Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inventory Control Chip Makers Lobby to Chip your Children

Munition manufacturers lobby and allegedly pay provocateurs to start wars. It is great for banks and corporations. Having a citizen slave state also brings in money to corporations. What are the health and privacy concerns? When is when?

Text with below video:

Published on Oct 16, 2012 by
The Hernandez family helmed a protest up at the San Antonio Northside Independent School District Administration Building against the RFID tracking chips the school is beta testing on the children in their high schools. Melissa Melton interviewed the family, then attended the school board meeting where one of the members, uppity public servant Karen Freeman, attempted to censor the protesters by only letting five of the people who showed up speak and for only three minutes a piece.


Steven G. Erickson message to elected officials [click here]


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