to get money. That is, private investors won't bring their money if there is nothing to attract them. So the town has started on that front.

It is in the middle of an expensive project to dredge and landscape Freshwater Pond, which rests at the heart of the neighborhood. Although the senior center moved out of Thompsonville to a new facility last year, the town is putting a new roof on the old building and hopes to find a use for it. It has improved its boat launch along the river, invested in its youth center and put in pedestrian-friendly streetlights - all in an effort to bring people here.

"I would agree that we want to spur private investment, because there is a limit to what government should do," Shanley said. "Because, in the end, it's the private sector that needs to invest."

And that is starting to happen.

John Pereira could be Thompsonville's poster boy.

Two years ago, he bought one lot with two buildings: a duplex drug haven and old retail space. Now, both are alive again, one as his home and rental unit, the other as his business, TJ's Affordable Mirror and Glass.

"It seemed like this was a community that had fallen by the wayside, but that had some nice potential," he said.

Not only is he invested, he's involved. He joined the town's revitalization committee and is working with town staff to improve his properties.

But Pereira is not the only one looking at Thompsonville with a businessman's eye.

For years, a tailor, a frame and art store, a country goods gift store, a glass shop and, until recently, a cobbler have made Thompsonville their destination-shopping home. There is Diana's, the bakery with regional distribution; Caronna's Market, the third-generation grocery store with a successful package store next door; and Silvia's Restaurant, a newly reopened banquet facility in what was a boarded-up bank.

A handful of new businesses will be setting up shop early this year, taking an old bar and turning it into a gift store, a tattoo parlor and turning into a recording studio, and an old school and turning it into a home for young but growing businesses.

In the not-so-distant old days, Thompsonville had more than two dozen bars and saloons - one of which is now better remembered by its nickname, "Buckets of Blood," than its real name, which no one interviewed could remember. No one is eager for those days to return.

"When you start converting abandoned and derelict churches and tattoo parlors into functioning businesses and close down bars that sold more drugs than booze into a design studio, you're starting to make some progress," said Ray Warren, the town's director of economic development.

There are obstacles to opening new business, though. The regulatory process can include visits from five different inspectors from town and state agencies, as well as the village's separate fire district. That can intimidate and confuse new business owners.

Making money matters worse, Enfield has five independently taxing fire districts. Thompsonville residents - the town's poorest - pay three times as much as residents in some other parts of town for fire service.

"There's no incentive to make anything nice right now, because you have to pay higher taxes," said Jason MacLelland, owner of the Pearl Street Barber Shop across the street from Pereira's lot. MacLelland, who has taken on the role of a neighborhood organizer, left a barber shop with higher visibility to come here. Some customers refused to follow.

But once he got here, more customers came, and he's not hunting heads to cut. And, like Pereira, MacLelland has chosen to get involved first and complain later. Together with the town, he has worked to revamp what was a run-down parking lot. He sweeps his sidewalks. He organizes charity poker games; he goes to planning and zoning meetings; he is speaking out.

"To me, if you make your money here, you give some back," he said.

So it bugs him that he has to pay higher taxes because he chose to move to the most depressed part of town. And even though the tax difference isn't enough to break the bank, he said, it's enough to make a business owner think twice.

The town is also turning its sights on residential rehabilitation, an area where it has admittedly under-performed, Shanley and Warren said.

"That's an area we can and will do a better job on," Shanley said.

Or, as Warren says, "There's no shortage of targets. We need to be more productive to prove to the state and present to them more comprehensive projects."

Finally, the neighborhood needs some good news to counter the decades of bad, said Mary Lavorgna of Caronna's package store.

"I see Thompsonville slowly coming around," said Lavorgna, who is more concerned about Thompsonville's image problem than its crime problem.

Although there is more crime in this neighborhood than elsewhere in town - there are more people here, and drug crimes between acquaintances are common, police said - crime is not limited to this neighborhood, Lavorgna said.

As Shanley was quick to note, there have been a number of homicides in Enfield in recent years; but none of them have been in Thompsonville.

"I'd like to change people's idea," she said. "To change perception, that it's OK to come down to Thompsonville."

