Sunday, October 09, 2016

Hillary Calls Bill's Rape Victims Trailer Trash

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[Stark Raving Viking blog post] asking if the Clintons had anything to do with the Oklahoma City Bombing to squash the White Water prosecution.

I've been personally been upset with the latest campaign to get Donald Trump to step down, when Bill and Hillary, if they had any humanity, would be too embarrassed to appear in public, for the shame of all they have done.

Trump is a business mogul who has dabbled in the entertainment industry, of course he's said controversial things. Would you rather have a rapist who has paid off or terrorized his victims into silence who has a wife who helps go after the victims of the rapes be the ones who have the top slots of US power?

I feel that Hillary Clinton's alleged involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing to cover up the White Water scandal and prosecution let to the demonetization of the Patriot Movement and those who support the US Constitution. After the bombing federal tax dollars were used to go after groups like the Amish, militias, gun owners, ranchers, farmers, independent bar owners, the self-employed, independent media, and the outspoken. So police were encouraged to harass and frame targets on the list. Operators of courts fix cases against targets where they are barbecued criminally and toasted civilly. I know personally, [Stark Raving Viking blog post].


Text with below video:

Published on Oct 8, 2016
Several alleged victims of former US President Bill Clinton have come forward to defend Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after leaked audio emerged Friday of a controversial conversation the businessman had in 2005.
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Hillary Calls Bill's Rape Victims Trailer Trash


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