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Are there unnamed factions in the US, similar to the KKK?

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August 14, 2004
Are there unnamed factions in the US, similar to the KKK?

When corruption and illegal collusion runs from the cop on the beat, through the courts, and drives our so-called �elected� officials, some might as well be reading the KKK manual on policies, not ideology.

When cities, towns, and/or states seem to be run as if they were a Klan style organization, but nameless, I think that the Federal Government should step in and make sure our U.S. Constitution is respected and honored. None of us have rights if they aren�t protected. As it is now only the �protected groups� can have their claims investigated when it comes to violations of civil rights.-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network

Klan pictures were found on this site

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Police in the USA concentrate on Revenue Collection Areas, not Crime Areas


Klan Style Policing, Courts, and Elected Officials

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Remembering the origins of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

The original Ku Klux Klan was organized by ex-Confederate elements to oppose the Reconstruction policies of the radical Republican Congress and to maintain �white supremacy.�

After the Civil War, when local government in the South was weak or nonexistent and there were fears of black outrages and even of an insurrection, informal vigilante organizations or armed patrols were formed in almost all communities.

These were linked together in societies, such as the Men of Justice, the Pale Faces, the Constitutional Union Guards, the White Brotherhood, and the Order of the White Rose.

The Ku Klux Klan was the best known of these, and in time it absorbed many of the smaller organizations. More from an encyclopedia website


To Whom It May Concern at the U.S. Department of Justice:

I believe the former head of the Connecticut State Police was instrumental in having me falsely arrested, influenced my court case, had me thrown in prison and out of Connecticut or face more prison.

I was harassed and ridiculed all the way through prison, held beyond my T.S. release date, and told I would face more prison by my parole officer if I lodged complaints against officers or contacted the media.

I had proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and had written a number of letters to the editor critical of police going after revenue and refusing to protect and serve downtown property owners and small business owners.

I was threatened by police and told to leave. I didn�t and ended up in prison without a former record for having ended a beating I was taking on my dark yard during a robbery attempt by using pepper spray!

Information about these illegal acts of officials and police can be found within this post: (Post)

I am posting this letter to you within this post: (Post)

Please look into investigating and prosecuting the criminals who broke federal laws and violated my civil rights.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

Emailed to 10:30AM EST August 14, 2004

U.S. Department of Justice website

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Dear Mr. President

Is there legalized Slavery in America?

What is prison really like?

Added Jan. 10, 2005:

Does a corrupt Governor�s Office encourage police, judicial, and prosectorial misconduct and abuse of taxpayers?
(Anatomy of silencing whistleblowers)

A Judge with Morals, a Target of a Corrupt State Police

Is the Judiciary, as is, a threat to Freedom and America itself?


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