Don Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, Connecticut, spoke out about the lack of protection and services for downtown property owners and proposed Civilian Oversight of police at a town meeting. His arrest, being threatened with prison by police, his alleged being stalked and harassed by police officers is in his opinion for speaking out about unfair taxes/fees, complaining about police, and for proposing legislation that angered police.
I did all that too, but
I did go to prison, losing my home, family and pets, for testing the 1st Amendment in Connecticut.

Yet, another Connecticut business person being harassed and fleeced:
An October 25, 2003 post, with others discussing Don Christmas and Steven G. Erickson

Big Brother taking over in Connecticut


Comment left in "Railroading of Mr. Donald Christmas" post:

i know buddy christmas very well.. enfield police are not exactly alter boys. as for reporting a crime to the enfield police chief i wouldn't bother. reason one. this summer chief ronald marcotte was coming back from the casino in a town owned vehicle on town time and was pulled over by state police for speeding (107 mph) he was almost arrested until he called scott shanley and a deal was worked out(bumpkins). reason 2. he has a serious gambling problem and is never at the police department. he also goes to the casino with an on duty officer as security . his son ron jr has been arrested many times from drugs to robbery and has never been convicted. chief marcotte is just there to collect his retirement and do nothing else. the police captain told me once that there are no bad officers on his force.
donny if you need good dirt on any of them call me or email me.

Posted by: jim at February 8, 2004 09:46 PM

(Added February 27, 2004, 7:00AM EST)

What Drug War?

In Stafford Springs, CT, in an area 2 footballs fields or so long on major Rt. 190 (W. Main St) between the town historical fountain to the cannon, drugs are or were openly sold, prostitutes service their customers, teens openly drink, use and sell drugs, assault each other, rob those walking around, and some teens would openly walk into the bars and restaurants and exchange drugs for cash.

With a State Senator�s and Selectman�s office right near the drug activity and sales that was so frequent and blatant, it held up traffic on a major route and side streets. Police and politicians had to know what was going on, in my opinion.

Residents would complain at town meetings and directly to the selectman, State Senator, State Representative, and to Connecticut State Troopers and Stafford Town Police naming names and little to nothing seemed to be done, except in the pursuit of confiscating cash, assets, property, and collecting fines.

Alcoholics would hang out and drug deals could be seen going on openly in front of the Resident State Trooper�s and Stafford Police Station on the same main drag. Calling police and naming names would usually only have the police just telling the dealers and vandals who had called reporting them and where the caller lived. The caller could then be terrorized by the dealers and vandals having his/her vehicles and home wrecked at an even greater rate.

David Hayes openly dealt drugs off the wall at the park in view of politicians and police for possibly over a decade! He would openly walk to where he lived on 99 W. Main St and reach above the picnic table up into a rickety roof structure assembled above it as one of his drug and cash stashes, openly, over and over for years. In my opinion police had to know, as it was so blatant, and obvious, and traffic was being delayed 24 hours during peak periods.

There were overdoses and those dropping dead from overdoing drugs and alcohol. A crack addicted prostitute that lived on the main drag in Stafford claimed she was raped. Maybe her customer did not give her the crack cocaine or cash as promised.

I saw a prostitute allegedly with HIV on her knees servicing a know drug dealer in an alley on W. Main St, while he used a torch to burn something in a glass pipe. Juan was named as the individual that threw a car battery through a window in an apartment at 99 W. Main St, allegedly over a dispute over money and a drug deal. Even though Juan was named to police, the incident may have gone uninvestigated like countless, possibly hundreds or even thousands of others.

I was threatened with arrest by the teens drinking, fighting, and selling drugs off my front yard at 5 Church St. Stafford Springs, Connecticut, if I dared call police on them, and when I called police reporting the drug activity and the teens that had physically threatened me if I interfered with their �business� and how I would be arrested if police, came not them. The State Police dispatcher was rude and argued with me on what words constitute threats and no police officers were sent.

I later called when a man, I named by name, shot up, possibly heroin, openly during the day in front of children in the Summer of 2002, behind 3 Church St, Stafford Springs, CT, and the police officer I called yelled at me and the father of the children for calling. No officer was sent!

What Drug War? It is only about further ripping off honest taxpayers and those that are less than honest that can be fined, charged fees, and have assets and properties confiscated for the bad behavior and illegal acts of criminals that act as informants to the police, in other word revenue collection aids for collecting money and confiscating money and property above and beyond declared taxes.

