Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another former post regarding racial issues:

January 25, 2005

Another part of the History of Getting Fucked Over in the USA

Give generously to the war effort, to charities, and to your fellow man until it hurts. The reward, pay outrageous taxes on money you gave to the government in a time of need.

Those that have a mind of their own, speak out, and give until it hurts are still be fucked over in the USA.
-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Joe Louis vs. the IRS

Photo found (here)

Excerpt: Louis wanted private citizens to solve many of the problems that Americans were increasingly turning to government to solve. He opposed many of President Franklin Roosevelt�s New Deal programs and campaigned for Republican candidate Wendell Willkie for president in 1940. Before the election, Louis sent Willkie this telegram: “Win by a knockout. It will mean freedom from the WPA and for American Negro rights.” Meanwhile, tax rates from the ever growing government that Louis opposed were heading toward the stratosphere.

One month after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the generous Louis gave his entire $65,200 fee (about $700,000 in today�s money) from a fight to the Naval Relief Fund. Less than three months later, he gave his $45,882 purse from another fight (about $500,000 today) to the Army Relief Fund. Ever the patriot, he halted his lucrative boxing career and enlisted as a private, earning only $21 a month.

When the war ended, Louis hoped to retire from boxing with savings in the bank and dignity from his career. He lost both. What he overlooked was the enlarged role of government and the taxes he owed to help keep it growing. Under President Roosevelt, the tax base had expanded to where most American families (not the mere 2 percent of a few years before) had to pay income taxes. Worse for Joe Louis was the steep tax levied on high incomes. From 1931, his first year in boxing, to 1937, when he knocked out Braddock, the top marginal tax rate had soared from 24 to 79 percent. Louis found himself owing the government most of his purse money from each of his fights.


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