Wednesday, May 25, 2011

America, Internationally Lawless

If globally owned corporate banksters can hire mercenaries, assassins, and armies at will, while covertly terrorizing the rest of us, holding their own political prisoners to torture in secret CIA detention camps, all in the name of "America", is there really any "Justice"? Yes, this is a run on sentence ...

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Yemen's security forces clashed with anti-government protesters in the deadliest bout of violence to date, following the collapse of a Gulf plan to ease President Ali Abdullah Saleh out of power. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chided the president of Yemen for the bloodshed, urging him to step down from power. But at a time when the United States needs Saleh to continue its secret war in Yemen, The Nation's Jeremy Scahill says the Obama administration's call for change in that country are nothing but empty rhetoric. Meanwhile, a group of lawmakers wants an explanation of America's role in Erik Prince's latest venture in the United Arab Emirates, where the billionaire founder of the military firm Blackwater has launched a new mercenary force. Scahill, who has reported extensively on Blackwater, reveals how this army could potentially set the scene for a proxy war against Iran.

Rhetoric Hides Dirty Secrets on Blackwater; US War in Yemen




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