If police and authorities do little or nothing regarding crime and drugs downtown, more and more taxes can be collected and more and more police and officials can live as parasites off of working Americans, as do their partners in crime, the career criminal parasites. There would not be the rampant drug and alcohol activity on campuses and in the suburbs if it was not so openly allowed in downtown America.

If it about ripping off more of your hard earned money, not about going after criminals and solving social problems.

(Disclaimer: All contained here in is my opinion and to the best of my recollection and knowledge)

Posted by Vikingas at January 13, 2004 12:30 AM TrackBack

Note: The photo was probably not taken in Thompsonville, Connecticut, but looks similar to what you might see there.

I got the photo from this site.

A past FreeSpeech.com post with art from deviantart.com.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at January 13, 2004 09:37 AM

I can no longer separate the State of Connecticut from what I learned all the way up through school regarding how bad Socialism, Communism, and Fascist style policing are, as the evils I was taught about seem to exist in real life in Connecticut.

From the Governor Rowland Scandal to my asking the head of the State Police to remove the US Department of Justice webpage, �Community Policing COPS,� from the Connecticut State Police website, citing that the policies were not being followed.

Why should the few hardworking citizens in a downtown area face the most disrespect and scrutiny of law enforcement, and overly harsh and biased treatment in the courts?

If there are only 1 in 20 that actually contribute to the system, why should the highest functioning, productive people face the most punishment: fees, fines, property/asset confiscation, and/or prison (if they get in the way or don�t play ball with the Mafia mimicking authorities) , when many times common criminal parasites can go years without any intervention at all from authorities?

A Connecticut Country line dance bar owner was put in prison for a year and a half as he did not want to be away from his children for nine years or more, allegedly for being in a �cocaine conspiracy�. He claims police wanted to confiscate his bar under the nuisance statute, and all it takes is 3 arrests and a property or business can be confiscated. His father no longer had associations into the Connecticut Liquor Authority and allegedly bribes and favors were no longer being forked over for �protection� so �Peter� allegedly paid the price. Peter may have used drugs, but was a target for his assets as police allegedly set up a drug buy for the 3 arrests, including arresting Peter.

2 cafes in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, were allegedly targetted for confiscation and closure, as those owners were not connected and friends with the then selectman in town. It was alleged that the surviving bar owner and the then selectman did financial deals and other transactions together.

This case and countless others sound fishy to me. If something doesn�t pass the smell test, it is probably �Connecticut Style� corruption and fleecing.

An African American male, claimed he was attacked in his Connecticut home by a Caucasian woman that had entered his home, a woman that he had broken a relationship off with, attacked while he slept on the couch with an iron. She was allegedly on probation and he allegedly has a restraining order against her, so she allegedly just got more probation for felony assault (with a weapon). He was charged with simple assault as there is no right of self-defense in Connecticut, violated his probation, which is easy in Connecticut, and spent a year in prison for allegedly being assaulted in his own home while he slept.

My probation officer in Connecticut, told me she did not like receiving phone calls about me, and would violate me on probation if I did not leave Connecticut in less than 2 hours, including packing, or going back to prison for up to 4 years. I had resisted a robber who beat me from behind in the dark on my Connecticut property as my reason for being railroaded to prison. Police officers allegedly did not want me to lodge complaints against them, make claims that my civil rights were violated, and I was told by my parole officer that if I contacted the media, I would go to prison.

Another man sentenced to prison, drove without a license, one time to many. He was not allowed to return to his wife and children, according to him, as she was a former crime victim of his, as they had a loud argument about a decade previously.

If Connecticut police can threaten and harass those that complain about them and propose laws reducing their �thug powers�, trying to make them act in the public�s best interest, then Connecticut is a Police State. I was threatened by police, told to shut up, and then when I did not, I ended up in prison away from my family and out of all I had worked for my entire life, my home, pets, business, friends/family.

Connecticut authorities are too quick to send citizens that have no business in prison, to prison. Downtown minorities are allowed to commit more and more crimes, especially drug offenses, so they can have their lives ruined permanently, and prison can act as birth control for Connecticut�s unwanted citizens.

Landlords are a target as they, according to a CT public official that I talked to, as landlords attract riffraff, minorities, criminals, and drug dealers as they give the �dregs of society� affordable places to live.

