Saturday, March 24, 2018

Probate Lawyers want to Steal Client's Inheritance in Legal Fees?

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Ronald J. Caron of Divine and Millimet, Manchester, NH


Is the above attorney dragging an inheritance case on, making a retired Vietnam Veteran suffer in the cold without a car? Is the above attorney supposed to pay estate expenses? The attorney has not paid any of the bills since putting all money, assets, and valuables in his, or his firm's, name so that if his attorney fees, or billable hours, reaches the value of the estate including $146k that was in the original bank account, will lawyer get it all?

Does the above sound like a scam, abuse of influence, and a crime against average citizens everywhere?


House valued @ $80k
House contents @ $12k
2012 Toyota Camry @ $7k
Bank Account had $146k

Total $245k

Linda Birkbeck, Exeter, NH, estate


Why not make video full size?

[Direct link] to below video

This bloggers email is at end of video.

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Anonymous Tipster said...

I sent your video link to WMUR Channel 9 News in New Hampshire. That scumbag lawyer needs to be hauled away in handcuffs. Good luck Herb, you deserve justice. Keep warm, even though that butt hole doesn't leave you enough to buy fuel to keep warm. I'll send an email to the address at end of video. I want to send you something so your electric isn't shut off, or is restored, and so that you can keep warm.

Find a lawyer who is also a Veteran, and maybe you can sue that lying scumbag lawyer living high life with all his stolen client loot.

I know you are strong Herbert. Looks like you are fighting back. Lesser men would give it up and cash in their chips to go on to the next chapter.

Peace buddy, and thanks for your service to us all.

Sunday, March 25, 2018 9:23:00 AM  

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