Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Connecticut State Trooper's Favorite Webpage?

A Connecticut State Police Officer�s Limp Winky

photo found (here)

Around the time I had written Bush complaining about how downtown property and business owners were hurt by the lack of law enforcement help and about abuse suffered in the courts, writing letters to the editor along the same lines, proposing laws that upset police to elected officials, threatening to sue Connecticut and the State Police for civil rights violations, there was a rumor going around Stafford Springs, regarding me. Truth is stranger than fiction and I would just like to put pen to paper, and finish one of my screenplays and put it in proper form, having a line in during the submission process.

The rumor involved me giving it to a high-ranking Connecticut State Police Officer�s wife doggystyle while wearing his parade uniform hat, dress gun belt, and nothing else. There was supposedly a picture of the officer on the nightstand that had a bottle of medication that made the cop�s winky inoperable near the picture. The stand-in took care of business…

That explains, at least partly, the glaring officers gave me, the following me around, and threatening me with arrest if I didn�t leave Connecticut. An officer even grabbed his hat and gun belt and said, �You ain�t getting mine, asshole.�

The opening scene of the movie would show me naked at about age 4, stepping out of the old style bathtub with feet for legs, a glass shampoo bottle would be precariously placed near the tub, and where I reach for a towel there will be live, bare electric wires in the unfinished closet that runs up with the 2nd story roof. There would be cheesy words pointing to the shampoo bottle, with the word, �Glass,� and an arrow, and the words, �Live bare electric wires,� with an arrow to it.


Next shot, I pull my all black and gold chrome vintage 1980 Yamaha 1100 sustained in a wheelie as the waves crash on the beach along a stretch of road in Rhode Island, I�m a buff 21.

Next shot I�m wearing a tool belt working on a house. The shot after, I�m in Europe in a suit meeting potential business partners over drinks in a castle basement, with 15th century stained glass behind the table as a light source covered over with plexy.

I�m shown meeting and then later marrying a Lithuanian photo model specializing in lingerie advertisements.

There is dialog about the choice of making a life as me as a Contractor and returning to the US, or staying in the former Soviet Union and Europe making a go of the import/export business. We choose the promise of America.

Clean, historical, and safe streets are shown in Europe, cut to our life in Stafford Springs Connecticut with teens drinking, fighting, selling drugs all hours out of lawn chairs near our house, underage prostitutes work the streets.

A quick scene where we divorce leads into my buying 3 dilapidated and boarder up rental houses.

A montage of years and the properties evolve into historical period houses.

My getting politically active and pissing off the police is told mostly in changing scenes, little dialogue, police officers are shown infuriated reading my letters to the editor with drawings of lazy police officers in the paper.

A dirty, drug using alcoholic police informant is shown plotting with officers, and I�m jumped on property arrested, tried, and thrown in prison for having defended myself with pepper spray, losing everything, including a restored 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette.

My ex-wife is shown getting married while I�m in prison, a family funeral, my 20th High School reunion, and the estrangement, and the losses my daughter suffers are shown during my incarceration. takes out the Governor, the head of the Connecticut State Police, and the Judge who conspired to ruin my life upon my release with my activities as a raging blogger on a mission turns the tables.

They go on trial and are thrown away like trash.

I�m shown writing letters to the 3 in Federal Prison, including a photo, asking in the letter, �Is the image in the photo, the reason you can�t have sex with your wife, your children think you�re an asshole, and the reason you�re in prison, disgraced?�

�The man in the mirror is to blame, sit and rot, asshole.�

An investor contacts me through the blog and a deal for a movie is made.

Harley Davidson offers me a new 1200cc Sportster and cash towards the movie, and inks the final deal to put the project into production.

I�m shown in the last scene on that motorcycle near beach sand, and the Hill of Crosses, Panvezys, Lithuania. My name and location are flashed on the screen, as I fire that baby up and am gone into the sunset.

Roll credits.

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083-0730 USA

* * * *

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Posted by Vikingas on 01/27 at 07:57 AM
  1. Yeah, i think i don’t want to know about a CT police officer’s winky, limp or otherwise. wink i’ll pass.

    A.W. on 01/27 at 10:17 AM #
  2. A.W.,

    Do you or anyone else out there have any ideas on what a title could be for my screenplay in progress?

    With a kickin’ soundtrack and shock value similar to “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” I think it could possibly sell well.

    People now often have the attention spans of a goat and the best way to get a political idea, or bitch, out there is in a movie format.

    Posted by Vikingas on 01/27 at 11:01 AM


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