Downtowns can be used to coral unwanted citizens, and limiting , punishing, and fining businesses that cater to these people while taking away their housing can cause the presumed HUMAN GARBAGE to leave the state.

Fast Forward in the plans of some of the Connecticut Blue Bloods, as Connecticut can be all white and suburban, A BLUE BLOOD UTOPIA.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at January 13, 2004 11:35 AM

Subject: Governor Rowland, an International Embarrassment
(an email sent to all listed at end of comment)

To Whom It May Concern:
(please check out the web links below that are for the world to see regarding Connecticut)

I believe there are enablers to allow Governor Rowland to feel comfortable going as far into illegal territory as he did, just as those that allow alcoholics to continue sinking and drinking.

I feel that any investigations of Governor Rowland should also consider who may have been covering for him, maybe the head of the Connecticut State Police, Arthur L. Spada, should be looked into.

Spada allegedly had no problem demoting Connecticut highest ranking policewoman out of his office and out of her high authority, possibly just because of her gender. What type of �Ole Boy Network� did he possibly have, including Governor Rowland? (Put the words �Arthur L. Spada� in a yahoo search engine and get this as #1: http://www.freespeech.com/archives/001440.html)

Is there any collusion with the Judiciary where charges were never filed, squashed, filed away, etc for Rowland and his cronies?

When the highest official in a system is wracked in scandal, there are other private parties and other officials that HAVE to be involved. So there should be more individuals involved and Connecticut should clean house of corruption, thoroughly.

Too many in Connecticut, have been heavily fined, treated harshly, and even imprisoned, sometimes for not having done anything other than being the object of police and official wrath.

I no longer believe that Free Speech, proposing laws to legislators unpopular with the judiciary and police, and being self-employed is legal in Connecticut.

I was terrorized, stalked, publicly threatened, and then beaten from behind in the dark on my own property during a robbery attempt.

When I finally got police to take my complaint a month later and it was discovered that I was the VICTIM, my assailant still wasn�t arrested, and with no previous record I was sentenced to one year in prison, 3 years probation for RESISTING a robbery by an alleged POLICE INFORMANT, charged with 2 misdemeanors.

I had only possibly caused a small bruise after sustaining much more severe injuries myself during the fracas after he jumped out of my bushes and attacked me from behind as I got out of my vehicle after having come home near midnight after a double shift of work.

If Rowland is indicted and found guilty I hope he gets a prison sentence comparable to what an average citizen would get for such high crimes and misdemeanors.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

P.S. I was in prison during my 20th High School Reunion, during all of the holidays. How much money was spent for the trial I was forced to endure at taxpayers expense. Does it make sense to put someone who worked as hard as I did improving the quality of life for all Connecticut residents in prison for being beaten and nearly robbed on his own property? At my reunion, if I had not been railroaded to prison, I was current on 3 mortgages, and expected to retire, owning the 9 apartments worth about $500,000 retiring on the $6500 plus gross monthly rents.

I was spending money at Connecticut restaurants, shops, paying taxes and was a consumer, homeowner, father. After my Connecticut experience I have nothing and no one and even had to give up my dog!

I WENT to prison after seeing youths commit crimes and assaults for years and years, dealing drugs, openly wreck, rob, and vandalize all hours and what they grow into as adults doing the same thing with little or no punishment.


Feb 10, 2003, Parole officer, Eric Ellison told me I would go to prison if I talked with the media and tried to intimidate me from pursuing his friends, police officers. I was given a choice of leaving Connecticut immediately by Angela K, my probation officer, or going back to prison.

BEFORE I ever got into any trouble, police officers told me to leave Connecticut or else. I didn�t, went to prison, and was STILL ejected out of Connecticut.

A Typical Connecticut Downtown http://www.freespeech.com/archives/001741.html

When the System Fails, A Scapegoat gets Railroaded http://www.freespeech.com/archives/001752.html#more

