Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bill “Coronavirus” Gates?

I did a word search on google for Bill Gates Satan and came up with the above image. I am watching Alex Jones on Inforwars.com right now and he seems to think the virus might have something to do with Bill Gates.

According to Jones, Bill Gate’s father was head of Planned Parenthood and spear headed international population control.

If Bill Gates is head guy for medical and vaccine research for the UN globalist crowd and has the exclusive rights to produce a Coronavirus vaccine and owns the genetics of the Coronavirus patent prior to the outbreak, what does that say?

The is an international coup erasing all borders. An pandemic means the most evil people are running things and play God and decide who lives, and who dies. 3rd World countries have long been the the labs for medical, vaccine, and bioweapon research.

Is this a manufactured pandemic? Who do you blame? Will you finally get up off your ass and act against those who want you to suffer and die, so they can maximumly profit and do the most damage to humanity and free will?

What can we learn from the Anthrax Hoax of 2001 and then the international push to make an untested Anthrax Vaccine forced on all military and all population? Who profits where there is a forced market for their products, and then the requirement that tax dollars are used to help maintain and treat the damage, diseases, and death harmful vaccines cause?

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[Map of Coronavirus outbreak]



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