Tuesday, November 13, 2012

20 US States petitioning to leave the Union?

Is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, capitalized a foreign corporation that lawyers and judges owe their allegiance to? Does capitalizing that name make it different than the standard way we see it?

If lawyers and judges are ruling for a foreign entity that is an armed occupying force, these rigged court operators are all guilty of treason.

If the Federal Reserve System is a corporate bank that is being influence by outside sources, it is a foreign enemy to the people and if US Troops are being paid with this fiat, fake paper money, they are under foreign control and we the people are under armed occupation. If we are paying taxes directly to a banker haven, London, a separate entity like the Vatican, we the people are breaking US law by paying taxes to organized criminals to commit murder, rob people, rape, indefinitely detain, smuggle heroin and cocaine, and to commit war crimes while loansharking.

Most people are upset, but do not know why or who to blame.

Twenty States Now Have Petitions to Peacefully Secede From Union on White House Website

All lawyers who hold elected office, including Obama, should be kicked out of office, have their citizenship stripped, and be deported. The missing 13th Amerdment might be the tool:


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