Sent to:

public.information@cnn.com, newsdesk3@wfsb.com, news@journalinquirer.com, simpson@courant.com, mwilliams@courant.com, gjepsen@ctdems.org, ubinas@courant.com, jcohen@courant.com, mburgard@courant.com , oreilly@foxnews.com, foxnews@foxnews.com, world@msnbc.com, team8investigates@wtnh.com , newstips@Bostonherald.com , news-tips@nytimes.com, ssoutar@cclu.org, newsonline@bbc.co.uk, jlender@courant.com, wcvbnews@thebostonchannel.com, Daily@senatedems.state.ct.us, theworld@pri.org, Thisweekabc.com@email.disney.com, drudge@drudgereport.com , dateline@nbc.com, sge@hotmail.com, info@ctlandlord.com, editor@mrlandlord.com, community@usatoday.com , world@washingtonpost.com , editor@americanfreepress.net , Anthony.Guglielmo@po.state.ct.us, ltgovernor.rell@po.state.ct.us, Kevin.B.Sullivan@po.state.ct.us, Looney@senatedems.state.ct.us, John.A.Kissel@po.state.ct.us, Coleman@senatedems.state.ct.us, Jim.Amann@po.state.ct.us, Penny.Bacchiochi@housegop.state.ct.us, Annette.Carter@po.state.ct.us, William.Dyson@po.state.ct.us, Moira.Lyons@po.state.ct.us, cavuto@foxnews.com, rhonda.stearleyhebert@jud.state.ct.us, artreal@aol.com, justicepeace75@hotmail.com, clr@clr.org, Whitney.Larman@atlahq.org , dansegypsy@earthlink.net, FVipp@aol.com

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at January 14, 2004 09:06 AM

I just would like to say that rowland should be on the next 500 inmate list a transfer from office to the next bus to wallens ridge prison . for what hes doing also that spada gut needs to be look at he has alot of dirt, also what about the young kid that was transfer to virginia prison super max and lost his life there ,this kid had no hard core record it was a petty offense , also the commision of human rights are in rowland back pocket and with the warden with all the civil war stuff in prison office and that says alot calling people niggers and boy, stanley young, i red a letter from one of davids tracy family member were the guards were calling him norther scum and a nigger lover, david tracy was born and raised in father panik village .nice kid , i believe he was murdered and it was covered up dr, henry lee covered up for the state , he told the family members david died of a strangulation. when they send david body from virinia the whole inside of the kneck pieces were missing and dr, lee said with out that caint really tell what happen.god bless the young kid its a shame how things work in this world all the police abuse and cover ups by the big people that are running the offices.maybe rowland got a kick back $$$$$$ from transfering the inmates they should really look into him deeper, foreal. he should be locked up. john armstrong conn doc. rowland and stanley young had some kick backs with the conn, inmate transfer, foreal , take care and everybody stay strong and remember we have to stop these so called people that are in offices with are tax dollars stop walking all over us, 1 more thing the pictures of david tracy body i was shown the kid was all bruised up thay beat him to death and covered it up.

Posted by: mr Brown at January 19, 2004 02:28 PM

http://www.geocities.com/prisonmurder/david_tracy.html this young kid die and i believe the conn, so called people in the offices were getting some kick backs on transfering the conn. inmates to virginia prison conn doc. comm. armstrong was best friends with the people in virginia that ran the prison he stanley young was once a conn, doc worker and they said well if we get the inmates transfer to virginia maybe gov. rowland got a new roof , you never know what there doing see davids web page http://www.geocities.com/prisonmurder/david_tracy.html

Posted by: robert at January 19, 2004 02:40 PM

Don Christmas of Enfield (Thompsonville section), Connecticut, spoke out at landlord meetings, town hall, had his name in the newspaper complaining about Enfield PD and authorities.

He was part of a splinter group of Connecticut Property owners that were looking to sue the PD and Connecticut authorities.

Word got out and each of that group was individually targetted, including the poster here on Free Speech that is accused of being the ringleader of the front to sue for landlord rights. He was the one writing letters and most politically active, writing politicians, meeting at Enfield Town Hall, as part of the Enfield Property Owners Association. He was put in prison and kicked out of Connecticut by police, but is back to start trouble, again, getting police and authorities up in arms, as they are worrying about getting sued and others joining Erickson's cause.

Don then got arrested for being attacked on his property and his attacker faced no punishment. The only offer Don got at the Enfield Court was to plead guilty and go to jail for a year losing his family, 2 kids, wife and all that he has worked for.

Hundreds and hundreds of letters were sent from all over the country to the Enfield Court. The charges were supposed to be dropped. That was what Don was promised. The prosecutor gave Don a contract to sign saying he would not sue the Enfield PD, but Don refused to sign and now is back in trouble for doing nothing wrong.

