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US Government lies about WTC Building 7

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This presentation describes some of the ways in which the 2008 WTC 7 report from the National Institute of Standard and Technology is false an unscientific.

The NIST WTC 7 Report is False


Blogger Arthur Scheuerman said...

Good presentation by Kevin Ryan. I would like to present another possible explanation for the collapse.

This quote is from: Effect of Location of Restraint on Fire Response of Steel Beams by Bwaikat et al.

Pg 127 “…in fires with a decay phase, significant axial force [tension] develops only at later stages of fire exposure.” This is when a long-span beam is heavily deflected and begins to regain strength and contract due to cooling down as the fire decays.

With practically all the long-span beams on the east side sagging on the 12th floor and possibly the 13th, and as the fires died down I imagine the tension in the floors increased ‘significantly’ and since there were more beams connected on the ease side of the north-south girder (due to asymmetry) the beam to girder connections on the west side might have detached and allowed the east side beam contraction to pull the girder along with the columns 79, 80 & 81 to the east until they buckled.

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