When Donny decided he would sue for false arrest and for his civil rights, then for some reason his charges were un-dropped, and now he faces police harassment and intimidation. They follow Don around, pull him over, and tell him to shut up and threaten him.

Enfield PD came to his house to try and confiscate Don's computer without a warrant to see if they could somehow nail Don and to see who Don is associated with, is the opinion of those that know about the situation.

Enfield Police Officers allegedly went to see the owner at the Enfield used car dealer where Don Christmas worked and told the owner to fire Don. The owner complied, and Don WAS fired.

Don is afraid to associate with his landlord friends and to tell anyone what is happening. He is scared of going to prison and losing everything. Try Free Speech in Connecticut and then go to prison.

Does this sound like America?

If 100's of letters were not sent to the court, Don would already be in prison. This is so unbelievable and unjust, more of the public should show outrage.

There has been too much police being able to do what they want, when they want, serious crimes.

Law enforcers should not come off as an armed gang of hoodlums threatening honest, working people on their whims.

Why should anyone come in from another State and invest in a business or property in Connecticut?

Why should those being harassed by police in Connecticut and taxed TO DEATH stay in Connecticut?

Donald asked us not to say anything to anyone, especially newspapers. Don would be in prison if it was not for our efforts.

Posted by: at January 21, 2004 10:02 PM

From Hartford Courant News Briefs January 21, 2004:

NEW BRITAIN - Nine city residents were arrested Sunday night after an argument between a landlord and a tenant on Westerly Street erupted into a street brawl.

One of eight men involved in the fight was taken to the hospital with a leg injury. The man claimed he was stabbed, but police did not recover a knife from the scene. Others sustained minor injuries.

A witness who was not involved in the fight told police that Janet Ortiz, 26, of 11 Westerly St., and her landlord, Webster Lewis, 47, of 30 Yeaton St., began arguing about whether Ortiz had too many visitors' cars parked in the driveway of the apartment house, the police report states.

Ortiz left the fight, the police report says, and returned a short time later with her brother, John Ortiz, and a group of men who began hitting and punching Webster Lewis.

John Ortiz, the report said, swung an expandable baton at Lewis. Lewis' sons, Fitzroy and Stephen, then swung a snow shovel at their father's attackers, the report said. Police also recovered a pipe bender and two baseball bats.

Those charged in the incident were Janet Ortiz; Webster Lewis; Stephen Lewis, 19, and Fitzroy Lewis, 22, both of 30 Yeaton St.; John Ortiz, 26, of 11 Westerly St.; Chris Agritelly, 19, of 27 Lincoln St., Bristol; Patrick Fidali, 19, of 46 Charlene Drive; and David Regina, 19, of 40 Symco Drive. An address for Jimmy Vega, the ninth person arrested, was unavailable.

It is usually just the landlord arrested or charged after being attacked and/or beaten up. Tenants can often threaten landlords with making false reports against them if they face eviction. Female tenants often make accusations of sexual assault and harassment when there is no basis other than revenge.

Malicious criminals are getting property owner arrested, even put in prison, and in too many cases causing the unfortunate individual to lose his/her home and all that he/she ever worked for.

When landlords lose their property there is less affordable housing options and rents go up as the supply dwindles.

Blue Blood leaders in towns may think it is a good way to get rid of minorities and others they consider riffraff by squeezing landlords out of business, sometimes to prison, and out of Connecticut.

I was arrested and went to prison for being a robbery victim forced to defend myself. As police seem to rather arrest a landlord than arrest the derelicts that are criminal parasites.

Police often blame landlords for any occurrences on their property beyond their control and are more than glad to arrest a landlord on the slimmest excuse, especially in Connecticut.

Landlords, no matter what race or sex they are can empathize with those minorities that were targeted by police for unreasonable, unwarranted arrest, refusal to protect and serve, being beaten, harassed, see false police reports filed, kept from having a quality of life, having their families broken up, financially ruined, falsely imprisoned etc that was common during the women�s fight to be able to vote and for the rights of minorities during that era.

Donald Christmas got attacked on his own property in the Thompsonville section of Enfield Connecticut.

Enfield PD officers allegedly have been following him around, allegedly got his boss at an Enfield used car dealer to fire Don, told him to keep his big mouth shut, and allegedly have either hired private investigators or are doing investigations to further harass Don and keeping him from suing by finding anything they can, with or without basis, allegedly to silence Don.

An Enfield Police Officer allegedly started dating a 16 year old girl that was involved in the retaliation against Don for allegedly giving bad, �nightmare� tenants a bad recommendation.

A female Enfield landlord had her tooth punched out, had blood streaming down from her mouth, and was charged with Breach of Peace while holding her tooth when the police arrived.

Another female landlord called Enfield PD about problem tenants and was told by police they would not do anything, but a male police officer allegedly put the make on her asking for a date.

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More on Donald Christmas:

Enfield Police, Connecticut It is no pleasure to report that the town I live in has significant problems with false arrest. Recently false charges were dropped on an arrest made by Detective Cooper.

A tenant took revenge on her landlord by bringing fabricated charges in a dispute over a rental issue. We are also hearing complaints of Officer Veegan making false arrests of property owners. This internationally accredited police agency has leadership issues that have destroyed trust with the property owners to the point of creating a real concern in calling for police services; the significant risk of false arrest of rental property owners caused by drug dealing and deadbeat tenants.

The Police Steering Committee which was founded to build good community relations has eroded to the point where police officers openly verbally harass and slander a falsely arrested property owner in the meeting hall; the police officer was told to quiet down by the chair.

Landlords in Enfield be advised that the cops might not protect you but take the side of the bad guy. There are a number of well trained and professional officers in this department that do a very good job, and suffer under the lack of leadership by Chief Ronald Marcotte and others.

During recent cases the State�s Attorney, Town Manager Scott Shanley and police administration stone walled an innocent victim of false arrest and attempted to bully this individual into pleading guilty, without success.

This ministry and others did what could be done to get the word out. This ministry was �ordered� by the CT State�s Attorney and local town officials to cease it�s protest activity, including this web site coverage, or the innocent man would face jail. They are still attempting to take back their �deal� because of the publicity this and other sites have brought them, including over one thousand calls and emails to town officials.

You can make your voice heard by sending email to at sshanley@enfield.org or call Chief Ronald Marcotte at 860-763-8915 or send FAX to 860-763-6424.

An innocent man needs your help. The CT ACLU is involved as well. Thanks in advance for your help! In January 2004 one of their dispatchers, Mark McClure pleaded guilty to pedophilia with boys, and was sentenced to one year in prison. Mr. McClure was also a firefighter in Thompsonville.

This is not the first dispatcher to get in trouble with the law. Another was arrested in Massachusetts for having an unregistered gun during a barroom fight. Both the town police and fire departments were recently featured on a cover story in The Hartford Courant for their relentless and deadly gossip that all but destroyed the good name of a woman who recently lost her military husband in Iraq.

Enfield is another Peyton Place. In the past this police department has weathered scandals of police brutality and a false arrest over walking a dog in which an innocent citizen was beaten up; the town paid six figures. It looks like history is repeating itself.

Enfield Police are also facing a lawsuit brought by a former local motel worker, arrested on charges of theft; the charges were dropped but the woman lost her job while trying to support her children and go to college.

One former officer, Frank Vincenzo was arrested and plead to grand theft charges, losing his job.

Local police here have hit the wrong houses on more than one occasion while serving warrants. I have been warned my involvement in community activism to drive out drug dealers, deadbeat tenants and rogue police officers will make me a possible target by the local police.

That would be a really bad idea as I can and will bring legal action to defend myself and hold anyone to task for violating my civil rights. Some things need to change in this town as there are skeletons still in closets. More than a few local officials here would not stand up well to a public examination of their private lives.

Excerpt from Mark Gaines website:

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City life would be much better if those that are improving life aren't taxed out their incomes, beaten, and put in prison as is more and more the case. Corporations are censoring us, fleecing us, and wrecking America. Politicians used to break up monopolies and at least pretend they were for the people.

It is now more than obvious the politicians are out for themselves and furthering the interests of their friends in the corporate world.

Posted by: Time to Wake Up at February 29, 2004 10:49 AM

Cops are more after me going to and from work for traffic fines than the guys selling drugs on the corner. They go after those that have the money, not those that are doing crimes.

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A CT DCF Christmas

Police, Prostitutes, and Railroading Landlords to Prison

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The Steven G. Erickson story told by a witness


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